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  1. I love this statement you write. Yes, it is less excitement. And Ripple keep selling XRP.
  2. Amazon is one success story among dozen that fall during the internet booming. Just consider my post as reminder for Ripple that they will become The "Amazon." The only thing that I'm afraid is Ripple become Theranos. I read a lot about Elizabeth Holmes, and how convincing her Theranos story that can change the medical world. If you haven't heard about Theranos, Theranos want to change the way of diagnose disease just using a drop of blood. All she has to do is keep stalling the schedule and making more money by selling scam and Violaa.. She's a Billionaire. Well, let's pray that Ripple headed to right direction.
  3. This just in, I think I just got confirmation from Santender UK that they use XRP, If this is true then, probably this is the first big bank that confirm the use of XRP. https://mobile.twitter.com/santanderukhelp/status/1109427371986296836?s=09
  4. Everything is depend on Ripple Inc. It is not up to us (community) wheter if it is adopt by banks or will be leftover. XRP is depend on Ripple a lot. Please see my last post here. PS: I am also long for XRP, but I just have different opinion about how Ripple work.
  5. Wow, I haven't seen this post for 3 months. And now show up again? What is permissionless related to XRP?
  6. Well, for starter I'm not looking for instant gratification. I agree that it takes time to grow. However, all the signed that Ripple giving to community is always contradict with the reality. For example: 1. "by the end of this year, major banks will use xRapid as a liquidity tool. By the end of next year, I would certainly hope that we will see...in the order of magnitude...dozens." I don't see any major banks use. It's already end of 1Q19 and still nothing. 2. Corda is not using XRP for Swift project --> confirm by R3 executive. 3. JP Morgan start making their own coin. 4. Ripple keep making money by selling XRP and all the money goes into their pocket. I think they should go public to fund their project, not by selling XRP. I just see more failing XRP news everyday. That's why I ask if Ripple have good enough team's or not? It doesn't matter how they use Bill Clinton, or Ben Bernanrke, as long as we don't see any progress forward I think I consider as a fail team. Now what I see the progress is moving backward. I really hope that Ripple Inc. Will not become a second THERANOS, or worst beat THERANOS in terms of manipulation. Here's my message to the Ripple's Team. 1. Go Public. 2. Find better negotiator. Close the deal. Not just bragging in the media, and nothing. 3. Stop Selling XRP to the public. 100bio XRP it's a lot. You can say you sell 50bio XRP for the people, and hold 50bio XRP to be sold to institution. As you target market is institution, kindly sell to them. If anyone agree of my idea, kindly pass this post to the Ripple's team. Thanks
  7. I'm sorry @richxrp I think I agree with this one. The only reason why Ripple selss XRP is to make $$$. I think as the supply and demand law. If Ripple keep flooding the market with XRP. The price will stay or worse it will plunge.
  8. Are there any possibility that they can only sell to institution only instead to flooding the market?
  9. Well, I hope so, I mean they have a really solid team in there. I think it's great for us here in community can share different point of view about how things should be done. Thanks for responding my post.
  10. By far, this is the best post from my question. I want to add something here. Check all points that I have in mind. You can agree or disagree from what I write but please think carefully before you comment on each point. When I first research about crypto I found that XRP is the best crypto compare to other crypto, but, it have some weakness too. 1. Are Ripple realize that they about to change the world's money, the bet is so big, which I don't think if Ripple only handle by Brad, it won't succeed. Ripple team have a very good CTO @JoelKatz which make RL so smooth. But having good product doesn't mean good business if one cannot sell. I see Brad many times try to pitching with SWIFT, JP Morgan, WU, and many more. Up until now, the result is far for satisfying. SWIFT reject Ripple and make collaboration with R3 (Corda) which according to Decrypt interview "is not using XRP." JP Morgan make their own coin, I don't think they will use XRP. WU, well I don't know about this but, so far nothing. Piece of advice for Brad is that he need to learn to "close the deal" and learning advance level negotiation (I heard that CIA and FBI negotiator are very good). If you don't have the ability to close the deal, then you better find somebody that have this ability. 2. WTH with Ripple (XRP 2 as a company but owned by Ripple Inc) create 55bio XRP Escrow account? Just to create increasing price by cutting supply, then slowly release AGAIN to the market? I think this moves is little bit fishy. In my opinion, this is the right way to do Option 1: Burn all the 55bio XRP in Escrow account (if possible). Option 2: Lock the Escrow and sell ONLY to the institution THAT will help them to solve multi trillion dollar problem. 3. If Ripple need fund for RND or development or pay the salary for the company's team, please ask the investor to fund you. Otherwise, GO PUBLIC. Not by selling XRP and you take the money. It's just not right. I'm saying this not because I hate Ripple or XRP. I own XRP (even not too much) but I really hate when people or group of people do the wrong thing. This is just my personal opinion, kindly agree or disagree.
  11. I'm sorry I don't know about this, I bought XRP First time is in 2018, when the XRP price plunge and the volume is just about the same like right now.
  12. I've been checking on XRP Volume for a while. It's been about $600mio daily (plus minus). Well in bad days it only have about $300 mio. But, after coinbase, binance, huobi and other exchange listing. Why I don't see major increase in daily trading volume? Is that mean we're stuck? I mean there are only us who invest in XRP. I see this is a small community. How to increase more people awareness about XRP. I mean the more the merrier right?
  13. Thank you for this question and all the answers. I've been looking for this Q&A. But, personally I think JPM is trying to make money from their own coin.
  14. I see people are debating about R3, Corda, and XRP. Let me conclude this. If Swift working with R3 using Corda Technology and use XRP it's good news. But, If Swift working with R3 using fiat or other coin, then it's bad news Right? *note: for XRP holder
  15. Thanks for all the reply guys, but I still not found any conclusion wheter is good or bad for XRP and Ripple. Probably, we should wait for more information that give us more clue about this. Thanks
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