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  1. Thank you for your interest in my question. We have found material for the account_id generation rule. I will use this document to study. (I used Google Translator.) https://developers.ripple.com/accounts.html#address-encoding
  2. Deploying accounts created in XRP ledgers by November 20, 2018 Why is the distribution not exactly the same?
  3. In the payment between 2018-10-01 and 2018-10-31, the number of transactions specifying destination_tag as 111111 is 15,768. (The total number of payment transactions is 754,102.) The majority of the accounts specified as destinations are accounts that do not require a destination_tag. sample account: rwtzuPZFhuuLXFhjUa2wF5h8AAPjBE7Czk rfqnDuVc3yvRXAZuRXkFd6kSCy82ov5T1h What is unusual is that most of these accounts send xrp to rNfRpqwq27b2xCBSNf7BzuZrmmbkc5bZr2. Whose account is rNfRpqwq27b2xCBSNf7BzuZrmmbkc5bZr2? (This article has been translated to Google Translator.)
  4. The ledger close interval is getting smaller nowadays. Is there a change in "rippled"?
  5. I am not distrustful of rippled (or xrp ledger). However, I want to make sure that all the validators at that time stored the transaction in ledger number 30799014. Is there a way?
  6. Most Validators hold recent ledger data. How do I view the old ledger of each Validator?
  7. Thank you for your attention. This happened only 2017-06-26 during 2013-01-01 through 2017-06-30. My worries. The transaction data was recorded in 30799013 in Validatior-A, but recorded in 30799014 in Validator-B. Do you know the Validator that holds the entire ledger data except s2.ripple.com? I want to execute this command. (In another Validator) rippled --rpc_ip= --rpc_port 51234 ledger 30799013 tx rippled --rpc_ip= --rpc_port 51234 ledger 30799014 tx
  8. Does data api v2 get_payments work correctly? I ran the get_payments function. https://data.ripple.com/v2/payments/?start=2017-06-26T22:33:00Z&end=2017-06-26T22:33:20Z I found a singularity in its results. There are two contents for 6EF7ED47CE18E7EC97C27D0019329FBFAFD0F759459052305A1E50EAD7A7F6F9 (tx_hash). The values of the ledger_index, tx_index and executed_time entries are different. Does XRP ledger work correctly?
  9. Thank you for your interest. I have no way to express my opinion. I am a Korean who can not speak English. I used Google Translator.
  10. 아래의 URL을 이용하여 Ripple Data API v2의 payments 이력을 얻어보면 https://data.ripple.com/v2/payments/?start=2017-06-26T22:33:00Z&end=2017-06-26T22:33:20Z tx_hash : 6EF7ED47CE18E7EC97C27D0019329FBFAFD0F759459052305A1E50EAD7A7F6F9 에 대한 내용이 2건 나타납니다. 제가 궁금한 점은 다음과 같습니다. - 서로 다른 ledger_index 번호(30799013 와 30799014)로 나타납니다. - Validator-A 는 30799013 에서 처리되고, Validator-B 는 30799014 에서 처리된 것은 아닌지 - 혹시 이 현상이 "XRP Ledger Data"를 "Ripple Data API v2"를 위해 변환하는 과정에의 오류입니까? - 혹시 이 현상이 rippled의 오류이고, 이미 문제가 해결되었습니까? XRP 및 Ripple사의 건승을 기원합니다.
  11. The response to the request is incorrect https://data.ripple.com/v2/payments/?start=2018-05-21T00:00:00Z&end=2018-05-21T23:59:59Z&descending=false&limit=1000&format=json&marker=20180521075511|000038812510|00000 This is the wrong item. - destination_balance_changes - source_balance_changes Is my opinion correct? ====================================== { "amount": "100", "delivered_amount": "100", "max_amount": "101", "source_balance_changes": [], "tx_index": 12, "currency": "GCB", "destination": "rNdwi8ain5ibXNB9A7H3zzKtSxgVzAqqAe", "executed_time": "2018-05-21T08:05:11Z", "ledger_index": 38812674, "source": "ra4ELQomZCkTtCnWZp8oGtjirsQTDDEM1x", "source_currency": "GCB", "tx_hash": "A17814829D840CF9B6DB5DA79FC6C8BBA9F2D04F3320BB7F317048E057895274", "transaction_cost": "0.000012" },
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