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  1. Let's just say, nobody is willing to go on record. And why would they? They certainly don't want the SEC investigating them over it. But those of us in the business have heard on numerous occasions, both first hand and second hand, that this is happening. All the signs are there, and it's not like it would be the first time either. It's pretty much standard operating procedure for a situation like this. It makes perfect sense too. When they buy OTC, it doesn't affect the price directly. And it doesn't cost them much (relatively speaking) to move the retail market down. It would be ridiculous not to do it. So to answer your question directly, "No, I can't prove it." But what is the alternative reason for why the price is dropping? Who is selling so strongly and consistently? The exchanges themselves could be involved, but they have everything to loose if they get caught. It's possible, but less likely. Show me one whale in the retail crypto market that thinks all cryptos are going to zero, and is betting everything they have on it! They just don't exist; not enough to move the market like this. Everyone is either bullish, or not investing. Honestly though, I think it's more complex than that. It's not the only factor like I said earlier. There's a lot of players with different agendas all fighting different crypto wars. But this isn't a typical "bear" market. There's no real "bear" out there. The market is being pushed down, by the same people who will be pushing it up next year. It doesn't really matter who. It's really just a question of when.
  2. Let's be clear about "speculation" Everyone is bullish on crytpo! NOBODY is really "selling" crypto. Small investors with weak hands are being pushed out, but this doesn't make up much of the volume. There are those that don't believe in crypto, but they're not putting actual money on the line. No, the only cause of the market being held down right now are the large financial institutions. They are patiently pushing the price down as far as they can in the retail market, so that they can buy cheaper crypto in a HUGE way on the OTC market. Yes, because of utility and all the amazing news this year, the bull run would have already started if not for the FI's putting it on pause so that they can take advantage of all the new custodial services. (when you or I miss the train, we miss the train. When FI's miss the train, they bring the train back) It's already happening. The million dollar question is, when will they be done? Once they stop suppressing the price, a bull run (with extra FOMO) will be inevitable. Yes, they can buy now through many custody providers, but the big custody players won't be available until the Spring of 2019. Can they suppress the market that long? Absolutely! Will they? Probably. Will other whales orchestrate a small / fake "bull" run to take advantage of the situation before next Spring? Also probable. Remember, the crypto market may seem large, but it's tiny compared to Forex. And its lack of liquidity continues to leave it vulnerable to manipulation. And the greedy Forex whales have all the tools necessary to take small fortunes out of the crypto market before the next big bull run. So, anything is possible in the short term, but eventually, the whole market will explode. The real investors are extremely patient, and could keep the entire market suppressed all the way to 2020 if it is to their advantage. I doubt it will take that long. Ripple and all the others have been talking all year about how FI's are wanting to come in to crypto, and that they've already started to do so in a small way. But they're doing it behind closed doors. So, for now, breakout strategies are the smart play. Once all the FI's are in, it will be GO time!!! Anyone have any insight into when all the major FI's will be fully invested?
  3. https://bravenewcoin.com/insights/securities-ripple-icos-etfs-and-enforcement-sec-chairman-lays-it-out-at So, this implies that the SEC would be willing to officially classify XRP as not being a security if certain requirements or arrangements were met. Which, from what Ripple says, they are willing to do and are currently in the process of doing. It's anyone's guess what is currently holding them back from doing it now: The fact that Ripple still holds the majority of XRP, We're still lacking regulation, globally, in many respects, The pending lawsuit, Market manipulation still abounds, Plus many other opinions and perspectives. Still, a pathway to clarification is there to be found. And knowing Ripple, they will find it... sooner than later... What are your thoughts on this badly beaten, dead horse topic / debate of XRP as a security?
  4. increasedwisdom

    Coinbase Custody

    https://unhashed.com/cryptocurrency-news/coinbase-custody-supports-ripple-with-ambiguous-logo-choices/ Anyone else think Coinbase is intentionally using the Ripple logo instead of the XRP logo? Maybe a feeble attempt to perpetuate the "XRP is a security" FUD, or maybe an" honest mistake"...lol Any thoughts?
  5. Anyone else feel a tingle when Brad acknowledges that some of the rumors floating around are true? I have a feeling, if we knew what he knows, we wouldn't bat an eye over this temporary bear market either!
  6. increasedwisdom

    Does XRP Have a Name Problem?

    I've said this many times, XRP is pronounced "crap" not "zerp" It's often called a $h!t coin by the rest of the crypto community and according to David Schwartz, it was designed to travel through the plumbing of the new Internet of Value so "crap" is pretty fitting. Seriously though, it's meant to be a protocol like TCP-IP, just for transferring value instead of data. The truth is, Ripple isn't trying to market XRP. They're trying to market themselves. When it comes to mass adoption, they don't care about investors or the masses. (other than being able to provide liquidity) They just want adoption by financial institutions. Adoption of the services of Ripple (and vicariously XRP). They don't care about how catchy the name is. Just as long as it's not associated with them (as a security). If the name were to be changed, it would be up to us to do it, as a community. I've pondered for many hours the idea of a better name. But as of yet, I've heard no worthy improvement upon the standard "ex are pee" pronunciation. (aka, "the currency formerly known as Ripples") So it looks like were stuck with this name, for better or for worse.
  7. increasedwisdom

    Inside RIPPLE Headquarters With Cointelegraph

    I hate videos like this! They always make me want to buy more XRP, and I already have too much.
  8. increasedwisdom

    AllIn’s 2018 EOY Challenge

  9. increasedwisdom

    Ripple and XRP Show Uptick in Institutional Interest

    There's not much they can do to hide it, and it really has no bearing on it being a security. All the interviews, news, trends and analysis point to a slow-motion FOMO back into crypto and specifically XRP, either by the end of the year, or early 2019. All the "hints" that have been made, point to XRP being treated as a commodity, the 200+ partnerships of Ripple migrating to xRapid or other solution utilizing XRP, and lastly, exchanges and custody providers preparing for and expecting massive growth in retail and institutional investing. It's the triangle of our success: regulation, adoption, utilization! It's no longer a question of "IF", but "WHEN." There will be many winners; XRP is just the most obvious one, since they're so far ahead of the game.
  10. Original article: https://dailyhodl.com/2018/10/09/ripple-and-xrp-show-uptick-in-institutional-interest-reports-leading-crypto-fund/ and similarly but more detailed: https://medium.com/bitnewslive/xrp-and-ripple-sees-more-institutional-interest-as-xrp-continues-to-unveil-its-decentralized-nature-bccff906bfb5 and yes, even here: https://cryptodaily.co.uk/2018/10/xrp-shows-increase-in-institutional-interest/ Ripple and XRP Show Uptick in Institutional Interest, Reports Leading Crypto Fund New numbers from Grayscale Investments reveal which cryptocurrencies are attracting institutional investors. Grayscale’s Digital Large Cap Fund Asset Weight June 30 to September 30, 2018 Bitcoin (BTC) – 57.6% to 66.8% Ethereum (ETH) – 23.6% to 13.1% Ripple (XRP) – 9.9% to 12.5% Bitcoin Cash (BCH) – 6.5% to 5.5% Litecoin (LTC) – 2.4% to 2.1% Most notably, in the past few months, is a steep decline in interest in Ethereum. And a steady increase in institutional interest in XRP. Will this trend continue into next quarter? How might this continually increasing institutional interest in XRP affect its price, especially once there are more custody solutions and regulation clarity? Let me know your thoughts below.
  11. increasedwisdom

    What price you guys got in?

    I thought it was called the sh*t coin? Something to do with running through the plumbing of the new Internet of Value. And "XRP" is pronounced "crap" not "zerp"
  12. increasedwisdom

    2nd Largest Forex exchange add XRP

    A Public Service Announcement to anyone thinking of trading XRP or anything else through a Forex broker (or other leveraged account providers) : DO NOT leverage your positions! The more adoption we see of XRP by exchanges and brokers, the more susceptible it becomes to manipulation. While this adoption provides more (much needed) liquidity into the market, it also brings with it "other" investors; big investors that don't just HODL. (not to mention, price manipulation by the Forex Exchanges themselves) We could potentially see bigger and bigger swings in the price. Not a big deal for the HODLers, but potentially devastating for those with leveraged accounts. Have a plan. Stick with it. And be prepared if major dips in the price occur. Over the years, I've seen countless Forex investors loose EVERYTHING, making the "correct" trade, just too big and too soon. Don't let that be you! (for more info, research something like "Why 95% Of Traders Still Lose All Their Money") Be patient, have fun, and I'll see you on the moon.
  13. increasedwisdom

    Ripple has now entered the FX market

    Trading Crypto like XRP has been available on Forex platforms for a long time (at least a year), and is constantly being added to more and more Forex exchanges. It can be traded in currency pairs like other currencies, or in an index like stocks. It can be shorted, leveraged, scalped, and hedged just like anything else. THIS news article, refers to a particular Forex Exchange platform (FXChoice) accepting XRP for deposits and withdraws. It's one more step forward in the direction of adoption, and it's another corridor that needed improvement. Wait times for deposits and withdraws on exchanges are almost NEVER instant; more like 1-7 days. So having XRP as an option, can really help people see its true value when it's used for its instant settlement capabilities. Thanks for sharing.
  14. increasedwisdom

    Get Paid To HODL

    It's not for everybody. Thanks for your comments.
  15. increasedwisdom

    Get Paid To HODL

    If it's such a big deal, don't use the referral link. Go directly to the site here: https://luckygames.io I wasn't trying to make money off of the referral. Just seeing how many people from here actually check it out. It is a gambling site, with lots of people NOT using it to "mine" crypto. So yes, they're only giving back a small portion of their profits. It is NOT a paid service. You actually can start earning without having paid, parked, or deposited anything. Although, I don't think they allow you to withdraw until you've made a deposit first. But there's no minimum you have to wager. You don't have to gamble anything. They're just betting that you will. They might do some actual mining as well, but it wouldn't be necessary. They're making enough off of the casino they're running. I just thought it was cool, because of the integration of XRP and the use of smart contracts. And because we can grow our own XRP stacks while we wait for the next bull run, and have fun doing it.