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  1. Could be xRapid corridor for CNY/JPY? Do you think ZB could be an unannounced xRapid partner possibly?
  2. Commercially available and live is two different things. If a video game goes gold, that doesnt mean its available. Software sales are much different. Patience.
  3. Especially with these utopia's being created all over the world for blockchain development. It may be a lost cause for them. However any fraudulent activity should be dealt with swiftly and with heavy punishment. That is a standard that they should set for this space.
  4. Good insight on how SEC may be taking the backseat on this. Which makes sense as to they are not being funded any further to cover regulating this space in the US.
  5. Are there any other large sellers that we know? Or is this the only player selling XRP at this scale?
  6. Some of the early comment were a joke to read. People need to open up their mind and pop that bubble they are living in. Anything is possible.
  7. Bitstamp is also an xRapid exchange 2:40 in this demo from Swell. https://www.pscp.tv/w/1kvJpaARVRMxE
  8. Temenos is also integrating its 2000+ clients onto Ripplenet. They have been testing since 2014.
  9. MercuryFx, Catalyst Credit Union, and Cuallix. They went over this at Swell just a couple days ago. There is more in the pipe from what Ripple has said but roll out for the unannounced may be next year.
  10. There is more in it for Ripple than doing one app for themselves. They want to power every payment app and institution.
  11. Most are rolling out over Q4. Next few months will be good.
  12. Maybe I'm misunderstanding what David Shwartz is saying.
  13. David's primary job is to get liquidity online for Ripplenet as CTO.
  14. I think that was what happened when Ripplenet consolidated. Even if you only were an xCurrent user, you will now have the option to use XRP or "runs on Ripple" solution to find liquidity .
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