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  1. https://blog-en.bitso.com/bitso-the-first-regulated-platform-in-latam-ae16416951d5 Summary: Bitso receives DLT License providing regulatory clarity for all their cryptocurrency transactions throughout Europe, Mexico, and all of Latin America. Highlights: "...beginning on August 1st, 2019, the custody and trading of cryptocurrencies made in the (Bitso) platform will be regulated by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission (GFSC) under its purpose designed Distributed Ledger Technology Regulatory Framework. " "(This)...represents a key step on our way to providing a platform that connects traditional and digital economies, not only in Mexico but in Latin America and Europe..." Implications: Another milestone for Ripple and XRP getting regulatory licensing that connects their Mexican exchange, Bitso, to all of Europe. Now if we could just include the US in that list. Anyone else think the SEC will finally throw XRP a bone sometime in 2020?
  2. Chances are 98% (that's IF they really want to know, and they know who to ask... it's called immutable for a reason) 2% chance of maintaining privacy because there are still some exchanges out there that aren't doing proper KYC... so if you dig deep enough, you can preserve your anonymity, but if you're using standard exchanges with proper KYC, you're transactions are completely traceable. The truth is, it's something they have to dig for. So unless they have a REASON to go tracing after you, it's not going to happen. There's lots of ways of "laundering" still available; for instance, using online casinos. And I'll just leave it at that. Hope that helps.
  3. Every now and then I blink. That's the only time I'm not checking the price.
  4. With all the recent movements, I would like to bump this post. Just seems uncannily accurate. No matter where the price wanders, it seems to find its way back to $0.30 in a hurry.
  5. The article mentioned in the original post makes some good points about the true nature of nostro/vostro accounts. It's not quite as simple as the standard Ripple explanation. I agree with the point that no major bank has "Dormant Funds" locked up in these accounts. Ripple and Ripple supporters should stop talking about the advantages of freeing up these non-existent dormant funds. That being said, I disagree that "Banks would lose their ability to control their own FX exposure" if using a Ripple solution. Using any non-Ripple solution, these transactions are exposed to FX market fluctuations for several days. But with Ripple solutions, transactions are completely settled in 2 minutes or less reducing the market exposure time and providing the efficiency and speed now being demanded of cross-boarder payments. It's a win/win for both the banks and customers. For the example in the article of US Dollars to Euros, Ripple knows and is open about it not being advantageous to use xRapid at this time. Their focus has been and continues to be in only the less efficient corridors like moving US Dollars to Mexico and the Philippines. While Ripple solutions may not live up to ALL the hype that's out there, they are already providing a revolutionary solution to this real problem. A problem that the rest of the industry hasn't even proposed a viable solution to yet. Good luck playing catch up!
  6. so does this mean the price will be pushed back down to $0.30 now that it's broken above $0.3150?
  7. I love this thread and this sentiment. The more people think like this, the sooner the next bull run will be. The bears of 2018 have made their money, and there's not much more to be made, relatively speaking. At worst, 2019 could trade sideways, but that is unlikely imo. There's too much good news to come out in 2019; too much being developed. And the risk/reward of selling is becoming less and less appetizing for the bears. If even a fraction of the Institutional Investors rumored to be interested, actually get involved this year, along with the continual announcements of xRapid implementation and success, what else could stall a 2019 bull run? 1. A continued lack of regulation clarity (in the U.S.) 2. Or worse, negative regulation clarity 3. Continued hacking of exchanges and wallets 4. Continued investigations into price manipulation 5. Continued intra-crypto and cross-crypto trade wars, hash wars, and fighting 6. Central banks and governments banning together globally to stop all progress with the current crytopcurrencies (only to secretly develop their own) 7. A world war or catastrophy causing all markets to crash 8. Insert your favorite conspiracy theory here
  8. 1st Quarter 2019: $0.2859 USD 2nd Quarter 2019: $0.7417 USD 3rd Quarter 2019: $1.3259 USD 4th Quarter 2019: $2.4820 USD The low for 2019 will be around $0.16 USD, and a high around $2.72 USD. 2020 should have a high less than $8.00 USD but above $3.20 USD, with no way of predicting the low. If you want investment gains while you're waiting for the next crypto bull run, look for selling opportunities in the stock market (like S&P) and selling USD (against other Forex currencies); also, buying opportunities in emerging markets. Avoid leverage/margin, scalping, and day trading. Look for longer term investments using breakout strategies or simply buying the dip / selling the rip. I don't have a crystal ball, but I have seen the future. And it looks pretty bright, for those who have enough patience.
  9. ...then build on it! What you're doing is confusing and unnecessary. As you will quickly learn, you picked the wrong crytocurrency to fork!
  10. Go back and watch the last AMA with BG. He specifically says that what surprised him about 2018 the most, was the LACK of Institutional Investment. It has started for sure, but the real money is yet to come. (probably Spring / Summer for both XRP and BTC) The major custody providers will be available soon. The fundamentals are sound, and the price is looking pretty good, so we'll see how long it takes for the big money to move into this space. My opinion is that we are somewhere around the Depression Stage of the Wall St. Cheat Sheet chart. We may or may not have hit the bottom, but we're in that area. As far as cause for MAJOR Bull Run (above $3), I agree with Mr_Cambridge. As far as minor Bull Run, (between $1-$3), this is likely later on in 2019. Everyone who's selling right now, keeping the price so low, is doing so to make short-term gains. Once that's no longer profitable, the short-term and long-term investors will be on the same side, and the stage will be set for a trend reversal.
  11. https://zycrypto.com/whale-spotted-20-million-xrp-moved-to-bitstamp/ Saw this article a few days ago, haven't seen anyone talking about it here on XRP CHAT, so I thought I'd start the conversation. First off, I don't exactly agree with the author, nor with the comments I've seen on other social media in reference to this whale. If he bought a ton of XRP over-the-counter, then transferred some or all of it to Bitstamp, what will he do next? The only thing he can do, is sell it, either for fiat or other crypto. When he does, it will create selling pressure and push the price of XRP down, if anything at all. So, why would anyone think this was a "sign" that something "big" is about to happen? The way I see it, is that this whale could be doing one of three things: 1. Getting ready to unload / take profit if there is a bull run sooner than later 2. Something completely different from anything we could expect or imagine 3. Will be pushing the price down further so he can buy even more OTC at lower prices So what are your thoughts on this? If you don't care, don't waste your time posting. Not everyone is happy to just hodl for the next few years. Some of us want to know everything crypto as it develops so we can capitalize on it now. I personally think there will be a few more "legs" of consolidation, more bear pressure, and sideways movement before the next bull run. But I think we can all agree, there will be another bull run. It's just a matter of time.
  12. Go back and read the article again. They're talking about offering various cryptos alongside their long list of fiats. When they see a large enough adoption, they will launch. But this has NOTHING to do with using Ripple/xRapid as a remittance solution. You know, to avoid having all that money tied up in nostro/vostro accounts? They're well established in their way of running their business, and have made it pretty clear, that they intend to keep it that way. While they may add cryptos in the future (crypto to crypto or crypto to fiat transfers), they won't be using XRP as Ripple intended, as a cross border solution for ALL THEIR TRANSFERS, namely, transferring fiat. (fiat to xrp to fiat)
  13. Let's just say, nobody is willing to go on record. And why would they? They certainly don't want the SEC investigating them over it. But those of us in the business have heard on numerous occasions, both first hand and second hand, that this is happening. All the signs are there, and it's not like it would be the first time either. It's pretty much standard operating procedure for a situation like this. It makes perfect sense too. When they buy OTC, it doesn't affect the price directly. And it doesn't cost them much (relatively speaking) to move the retail market down. It would be ridiculous not to do it. So to answer your question directly, "No, I can't prove it." But what is the alternative reason for why the price is dropping? Who is selling so strongly and consistently? The exchanges themselves could be involved, but they have everything to loose if they get caught. It's possible, but less likely. Show me one whale in the retail crypto market that thinks all cryptos are going to zero, and is betting everything they have on it! They just don't exist; not enough to move the market like this. Everyone is either bullish, or not investing. Honestly though, I think it's more complex than that. It's not the only factor like I said earlier. There's a lot of players with different agendas all fighting different crypto wars. But this isn't a typical "bear" market. There's no real "bear" out there. The market is being pushed down, by the same people who will be pushing it up next year. It doesn't really matter who. It's really just a question of when.
  14. Let's be clear about "speculation" Everyone is bullish on crytpo! NOBODY is really "selling" crypto. Small investors with weak hands are being pushed out, but this doesn't make up much of the volume. There are those that don't believe in crypto, but they're not putting actual money on the line. No, the only cause of the market being held down right now are the large financial institutions. They are patiently pushing the price down as far as they can in the retail market, so that they can buy cheaper crypto in a HUGE way on the OTC market. Yes, because of utility and all the amazing news this year, the bull run would have already started if not for the FI's putting it on pause so that they can take advantage of all the new custodial services. (when you or I miss the train, we miss the train. When FI's miss the train, they bring the train back) It's already happening. The million dollar question is, when will they be done? Once they stop suppressing the price, a bull run (with extra FOMO) will be inevitable. Yes, they can buy now through many custody providers, but the big custody players won't be available until the Spring of 2019. Can they suppress the market that long? Absolutely! Will they? Probably. Will other whales orchestrate a small / fake "bull" run to take advantage of the situation before next Spring? Also probable. Remember, the crypto market may seem large, but it's tiny compared to Forex. And its lack of liquidity continues to leave it vulnerable to manipulation. And the greedy Forex whales have all the tools necessary to take small fortunes out of the crypto market before the next big bull run. So, anything is possible in the short term, but eventually, the whole market will explode. The real investors are extremely patient, and could keep the entire market suppressed all the way to 2020 if it is to their advantage. I doubt it will take that long. Ripple and all the others have been talking all year about how FI's are wanting to come in to crypto, and that they've already started to do so in a small way. But they're doing it behind closed doors. So, for now, breakout strategies are the smart play. Once all the FI's are in, it will be GO time!!! Anyone have any insight into when all the major FI's will be fully invested?
  15. https://bravenewcoin.com/insights/securities-ripple-icos-etfs-and-enforcement-sec-chairman-lays-it-out-at So, this implies that the SEC would be willing to officially classify XRP as not being a security if certain requirements or arrangements were met. Which, from what Ripple says, they are willing to do and are currently in the process of doing. It's anyone's guess what is currently holding them back from doing it now: The fact that Ripple still holds the majority of XRP, We're still lacking regulation, globally, in many respects, The pending lawsuit, Market manipulation still abounds, Plus many other opinions and perspectives. Still, a pathway to clarification is there to be found. And knowing Ripple, they will find it... sooner than later... What are your thoughts on this badly beaten, dead horse topic / debate of XRP as a security?
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