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  1. I am half anticipating seeing a messaging service (Swift GPI) where you enter your desired transaction, select a method of settlement which I think xRapid will be one of those as well as traditional methods/rails at which point it would confirm all costs and let you process the transaction. I don't think we will see an instant shift but xRapid will slowly rise to the top due purely to performance. I can't imagine the change will be forced but more optional, so whilst it won't be a flick of a switch I would expect a fast rise to adoption through a method like this. I'm trying to put my price hat aside as it says "too good to be true" and look at the situation objectively from both companies perspectives, but it seems to me it is just an obvious move.
  2. This is one example of a suggestion that the two could be "complimentary". One messages and one settles value. The interviewer hits the nail on the head too suggesting the messaging service could remain from swift and ripple gets added to the equation. There is no refusal of this and it certainly would not surprise me if it became reality. It does feel a little too good to be true from a financial perspective but put yourself in both CEO's shoes. It totally makes sense.
  3. I don't really say an awful lot and spend most of my time reading but thought I'd chip in here. I'm still believing there could be something here. Of course we have no hard proof of any integration but do swift or ripple really need to announce anything? There is absolutely a world where the two could co exist certainly in the near term and I think it would be beneficial for both parties. If swifts gpi software is built with a third party api available to it then why not? Even if that had multiple settlement options we know over time xrp will naturally rise to the top of the pile if not straight away. The community is split on this one and the fact of the matter is it really is open ended. I've seen and heard more convincing arguments for than against. I dont think we will see an announcement of partnership but an announcement of the ability to use third parties for settlement. Let's just see what November brings. Put this story to bed once and for all.
  4. Need to work on scalability of the website rather than xrp ?.
  5. I don't understand why you would go out of your way to make pointless posts with no fundamental backing purely in an attempt to spread uncertainty in this bear market. If you haven't gathered by now everyone is bored of your input. The writing is on the wall pal. Go back to sucking lemons or chasing sheep, anything more productive than your time here and come back when you have something useful to contribute.
  6. Brilliant article. More for fundamental understandings of the global trade system with a hint of XRP related information. Really enjoyable, hopefully we will learn more about connections in the near future.
  7. Hi all, Relatively new to the forum but want to open a topic of discussion whilst the market remains dormant. A curious question really and I am sure many people here will hold similar opinions to me but I will lay my own situation out here. Last September I invested around 40% of our family savings into XRP at around a value of $0.18-$0.26 range. By the high of the peak I was for the first time in my life in a position to pay off the car and the mortgage all in one swoop and chose not too. This followed the birth of our baby boy from back end of November which was playing on my mind at the time. I chose not to sell and watched all of that possibility dwindle away in the last 9 months to nearly where we started. Whilst my wife and others believe I am utterly mad not to sell up, I have never been more convinced about something in my life. I felt that if we could rise to $3.50 purely off the back of a hype speculation wave that the possibilities were endless for the future following adoption. I know many would view this as greedy, however, it is truly difficult to pass up on something you strongly feel is only at the beginning of a journey. I am fortunate to hold down a good job so from a requirement standpoint it would not be the end of the world if this came crashing down either (although I know it won't) I hope for everyone involved we all reap the rewards of our long standing positions! I would be interested to hear everyone's answer to the poll.
  8. Great blog as always Hodor thanks. A true and honest perception of the value of the top 3 digital assets in the future. It will be interesting to see how the Bitcoin saga unfolds in the coming year. Great read!
  9. I'm still here since 6/24/2018. Been holding since September 2017. Through the highs and lows. Never felt more sure of something! Just ticking away the time
  10. Hi all, Been a supporter and regular reader of this forum for some time now and feel its about time to start contributing to the community. I became an XRP investor in August 2017 just before the boom. Weighed up a couple of cryptocurrencies at the time not knowing really what was what and ended up buying some XRP as it was cheap per coin. So while i consider that i stumbled across XRP purely by chance and a small £250 investment, I consider myself very lucky to pick the fruit at first sight. As a management accountant, the area interests me massively and I seriously believe we are all involved in something very special. Only time will tell. Cheers, Jamie
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