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  1. FreedomGundam

    coinbase - i know, i know - f*** it, but...

    When Coinbase announce they will XLM the price quickly jumping like crazy. But, when they announce XRP. Nothing happen. Lol.. Maybe XRP fans already sick of Coinbase.
  2. FreedomGundam

    Where to find the Legit info of XRP Market Cap

    It's just for my personal satisfaction to know the truth.. To lend the Donald Trump quote I hate "fake news" IMO if it is "one" say it "one" if it is "100" say it "100"
  3. FreedomGundam

    Where to find the Legit info of XRP Market Cap

    Thanks guys for all your reply.. Really appreciate it.
  4. Hi, I found that coinmarketcap show the XRP market cap only $12 bio and in some other like yahoo it says $30+ bio. So, which one is the legit one? and is Ripple.com have this data too? Thanks
  5. FreedomGundam

    Toast Wallet on USB thumb drive

    I have been using this toast wallet since quite some times. So far so good..
  6. Just my personal advise, maybe it would be better if there are some support email that can assist the validator server setting. I'm very excited when I first decide to run a validator, but later I'm little bit disappointing because it is hard to find assistance. So right now I'm stopping my service, but, probably if things are getting better, I probably will try again. cheers
  7. FreedomGundam

    What is Your Secondary Coin?

    lol.. I think USD is stronger then gold now
  8. me too... I have been waiting for awhile. My contract of colocation will be end by this November. I think will not extend it. I spend a lot of money and time to make it work. But, when I have trouble it is hard to get support. So, I think it is no use to continue my colocation. I'm sorry but I'm out... No hard feeling..
  9. I really love to read blast from the past. It's like read a history book. So, I will left a trace here. When I write this post, the XRP valued @ 0.476 Let see 1 year from now. My bet is XRP will reach $1 at the end of 2018. $1,500 at the end of 2019 If Ripple succeed to replace SWIFT. Lol ,??
  10. FreedomGundam

    Hello all, New member here :)

    Welcome... I believe this is the best community you will ever have. People are nice and helpful..
  11. FreedomGundam

    What is Your Secondary Coin?

    I definately thinking of the Big Bro (BTC).. Once again thanks for sharing..
  12. FreedomGundam

    What is Your Secondary Coin?

    I also diversify to stock too. But, as rule of thumb "never put all your egg in 1 basket". Never...
  13. FreedomGundam

    What is Your Secondary Coin?

    I also thinking about XMR as well..
  14. FreedomGundam

    What is Your Secondary Coin?

    Thanks for your info, but I prefer big cap coin..
  15. I'm thinking to diversify my portfolio instead of XRP. Do you have any suggestion? I do some digging I found these are really interesting coin. 1. ADA 2. NEO 3. XMR 4. EOS (Big cap, but I heard there are some problem) 5. BCH Any guys have any advise? At this moment I'm more convince with ADA and BCH. Other coins are welcome, but please give me good reason