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  1. I hate how everyone in the digital asset world doesn't think that there can be failures and mistakes. Imagine how many people would still be saying "Just wait the day will still come" if xRapid somehow got screwed up and a couple companies decided to stop using it. I'm not saying this will happen at all (just using it as food for thought). People can literally read anything about their digital asset of choice and think that every story is positive and/or has a silver lining. That is why this market does not value digital assets properly. Maybe Corey tried to point out something to Ripple and they disagreed and fired him. Maybe he failed at what he was hired for. Him being let go not even a year in is not positive though.
  2. No, I am referring to a world currency that is used as fiat is. Not a "bridge" currency that is used for instant settlement (XRP's use case as you mention). I thought the discussion meant world currency meaning we pay and get paid in XRP without converting it to anything else, for example. If XRP is used as the dominating settlement layer between all currencies then that is not a world currency.
  3. I agree. There won't be a world currency because countries are not going to want to release the control that they have over their currency. A world currency introduces a whole set of issues: supply, controlled inflation, controlled deflation, who manages it, who prints it, who enforces it, how much of it does each country even get when we start using it and why?, what do we do with current fiat currency out law it?, will individuals still use old fiat anyway?. I don't even know if a world currency is what we even want. We can't even work together on simple issues, how will all the banks of the world somehow use one currency? I don't see it happening any time remotely soon.
  4. If they want us to stop speculating then why don't they go ahead and bounce the XRP price to $100. Then they won't have to worry about me speculating anymore! They'll never see me again! (haha)
  5. Yes, you're correct. I honestly never paid attention to tether because its always seemed crazy to me and I refuse to use it. I just got ticked off when I saw all of this come back up the past week or so. I just hope some people see my comment and take my advice.
  6. EVERYONE NEEDS TO PULL ALL OF THEIR F***ING DIGITAL ASSETS OFF OF EXCHANGES THAT DO NOT HAVE A REAL USD OR FIAT PAIR!!!! SIMPLE IS THAT!!!!! Why would I use Binance (for example) if I can't cash out to Fiat? That has always been silly to me. The whole idea of Tether, TrueUSD, etc. is ludicrous. Especially when you guys are investing your hard earned money. We're already depending on exchanges to be able to cash out efficiently, why add another level of insecurity? Please remove your digital assets from exchanges that don't have direct to fiat pairs!!
  7. They don't sell it to raise capital. They are selling it to institutions and using it to grow the XRP ecosystem. Ripple is making a lot of money. They don't need to sell it to stay afloat. They basically need to use it and get rid of it and put it to good use. They don't want to just keep hoarding it.
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