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  1. Hey, it's just me or are there anybody think that the writter of this blog have similar style with Hodor https://tiliaio.com/blog/
  2. Looks like we're gonna make it.. It's 19.7c right now. So everybody happy. My XRP asset just grew $10 overnight. Is that amazing or what? lol.
  3. Okay, this is my log. ADA is 13c just now and just kick LTC to 8th position. Are ADA gonna chase BSV in 6th position? We'll see...
  4. Okay, guys... Sorry I jump in. But, what's the relation between David have a stash of BTC and our XRP price? I believe some of us also have BTC. So, chill guys.. Just be cool and see if the XRP can go up to 20c this week. Others Coin already make some good gain. Hopefully XRP also can make it. Otherwise, let's go to Ripple's office and beg Mr. President Brad to buyback again. Lol
  5. OK, thanks for your clarification. So Ripple basically just selling software XRAPID? In the term of Ripple sell their XRP to institution from their escrow, do you think the institution will buy XRP if they found no use of XRP? In my mind, I'm thinking like we buy a nerf gun (a toy). I think if you buy nerf gun, you must have the bullet came along with the gun, right? But in case you want to play hard, then you can buy another pack of bullet to satisfy you. But, this is just my theory, no evidence can proof me.
  6. Wait, what!?!? The price of XRP has nothing at all to do with the price of the Ripple system as you are calling it. Really? I thought, if Ripple offer the customer as package (XRapid) they must also buy the XRP right? because Xrapid need XRP to run. Am I right? I think this can be clear if anyone can found the package offer by Ripple to many banks, how much it's cost, and Do they need to buy XRP too? Which I think it's hard to find because of NDA.
  7. Well, you shouldn't. I read all your comments. I have 1 question. Do you understand banks? I see your comments is make sense, well, for me, even it's base on your opinion. I don't know what's inside Ripple. I only know that Ripple failed to close the deal with many banks/institution that they approach. If the price they sold too expensive. That might be the reason. But, again, I don't know the truth, If what you're saying is right. We'll see this time next year the XRP price will going more lower then today 18c. I think we can see 9c to 10c. Because they need to be lower in order their costumer can buy their system. Friendly advise, I know it's too late for you, but don't load XRP too much. The risk are much higher then the gain potential.
  8. Yep.. The beauty of the "IF". I see more rational investor right now in XRPchat then before. We know that XRP price going to $1000 is almost impossible. $100 is less likely. $10 maybe can be achieve in 10-15years. $1 is what we looking for right now (We'll see wheter we going to 15c or $1 this year). I think this year is the year of alt-coin. I see coin like ADA, LINK, XTZ are soaring like phoenix, Lead by BTC that going 9k from 3k. But, our beloved XRP are still sleeping. So, if we're not seeing 35-40c at the end of this year. It was the bad sign for XRP. We know that when BTC going down every alt-coin is going down (majority), when BTC going up majority of alt-coin doing the same (except XRP lol). Let see.. Today I think we have a big bull coming up..
  9. Did the project was on hold or suspend? After the hearing?
  10. Gotcha, I still hold 1k of XRP. $1,000 / XRP is only a joke, anyhow, I won't touch XRP again until it hit $1. If what, President Brad say is true, I think $10 / XRP is piece of cake.
  11. And of course making humor so we don't get boring while waiting the 1% chance.
  12. Wow...You are like Captain America. Last time you awake US is still fight in WW2. Now, we're winning the war. Lol.. Welcome to 21st century. Don't be too serious okay... I'm afraid you gonna get heart attack if you hear XRP price today compare from your era. And everthing that our president says about big banks, none of them are real (well, except SBI) But I think SBI is just medium banks in Japan. Well once again... Welcome.. AVENGERS ASSEMBLED !!!!
  13. Maybe when XRP hit $1. That's mean there is something big and something real happening with XRP. I got trauma with XRP pretty bad last time. Anyhow, Cardano is performing pretty well too. I got almost 30% to cover my lost. That means I still down 20%.
  14. I just realize this when I enter season 5. That's also the reason why I sell almost all my XRP and left only 1k XRP. I admitted that I lost quite a lot because my decision. I think I lost about 40-50% at that time. But, by changing to Another project such as Cardano (that time also they are sunk) I manage to reduce the lost. As why I still here is because I really hope XRP can perform better. There are a lot of people like me.
  15. ADA is now 10c and in 8th position in CMC chasing litecoin in 7th. ADA already beat BNB
  16. Can we focus on Ripple? I have no idea why pay in Friday have any effect on Ripple
  17. That's me.. That's why I still keep my 1k XRP. In case The price jump to $1,000. Even if the price $100 I already grateful. But the chance is maybe 1%. There still hope.
  18. I also think that too. But, in this world we have the law "winner takes all" and the looser will only get breadcrumb. So, if Ripple only get 1% market share, I think I consider it's a total failure. Imagine how much capital they own. I really hope they get majority share of the market. Looking back at Season 4, I think I assume and many people that not familiar with banking that President Brad want to take over SWIFT. I also at that side that time. But, now, the reality seems not heading that way. Maybe, if this forum is as crowd as before, we can do the survey and see how uninformed we are at that time.
  19. If what Ripple promise works. I believe XRP will be worth more than that. But remember the word "if"
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