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  1. OMG... It's an honour to finally meet you. I admire you. You've done a lot for XRP community. I've been following you in twitter since you create xrptipbot and I still have that apps in my phone. I personally want to say thank you for what you've done to XRP.
  2. Suddenly, I feel Season 4 all over again. Lol.. Anyway, Do you own XRP? I think the king (mods) of this forum must set rules that if you want to make a post, you need to own XRP at least 1k. Do you still own your XRP JJJ2?
  3. This is the greatest meme in XRP universe that I've ever seen. Lol
  4. D'oh, How come you don't know who is Wietse? He is like a hero for XRP community. His first appearance in season 4. During the FUD war. He create couple of tools for Ripple empire, the most famous one is XRP "Warhammer" Tipbot. He and the mighty Hodor defend the XRP from the BTC Maximalist. But, too bad, At the end of Season 6.. XRP value shrink to just 20c. It's a big lost from XRParmy. Many of legion left the XRParmy. But, the war have not end. We'll see...
  5. Apparently, there are a lot of people like me. Sell off our XRP stash, then hold 1k XRP as stake, just in case XRP goes to 1k, I'm become millionaire. lol But we cannnot defeat the holder of 20XRP to 499XRP there are 1.3 million wallet. That is like a population in small city.
  6. Wow, we need one hell tons of money to move XRP. On the other hand Jed really use XRP money to pump XLM. If Jed sell all of his XRP at this time 4.7Bio x 20c, It's about $950mio, or probably he is as rich as JayZ.
  7. If I'm not mistaken, the starter of the petition is named '"cryptobitlord" There can be any idoit who is uninformed (like you said). Or maybe he is the "cryptobitlord". https://mobile.twitter.com/crypto_bitlord?lang=en If he is the real cryptobitlord, I think what he said had a point, and I guess, he is just a crypto trader, who try to make some money from crypto. (like me) I like that guy. (if it is true)
  8. I've not fooled nobody. But, I see from a different angle. I invest in couple of coin. From all coin that I invest, XRP perform the worst in this bull run. You just can open Coinmarketcap If you think I'm doing fud. The reason that I say market are punishing XRP is that XRP is third largest crypto in the space (now 4th) why the market don't push XRP up, instead leave XRP in 19-20c, If you love to see XRP in 20c position. Well, kindly enjoy your time. note: psssttt, you gonna wait for a long time in there. I mean long long time. Have a nice day...
  9. I'm talking about this. https://www.change.org/p/ripple-stop-ripple-dumping I cannot find the date, But, according to the last comment is about 1 year ago. Are we talking about thr same thing here? The petition is signed by about 3,997 people. I don't know how big is XRP community, but 4k signature is quite a lot for a crypto community.
  10. Well, I wish they did that when XRP still 80c. It's a bit too late. Ripple cut they OTC sales after the sales drop significantly and the price drop significantly too. There are group of XRP investor signed a petition ask Ripple to stop flooding the market. But, they don't budge at all. Well, the market now punish the greed of Ripple by leaving XRP in bull market.
  11. I thought, we are making donation to Ripple? Am I right?
  12. Wow, so many reply. Thanks guys. I love this community. Well, from that article, I just want to tell you that XRP price won't go far from 20c. If you see BTC, BTC sink to 3k after the spike. But, XRP, confidently, and slowly go to 20c. What I'm saying is pure fact, no one can denied. For me, XRP price can go up maybe within 5-10years. By that time, the other alt-coin probably already double or triple. There are slight probability that some unknown token from rank 100-500 overtake XRP in term of market cap. Man, I'm talking too much.. My bad..
  13. I guess, this is what I mean. And somebody made an article about it. https://cryptobriefing.com/why-is-xrp-crashing-data-ripple-flooding-market/ This is Econ 101. note: I still own XRP.
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