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  1. First of all, if you read properly, I never labelled anyone subject of a pathology. Actually I did the exact opposite. I explained a developmental phase, which each of us undergoes in infant years. Secondly, even if I pathologized, that’s just how a descriptive diagnosis works. You list the main symptoms and apply them to certain individuals. Third, it doesn’t really matter whether I agree or not, nothing was stated in this post regarding my views, it was mainly designed to explain a theoretical concept.
  2. To all the believers - not only regarding digital assets, but enjoyment in general: I hope this post gives an insight into the human’s intrapsychic structure and explains in simple wording, why some people just won’t believe in something that might turn out positive for them, even if every little piece seems to fall in place: Psychoanalytic theory describes the human identity as an interaction between the three intrapsychic agents - the Id, ego and super ego. The Id represents affective desires, such as love and hate, which are its main components. The Superego, on the other hand, tries to regulate those desires through its power of criticism, while the ego tries to virtually solve the problems between those two, using defensive mechanisms. So up until this point, it’s basic psychoanalysis, which some of you might have already partially heard of. The ‘modern’ concept of psychoanalysis states that the human’s intrapsychic structures emerge over the course of the first few years of every persons life. They consist of internalised object representations, put differently - of relationships to significant others. Initially these are split and coloured by the main components of the mentioned Id: love and hate. This means that moments of love and gratification, turn the world into a safe, loving and loved place, while moments of frustration create a dangerous world to live in, which can only be dealt with by being aggressive in return. Over the course of the next couple of months and years, those split pieces start to integrate with each other, so that the dominance of either good or bad compensate one another. The human realises that the significant other who was split in either Frustrating or gratifying, is actually the same person - this is the beginning of the so called ‘depressive position’. This very important phase is characterized by regrets and guilt, which in return drives the child to try to repair whatever it has mentally damaged - that is the root of the conscience. However that conscience is powerful, since the child feels criticised - its love is infiltrated by strong hatred, hurting the loved person. What happens next is the main reason I am posting this: strong feelings of guilt force the child to not be worth of any form of joy or gratification. It feels like it has not deserved to feel well, it feels like it has to be overly selfrestricting. For the few of you who have followed until this point, this is how it translates into an adult way of thinking and living: everytime something good happens, the first couple of affects are averse. In pathological cases only harm can bring enjoyment, or at least it has to be part of it. Freedom is only deserved once imprisonment has been experienced. A sunny sunday can only be enjoyed if the previous week was succesful. Money is only deserved once hard work has been conducted. This is the normal development of the intrapsychic structures and more or less can be found in every adults psyche. And this is what happens with the socalled naysayers: There is no way a simple investment can be made, not looked at for weeks, months or years, and turning you into a wealthy person. It seems too easy, to be true Too easy, to be deserved.
  3. I know, I was trying to be funny...too soon?
  4. Thanks man? Hahaha That’s a good start to xrpchat! Making THE chick happy!
  5. Thanks guys! I can feel how that addiction of getting likes is starting haha!
  6. Hi there! Well the timing for joining was mainly chosen because of the increasing number of FUDsters - and of course the zerpening thread. I wanted to actively be part of the fun!! Regarding the market situation: it definitely seems to be a falling knife right now. Markets are irrational, mainly influenced by speculation. Even if the fundamentals of Ripple are good, and xrapid seems to go in production soon, the markets don’t seem to respond accordingly. And it doesn’t really matter why they don’t, trying to find a cause for that won’t ever get you anywhere. Could be Bitcoins dominance, could be people burning their hands and staying away from it, could be enormous profit taking. Fundamentas stay the same. However there’s light at the end of the tunnel - and that’s called logical thinking. I remember working at an asset management company a couple of years ago. We developed a trading algorithm based on market sentiment. It was as simple as someone can imagine: whenever 70% of the market participants were negative, we just went long. The logic behind it was simple: the potential of the 70% flipping their positions was bigger than the potential of the 30% flipping into negative sentiment. It worked. Thats the case with ripple at the moment. The main condition of the thought process is that you actually think that ripple and xrp are solving a problem. I’m sure all of us know that. Once that is given, you know that the selling pressure is over. People will start coming in and the potential impact is big!
  7. That is very interesting. Didn’t think I would talk about therapies on here. I don’t really know a lot about MST, it isn’t really widespread in europe. However, I do focus on personality disorders, especially the narcissistic PD, which the antisocial PD is strongly linked with. My main discipline is the Transference-focused-psychotherapy, that aims to integrate unconscious self aspects, as well as aspects of significant others.
  8. Hi Elitefoo, yes I have noticed your rhythm of absence and presence! A therapist?? What sort of therapist? What have you put your focus on? Never would have thought that!
  9. Hi Guys, been a lurker for a long time now. Ever since my first purchase at 0.16 eur, I have been following this forum, trying to understand and find mental support for coping with the constant ups and downs. A lot of members on here with impressive knowledge unfortunately have left, such as @teddybear, @Elitefoo Has luckily returned, and so on. Recently I have noticed a growing number of members that spread negativity, so I am trying to make a positive contribution to those, @RegalChicken, @Chewiecoin, dealing with that. To my person: I am a psychoanalyst with a financial background. I am familiar with trading, market marking, liquidity - but mainly with the nature of the human being’s psychology. Strange combination, I know. Hoping to contribute with some quality content.
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