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  1. I echo everything you're saying. I am apalled at what is going on there. The pandemic is being prolonged more than it has to be. Time to move on with our lives. UNMASK OUR KIDS!! I hope it's not too early to say this but looks like we're cooking with gas now!
  2. I think ADA will drawdown after Alonzo; I would be surprised if it doesn't drawdown. I sold my ADA and locked in my profits around $3. It's funny how things work out when it comes to timing. I did tons and tons of research about Ripple and held XRP for several years (waiting for it to go back to ATH and beyond) and then ended up selling when the lawsuit black swan event hit back in December. After that, I bought ADA, without knowing much about it (other than having read a couple of very short articles), and ended up making all of the money that I hoped to make with XRP in only a few months. I've learned not to be concerned with trying to perfectly time the market and trying to sell at the top. I just wanted to make a good chunk of money to fast forward my financial situation many years ahead of where it should be based on my age. (And also to fix financial mistakes [A shameful amount of credit card and other debt] that I made in Univesity) I am now extremely satisfied that I have gotten what I have always wanted out of crypto (I AM DEBT FREE and have a solid savings stash tucked away!) Now I can sit back and let my remaining crypto portfolio ride with zero stress whatsoever.
  3. If regulation is introduced in some capacity to stop these drawdowns, the pumps to the upside will go away as well. Most people invest in crypto because of how fast the assets can move to the upside. The main reason people invest in crypto is also the main reason why it frustrates and scares everyone.
  4. I need to get back in the loop on social media. I had no idea this was occuring. This is just a strategy to get people to buy in, then panic sell driving the price. And then scoop up their coins and drive the price up before they can buy back in at the low price
  5. What in the world happened? Haven't seen a drawdown like this in a long time. I wonder if this is the bottom of the drawdown or if we're just waiting for the water tank on the back of the toilet to fill up before we get another flush.
  6. The United States could be the king powerhouse for cryptocurrency innovation; it's unfortunate that the only aspect of cryptocurrency that they feel requires "urgent attention" is the immediate tax revenue from the capital gains it generates. (Which is understandable I suppose.)
  7. When it comes to things like this, the "best idea" or "best technology" isn't necessarily the one that wins. All that is needed is: 1. People accept something as a good enough alternative to what they are doing now and feel no need to investigate other options. 2. People are alreay using something because it was the first idea they knew about and getting people to swtich to something else wouldn't provide more benefit than the cost and risk ,they would have to incur to switch. Bitcoin is a huge improvement over fiat currency even if there are other crpyotcurrencies that could work better. There are also so many people getting onboard with Bitcoin that it would take something significant in order to make people leave Bitcoin and go to another cryptocurrency.
  8. I think we have a bit of hysteria to go before BTC dominance gets that low. I don't think Bitcoin is anywhere near the top yet. I'd expect Bitcoin to go on another push once the alts stabalize out of the current surge. Bitcoin and most alts will definitely hit new ATHs again this year.
  9. A lot of people on the sidelines are going to be skeptical of the recovery until it's too late to buy in; then they will miss the boat. For those of us that have been here for a long time, we're just enjoying the ride up!
  10. 1 DOGE will always equal 1 DOGE. That's how expert portfolio managers look at it. Great investment it is.
  11. That's been the million dollar question since crypto has been around.
  12. At the end of the day retail investors will give up most of their Bitcoin. Institutions are going to slowly soak up all of the Bitcoin with each passing year. Bitcoin will hit $1 million dollars eventually but by that time most retailers will be shaken out. Institutions are buying Bitcoin because they are ready to play the long game. And when I say long, I mean 10-20 years minimum.
  13. That's awesome! I hope you locked in some big fat profits! One thing I learned in this space is that there is plenty of money to be made, often in the least expected times. There's no reason for us to fall in love with XRP and not venture into other assets.
  14. Very interesting. Which exchanges are still allowing XRP trading in the USA? Are there any left?
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