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  1. I think it is best for everyone to add to their position if they believe in the future of XRP and understand that there is not much upside for the time being. Everyone that believe XRP has long term potential should take advantage of this accumulation period (bear market or whatever you want to call it). If you don't want to add to your position then you could also hold, instead of trading, to take advantage of long term capital gains tax rate (if it applies in your country). The taxation amount of short term vs long term is significant $$$ Another point I would like to add is that, I understand the typical TA culture is to always present a "silver lining" and say there is upside coming soon because of "X" reasons and/or indicators but I think that just discourages people because it makes people think the bull market is around the corner, which it likely is not. There is no reason to be afraid to say its going down for the time being. Let's all just assume that XRP is likely not going anywhere for the next couple of months. If you want to take advantage and accumulate, please do. If you need your money in the short term, then sell now. But don't set yourself up for disappointment thinking that there is going to be a surge anytime soon. Let the surge be a surprise if it ever comes.
  2. Its a shame. But I am not surprised at all. XRP is weak right now and is just getting weaker; and it will keep getting weaker for the time being. I don't see anything happening for the rest of this year.
  3. For the time being, I have not seen any proof that there is a strong case for XRP to fail. Ripple continue to make progress with RippleNet and using XRP as settlement and other smaller use cases for XRP continue to appear here and there The conclusion that I would draw for the time being is that the market is not properly valuing digital assets and thus XRP is likely undervalued. The crypto market is so volatile, unregulated, manipulated, and irrational, that it would be silly to sell at this time. The market needs to mature for a bit before the prices mean anything. Unless you need the money you invested in XRP, I would encourage you to wait a while and see how Ripple progresses with getting banks to settle with XRP. As long as XRP is being used, then you can at least be sure that XRP is not going away like most other digital assets will. Having said that, I, like most people, will take some profits during the next big surge if that ever happens.
  4. I used to do a lot of trading and to manage the taxes, you can simply throw all of the data into a calculator (via an excel export from the exchange) and it will calculate everything for you. It literally takes you less than 30 minutes to calculate taxes for hundred of trades. These calculators can even compile and workout all of your trades from various exchanges and condense everything down into a single report. It's super simple. The website I use is: https://www.cryptotrader.tax
  5. The price for XRP is not going up because there is not nearly as much demand as all of us followers would like to believe there is. Simple as that. A lot of us think people are breaking down doors to get their hands on XRP and that is not the case. Will there be demand in the future? Well hopefully so, based on all of the things that Ripple has been saying, in addition to other smaller use cases for XRP. Most of the people that want to hoard XRP for the time being have done so. There are also people who bought XRP a long time ago who are likely selling because they are still up thousands of percent. The only caveuat to my statement is that there could be huge demand for XRP that we are not seeing and that is because that demand is being filled by Ripple OTC and thus not affecting that market price at this time.
  6. Regulatory clarity for digital assets is not a big priority in the United States. There isn't going to be some sweeping statement or all inclusive publication for some time yet. The United States takes the position that they can strong arm there way around most situations and thus views the current system as dominating enough to not warrant thorough exploration of digital assets. Smaller countries, or countries with less financial influence, don't have this same viewpoint and thus are eager to provide as much regulatory clarity as possible to try and beat the USA to the punch.
  7. People think of this market as a “money machine” instead of understanding it is high risk and volatile.
  8. Do you have any insight into what that might have been yesterday when the market lifted and then fell? Was someone testing resistance or something? I still don’t understand what this actually is when there’s a huge green candle that basically deflated right away.
  9. That's why you have to invest in SOMETHING, be it XRP, or some other investment vehicle. Holding cash is bad and is intended to be bad by design. One reason for inflation is to discouarge hoarding of cash and encourage investing in assets. A deflationary currency discourages spending and you could argue this is not desired for a currency being used a the general method of tender.
  10. ***TO SAVE YOU FROM HAVING A STROKE*** The Shane Ellis """"""""""""""theory"""""""""""""" relies on ignorance of how the wider market works. I can't believe this has to be debunked over and over and over. The theory takes an exchange in complete isolation and thinks ALL OTHER EXCHANGES would somehow (bizzarely) just follow the price of that single exchange. "Suzie Esoteric Systems" says that the exchange that sees a price spike would go to other exchanges and publicly buy XRP (since they're all out of XRP) and that would drive the price up on other exchanges. This is like a supermarket running out of fruit and veg so they go to other supermarkets and retail-buy fruit and veg from their rivals. It's like wholesale isn't a thing. It's like Ripple selling XRP wholesale (programmatic sales) isn't a thing and that an exchange could buy off Ripple with a couple of mouse-clicks. No, that can't happen apparently - the exchange would weirdly buy it on Coinbase's retail app like some 13 year old kid, driving up Coinbase's price. Then Brian Armstrong, in a mad panic, would log into his retail Bitrue account and buy up XRP there, to stock up Coinbase's XRP. Hurr durr $589. Also, apparently arbitrage doesn't exist according to this theory. Nor does the theory take into account that there's a sell on another exchange....so if the theory is correct, then the sell would have an equal and opposite impact on price....even though in reality two exchanges that represent a tiny tiny percentage of overall XRP volume have minimal impact on XRP's price on other exchanges. Let's even imagine that the theory works....who on earth is going to buy the $5 or $50 or $500 XRPs on this one exchange when they're available for 28 cents on other exchanges? Arbitrage smoothes out price differences across exchanges. Exchanges also put their own asks if a order book gets too thin....remember that exchanges buy XRP, right? Why do you think they do that? I shouldn't bother countering the theory....everytime I sever its head, two more heads pop up.
  11. I've looked into the USDT alerts and those amounts appear to be bouncing from wallet to wallet and have been doing that for months so I don't know what value that provides anyone. That tether has been getting bounced between Bitfinex, Binance, and Huboi as far back as you can look.
  12. I think the key though, as a few of us have pointed out, is that there are people who have ALREADY made a HUGE return on XRP. The people that caught the full 30,000% rise have likely been selling all along since ATH. Those people probably couldn't care less about any announcements because they have huge profits at their disposal. That could be the selling pressure that has been pushing XRP down this entire time. After a 30,000% increase, there has to be a long correction. XRP is still up almost 5,000% from early 2017 prices so the ugly truth is that this may not even be the bottom. If I was up 5,000% I might just sell because I am tired of playing in the market and want my money. Being that much in the green, I wouldn't be waiting for any announcements. And think about it, if XRP went on a run up to ATH tomorrow, do you think any of us would be sitting here talking about the ecosystem and developments? I wouldn't. I would be making sure my sell orders have executed and I would be figuring out how to delete this account and all other accounts related to cryptocurrency.
  13. I think your theory makes sense. I’m thinking mostly the same. At this point I’m just watching to see what happens. A few positive points for me are: 1. Development in the XRP ecosystem is continuing strongly with many new things coming to fruition 2. Ripple has tightened up their selling practices which has cleaned up most of the discomfort I had in that respect with regards to selling pressure they were putting on the market 3. xRapid continues to progress which should bode well for the XRP price in the future at some point
  14. Very nice, it will be interesting to see those. I will keep an eye out. Thank you for sharing.
  15. I'm tempted to put you on my ignore list just for creating this worthless thread.
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