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  1. The thing with crypto is that it can get "lost" extremely easily. Someone who really hated their ex-wife could send their entire crypto stash to a satoshi wallet that only satoshi has access to. They could do this before the divorce actually got to the court stage. Then at that point neither the wife nor anyone else would get it. There are plenty of ways to "lose" crypto. After crypto gets sent so many places, it's sort of a black box as far as any court is concerned. I don't know how much effort a court is going to put in to trying to find a crypto and follow all the trades to see where
  2. How many times do we need to repeat the "Check" and "Pending" statuses for each price point?
  3. Also, any actions done now, would be mostly speculation. For technology, 8 years can be like a lifetime. It wouldn't be sensible to divert energy now to work on a speculative solution that might not even work in 8 years (and the 8 years is not even a concrete time frame). Ripple has plenty of other developments they need to work on to make sure the XRP ledger remains the preferred tool for ODL in 8 years.
  4. It is interesting that hashrate continues to reach new highs. Is hashrate a clean dependable indicator? I'm wondering if it is possible for hashrate to be pushed arbitrarily high to make it seem like the Bitcoin network has a lot of activity when it doesn't. Perhaps in pushing hashrate higher and higher (if this is possible to manipulate), the goal is to spur interest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general.
  5. During this recent pump, I said XRP needs to start pushing towards $0.40 with good momentum in order for me to think it is even a recovery and people told me I was overly pessimistic and that my view was jaded. Well here XRP is.......one or two drawdowns away from not even being above $0.20.... I would have exptected XRP to stabalize at around $0.50 by now at least.
  6. I think if Ripple and other ecosystem projects aren’t able to drive value for XRP, then I don’t blame you. XRP had a one shot in 2017 and has done poorly ever since. Ever since then, XRP has short bursts where it outperforms the market but then it draws down to worst than it started before the burst.
  7. I agree. There seems to be an iron wall at that price. XRP Needs to get over that price fairly soon for it to be bullish. $0.325 is the first point to cross at least.
  8. I feel like each digital asset is taking its turn to have a surge. It’s interesting to see. It makes you want to guess which one will be next but I know better than to FOMO into just any random asset.
  9. Rinse and repeat. This is why I am always reluctant to care when we have this short squeezes. XRP price hasn't recovered to a decent level yet unfortunately.
  10. I didn't know that @LetHerRip was part of a family. Are there more of you guys here?
  11. Banco Santander hasn't said anything that people don't already know. Ripple has mentioned the chicken and egg problem over and over again. Banco Santander is dealing with a lot more currencies and volume than what ODL can handle at the moment right now. Simple as that. The XRP market still needs to get beefed up big time for large banks to be able to use ODL with a good user experience. I remember saying this a long time ago and of course the "aNgRy XRP MoB" with all of their cherry picked quotes and statistics and said that ODL is already good enough for eveyone to use it. Lmao
  12. I haven’t seen the article but everyone forgets that businesses don’t need a perfect solution, they just need one that is good enough. There are so many perfect inventions that just never caught on throughout history. Ripple may have a perfect product that functions almost flawlessly but the effort for a company to switch coupled with uncertainty of a new system could mean that it’s not worth the effort. Will SWIFT, in theory, ever be as great of a product as RippleNet? Maybe not, but will SWIFT, with some tweaks, be good enough to keep people from switching? Could very well be
  13. We’ll need to see a bounce up over the next couple of days. If not, I would expect a drawdown. Based on how these pumps behaved in the past, when they stall like this, it normally is followed by a drawdown and then more sideways movement after the drawdown. I would hate to see XRP drawdown so soon. It’s pretty far behind with its recovery. I think XRP is below where it should be.
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