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  1. Well, thanks for all your comment. I think my point is still valid. I said that XRP will stay @30~40c. That's what I have seen from 2018. I see XRP very stable at that level. Some times spiking to 50c but most of the time it is stable at 30~40c. Cheers.
  2. Glad to see XRP back to 37c. That's mean my prediction is right. XRP will stay at their 30~40c for a long long time. Until Programmatic sales Ended probably. Meanwhile, XRP will be a stable coin
  3. Awesome.... I really hope that There are any one can voice this to Visa.
  4. This is extremely good news.. It's not Ripple take over Moneygram but strategic partnership. So, Cryptohawk is right.
  5. BTC is hitting $9300, where is XRP? I remember back when BTC plunge to $3k and XRP going down to 30c also. But, why BTC is climbing $9.3k, XRP stays in 40c? Any idea?
  6. No matter which side are you on (pros or cons). The debate in this forum is just to seek the truth. I think it's a good thing to have both side argue about some issue. It means the statement in here is tested. This means a lot especially for a beginner that doing DYOR. Keep up the good work guys.
  7. I don't imagine this thread gonna be so long. Anyhow, @pablo are you still working at Visa right now? Do you suppose to be bind by NDA by not telling what's inside Visa right now? And Do you ever suggest Visa to use Ripple technology instead of making new one if there are so much trouble? Why on earth Visa look for new trouble instead there are already a ready make solution to their problem?
  8. I love your post very much. This is what I mean. It's little bit late that XRP cannot make the big distruption. But, it might have medium distruption. Lol.
  9. This is golden. Thanks for your effort to confirm the statement. But, just hope that all of them are tied by NDA. *finger cross
  10. Thanks for all respond. Some are optimist and some are not. Well, if you read my first post what I concern is what's left for XRP? I know that remittance business is very big, we're talking trilion dollar each day. But, the big player we can see like Swift, JP Morgan they are the biggest player on this market. JP Morgan have 2.6 trilion Dollar asset. When they decide not to use XRP. We cannot close our eyes and say it's alright. I, personally still have hope with XRP and Ripple. But, the longer the wait the more I lost confident. Like when Facebook which have 2.3 billion citizen along with their Whatsapp are starting their own coin. It is also big market too for cross border payment. In order to really make distruption, you'll need big impact. But, now, the window getting smaller and smaller. PS: I do really really hope that there are real NDA with all the giants.
  11. All I want to say is that many of XRP market or market that XRP can do already taken out. Even, it still on progress what someday it will be finish. But, XRP is going nowhere. That's the thing I'm worrying. If each piece by piece taken by other company, what's left?
  12. I also wish this news are real. Trust me, I really wish, but it wasn't.
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