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  1. No no no, I mean like the moon in the sky. Like literally having been on the moon.
  2. Looking at their roster you prolly need some crazy work experience, like being a top official at Microsoft, and having been on the actual moon at least once.
  3. Only call me if you're a single lady and above the age of 18
  4. Do you own the actual coins you buy, or is it like Abra? Where you can "buy" and "sell", but not transfer to wallets?
  5. Honestly I see people asking on the tweet why XRP price isn't moving up and I'm just like smh
  6. Oh damn, that's actually pretty nifty. A hotel place that accepts crypto.
  7. Every time Coinbase adds a new coin the market goes down even more :/
  8. There have been videos of Ripple employees mentioning Amazon, I believe.
  9. I'm over here sitting with my MCO tokens, waiting for Monaco/Crypto.com/whatevertheycallthemselves to ship U.S cards. Debating if this would be better...
  10. Plot twist: Mr.Kitao never blinks
  11. I thought their GPI thing allowed for other products to be integrated.
  12. I’ve learned not to trust anyone that works for anything with Capital/Capitol in its name.
  13. They posted on Twitter and every single reply was XRP. They know what they need to do too. They're in touch with Ripple.
  14. Yes. For XRP to be worth 20k USD there needs to be a destruction of the dollar.
  15. It’s all a matter if whether a 20k XRP is actually worth anything by then
  16. How to get your videos disliked tutorial
  17. Every other coin created after Bitcoin seems to be better. Bitcoin is outdated af
  18. It should be concerning if you don’t diversify. I believe in Ripple and XRP, but it ain’t stopping me from making money with other coins ?
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