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  1. Okay, ladies and gentleman. Today, is end of March 2020. XRP now is 17c. I really hope this is my last post of negativity regarding XRP price and my next post will be a blooming price of XRP. Can it happen? Well, it really depend on Ripple. Are they dare to burn at least half of the remaining XRP in their pocket? We'll see. Other then one big move, I think XRP heading toward 12c. Good luck Everybody. God bless.
  2. Wow... I agree with you. I also think the same way. But you forgot to state another issue that will hold XRP price down. "The escrow sales" That will be here for a long long time. and as long as they here. It would be very very hard to pull the XRP price from the mud. I think, It takes a miracle to make XRP $1 within 5 years from now. Except Ripple stop this escrow sales and burn all the coin or just stop the sale forever. I believe that XRP market cap will growth YoY. But, the XRP circulation will grow more. So, the price will probably going down.. slowly, but sure. Lol.. Enjoy the ride..
  3. Let see in another 6 months from now. Are we seeing any movement? or still stuck in the 30's. I think it's pretty easy to make any price surge. It belongs to any commodity and any item available in the market. "Cut the supply" That's it. and there also another thing to make any price plunge. "pump the supply" It's economics 101. And we can see what will happen to XRP. Your choice gentleman. I've made my choice. PS: $LINK also good coin. (DYOR)
  4. Back from the grave 6 month ago. BTC is now 10k XRP 27c. Lol..
  5. I've very busy for the last 6months. Luckily, I sold (cut lost) majority of my XRP last time before it's going crazy like today. It's very painful at that time. But, I feel lucky today.. I never cut lost before. This is my first time. Because, I usually think it will be recover eventually. But, not XRP. The main reason is this "programmable escrow sale". Imagine, the market must provide 200-400million USD each month. In order to cover the price to be the same. I think that is nonsense. There is only one way to make XRP recover. Burn all the remaining coin owned by Ripple. FYI, I bought Cardano, and I think I recover some of my lost. My XRP portfolio Now just about 10-20% I guess. Lol.. Anyway, How you guys doing? Anybody dare to cut lost? But, remember, if you cut loss, try to buy other coin. Probably you got lucky.
  6. Well, thanks for all your comment. I think my point is still valid. I said that XRP will stay @30~40c. That's what I have seen from 2018. I see XRP very stable at that level. Some times spiking to 50c but most of the time it is stable at 30~40c. Cheers.
  7. Glad to see XRP back to 37c. That's mean my prediction is right. XRP will stay at their 30~40c for a long long time. Until Programmatic sales Ended probably. Meanwhile, XRP will be a stable coin
  8. Awesome.... I really hope that There are any one can voice this to Visa.
  9. This is extremely good news.. It's not Ripple take over Moneygram but strategic partnership. So, Cryptohawk is right.
  10. BTC is hitting $9300, where is XRP? I remember back when BTC plunge to $3k and XRP going down to 30c also. But, why BTC is climbing $9.3k, XRP stays in 40c? Any idea?
  11. No matter which side are you on (pros or cons). The debate in this forum is just to seek the truth. I think it's a good thing to have both side argue about some issue. It means the statement in here is tested. This means a lot especially for a beginner that doing DYOR. Keep up the good work guys.
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