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  1. I love it. More time to buy cheap bags Edit: Shit if your bags are full, buy a bag or two for your friends and cousin. Think about others ☺️
  2. I see. So they got 6,237,523 in the first round, with $30 million. Then they got 4,251,449 this second round, with $20 million. That adds up to 10,488,972 shares total. I hope I’m reading it right 😂
  3. I can never get an exact number of shares that Ripple holds, no matter where I look.
  4. Didn't they lose less than anticipated? They had loss, but it wasn't as great as people thought it would be. If the trend continues they can move into profitability, no?
  5. Ripple can do more with XRP than we can. I doubt banks will open the door to Steve from down the block, to sign contracts.
  6. I think if hyperinflation kicks in at that time it's very possible.
  7. Isn't the energy consumption an important part of the network's security?
  8. Only call me if you're a single lady and above the age of 18
  9. Do you own the actual coins you buy, or is it like Abra? Where you can "buy" and "sell", but not transfer to wallets?
  10. Honestly I see people asking on the tweet why XRP price isn't moving up and I'm just like smh
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