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  1. This. It's too forced, too much. Like a Jehova's whitness with a foot between the door. These (sometimes highly intelligent 'ambassadors') might suffer from something we (in the real army) call mission creep. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mission_creep Big fan of (the) RL (idea), not so much of the extremes of the so called XRP army. It's the hypers (a.k.a. self-proclaimed educators ;-)) & overly tenacious FUD fighters, I can do without. For the FUD fighters: You don't have to win every battle to win a war....
  2. Just blow the bridge, start advancing and leave her standing on the other side. If she wants to join again....she has to swim & run to catch up...
  3. That may be sooner than you think..... ......Brexit might help.... ;-)
  4. And then Mr. Garlinghouse said this at the same forum: Garlinghouse said that worries over volatility in cryptocurrencies were unfounded. "I hear people talk about volatility and I feel like they're propagating this misinformation," he said. "Mathematically, there's less volatility risk in an XRP transaction than there is in a fiat transaction."
  5. Xrapid is fake news...like the landings on the moon. It never really happened... Xrp doesn't exist...only in your mind... David Schwartz is an actor/diving instructor from the Galapagos Islands, they hired him to play the role of a genius... Brad Garlinghouse actually works for SWIFT... And this: https://twitter.com/Ian_Fisch/status/1046878649050456066?s=20
  6. Didn't see where it got debunked, should've checked better. I'm sorry. The last part is an unnecessary message at my adress. I'm not trying to hype things up, just have to do my homework better.
  7. Today I recieved a message from ING. They're not talking about currency conversion, but the interesting part about Instant Payments is that they're talking about a money transfer between different banks in seconds. 24/7. I wonder what 'system' they're using.
  8. @RegalChicken Deeznutz is right. I find this behaviour highly unusual & inappropriate. And it's been this way for a while. The repeatitiveness of this bs made a lot of people speak out. Even the readers started posting. I'll stop reacting in this thread & try and navigate around these kind of ATTENTION SEAKERS, because they're more irritating than the real FUDers & trolls . I'm sure your support will make her/him/it feel better after our ferocious & unrelenting attacks.
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