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  1. I think the problem is the radiating toxicity that comes from this Galgitron persona, and how accepting most XRP fanatics are of this behavior. It's not fine in any condition to go to a stranger and attack them, less alone over their preference in an internet coin. By definition, take note, it is psychopathic to be violent and have abnormal social behaviors. What he does is not normal. And regarding banging girls and drinking up with buddies, you should not, considering that there's a pandemic, but thank you for your concern regardless.
  2. He is pathetic. I never even followed him on Twitter, I followed other people from various other projects. It was always interesting to see him in the Twitter replies boasting XRP and bashing people in a Twitter thread completely unrelated to it. He himself would actively initiate the attacks. If he wanks to XRP that’s fine, but I think he should keep that to himself and stop antagonizing others. Most are just in this to make money, and not be a part of some cult
  3. I hate Galgitron. That dude is next-level pathetic. All he does with his free time is whine about other coins/users of such coins, and d*ck ride XRP to $0. He blocked me on Twitter for calling him a psychopath too, and I honestly forgot he existed until this came up on my screen. Like imagine taking time out of your day to antagonize strangers over internet coins. Get off the computer and live life, my guy.
  4. Only the rich can invest in the rich
  5. Black


    Coronavirus 2.0 is gonna crash the stock market and crypto will follow, as always
  6. Bruh 4 to 5 weeks wtf? That’s a whole ass month. What kind of customer support is that?? “I’ll get back to you in a month”
  7. That’s what happens when you make a damn internet coin your life. You get burned out by the bear market
  8. Ripple will IPO once all the private investors have reached the top. Only then will the SEC offer “protection” to retail investors, by allowing the elite to dump on the unprivileged.
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