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  1. No body can predict it. But I hope to see xrp on 20$ soon as soon. Because it makes me a rich man. Then I can do anything for my family and help poor people and everyone who needs my help. Ammin
  2. Hi It's 22 August and there is only 4 month to end of 2018. These 8 month of 2018 were too bad for bitcoin and altcoins. The price of bitcoin came down of 18000 to 6000 and xrp from 3.5 to 0.33 $. All predictions were incorrect and those prices never repeated. Now some of us are excited for these prices and buy more and more. What's your idea? Is this a good opportunity? Can we hope end of 2018 and beginning of 2019 bring us so profits? Or we should see 20 $ for xrp only in our dreams?
  3. End of March: 1.85 End of June: $6.20 End of Sept: $4.65 End of Dec: $11.20 Very similar to @Wolfshield prediction.
  4. That's still a very good return for a five year investment no? Yes sure. Then I will be a millioner.
  5. There are 39B XRP coins now in circulation. So it needs 3.9 trillion dollars to reach 100$ per XRP . Am I wrong? I hope.
  6. Do you mean 500$? What do you say about marketcap? Do you know how many xrp coins are there?
  7. Yes, I will go to the moon too. But the question is this: does XRP will touch 100$?
  8. Hi, do you believe it can see 100$ per XRP? When? I don't see it before 5 years.
  9. Hi As you see in this link: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_government_budget If XRP price get 150$, it's market cap will be equal to USA budget in 2016. Is it possible and what's your view about that? Is it logical and wisely?
  10. Yes you're right, but some countries are restricted from common exchanges like poloniex, bittrex, ... People in these countries are forced to use changer, changelly and.... . Human right should be considered. They must not to be banned.
  11. Hi The year 2017 is being over. It was a great year for me. In this year I understanded about cryptocurrency world and and the most lovely of them:xrp. I invested a little money in XRP and now after 1 year it is a considerable investment. I should thank a lot of @Hodor and wish the best for him and his family. I wish a world full of peace and justice. Happy new year to all of you.
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