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  1. FreedomGundam

    Bearish full control

    Sorry to jump in the conversation. But, my strategy for 16 years is always buy when in bearish trend. But don't be greedy. Try to always buy in small amount. For exampe if you have $10k. Just buy $500 at a time. And set your goal at the lowest possible. In this case probably 5cents? or 1 cents? whatever level you want to set. Set the target position you want to buy and STICK TO IT! That is the hardest part because people tends to greedy. If you are a trader. Set the value when to sell in the Bull season. DEFINITELY NOT IN BEAR SEASON!!!!! If you're not. Just keep it as investment. The investment that you choose (stock/bonds/crypto, etc) before you buy. Please do some deep research. Know the risk that you might face. Because once you jump in. Your aim is only one (MAKE ONE HELL OF PROFIT) If you not sure, about what you buy. I beg you please not jump in, because you gonna loose money. Stock/Bond whatever market you choose is a zero sum game. If you lost $1, someone out there is making profit of $1, and vice versa. The real question is which side are you?
  2. FreedomGundam

    The Load of the Server Suddenly spiking up

    After investigating, looks like my SSD are broken. Sorry for that. I return the SSD and ask for replacement.
  3. Hi, After running a validator for about 8hours suddenly the server load spiking to 10~11 (normally just 2~3) and it hangs and I turn off. Any idea what's going on? or it is usual to go up and down like that? This is my server spec. Dual Xeon e5450 @3ghz LSI m1015 raid controler Memory 36gb ssd 240gb and 512gb Centos 7 and I check the load using top command Thanks
  4. FreedomGundam

    Hey.. That's me LOL

  5. FreedomGundam

    Hey.. That's me LOL

    Hey.. that tiny green dot is me LOL.. Am I doing correctly? Anyway, I have no idea how to optimize the server and planning to move the server to data-center later. Any idea where I can get a guide? and guide to become the approve UNL? So excited...
  6. FreedomGundam

    When is the Ripple Trial

    I Agree, just let her have her opinion.
  7. FreedomGundam

    When is the Ripple Trial

    Thanks @Darcy I think it is good to have you here to give other perspective on the case, whether you are pros or cons. At this point what I'm thinking (because I'm hold XRP too) is what can we do as community to support this case. So that it will not ruled as securites. 1 thing that I can do is I try to create Ripple validator, this may help to make XRP more decentralize (if this is the only issued) than couple people like me in this community. This case should be close even before it start. But, if the problem is because Ripple hold to much XRP and sell it for their operation cost, and it is consider securities because of this. Then, I cannot help anything.
  8. FreedomGundam

    When is the Ripple Trial

    Hi @Darcy , Thanks a lot for your respond. I'm not too familiar with law in US, since I'm not US citizen. From my research, in both side (as securities and not securities) I think the answer is biased depend on what side are you on. Both have very strong arguments about this (and to be honest, both side have the right position) I think because there never have been this case before even the law is not exist yet. Which is why I'm so interested and want to follow this case. I invested in XRP because I think the prospect is outcome the risk, compare to other coin. Anyway is Tezos case is also because of decentralize issue? or because the company hold the coin too much?
  9. FreedomGundam

    When is the Ripple Trial

    Thanks for info, I hope we can get something this week.
  10. FreedomGundam

    When is the Ripple Trial

    Thanks for your info, so the next hearing is October 4th.
  11. FreedomGundam

    When is the Ripple Trial

    But still on right? I mean they don't move the date. Correct?
  12. FreedomGundam

    When is the Ripple Trial

    Is this date still valid? If yes, today is the D Day. Anybody got any news?
  13. FreedomGundam

    Minimum Requirement to run Ripple Validator

    Hi, I already purchase SSD, higher processor (Xeon E5450 @3.00Ghz) (but not arrive yet). The one that already arrive is memory, So Now I got 36GB of memory I think It's should be enough. I change the RAID Card to LSI M1015, and Setting 2 Drive using JBOD. So, I do some IOPS test with this command: fio --randrepeat=1 --ioengine=libaio --direct=1 --gtod_reduce=1 --name=test --filename=random_read_write.fio --bs=4k --iodepth=64 --size=1G --readwrite=randrw --rwmixread=75 Which I get from here: https://www.unixmen.com/how-to-measure-disk-performance-with-fio-and-ioping/ and the result is so bad Read is 239, and Write is only 80 Any Idea to increase? to go to 1,000 is very far I guess
  14. FreedomGundam

    freedomxrp.com or xrpfreedom.com

    Thanks guys.. I really appreciate your vote.. and your support..
  15. FreedomGundam

    freedomxrp.com or xrpfreedom.com

    XRP validator