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  1. Might be interesting for Ripple.... "Spare a thought for remittance companies, Ripple, Paypal and other payment companies. Simply moving money by itself was never going to be a sustainable product. As SWIFT said, it's do or die." https://www.finder.com.au/swift-announces-its-going-all-in-on-blockchain-and-open-finance
  2. Asked anybody. Anybody said: 'I don't know.' .....pffffff....
  3. There are 70 pages with other interesting content. That's why people are reading this thread. And.....it's all about the context when he stated the above. Your statement is too easy. Get over it.
  4. Maybe there's a difference for someone who trades actively & frequently.
  5. This. It's too forced, too much. Like a Jehova's whitness with a foot between the door. These (sometimes highly intelligent 'ambassadors') might suffer from something we (in the real army) call mission creep. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mission_creep Big fan of (the) RL (idea), not so much of the extremes of the so called XRP army. It's the hypers (a.k.a. self-proclaimed educators ;-)) & overly tenacious FUD fighters, I can do without. For the FUD fighters: You don't have to win every battle to win a war....
  6. Just blow the bridge, start advancing and leave her standing on the other side. If she wants to join again....she has to swim & run to catch up...
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