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  1. If I was a whale manipulator I would say this is getting to be a prime time to light the switch. Within the next month or two. This could be the start of a decent run that continues to go until the BTC halving. This would re-ignite a lot of public interest.
  2. Right now there’s a game going on between Bitcoin and altcoins. I literally watched bitcoin flip up and XRP and other alts flip down at the same time. Let’s see how this develops.
  3. I think XRP has woken up but he still hasn't had his coffee yet. He's kind of struggling to stay out of bed. I hope he's doing okay.
  4. The question is, what usually happens once bitcoin has been down around six days in a row?
  5. I agree that competition is good. A lot of exchanges like to operate with a "free for all" mentality at the expense of having poor customer services and security measures. Having large reputable exchanges operating in the same market will naturally help with this dramatically. The days where exchanges just get hacked and disappear, or run off with customers' assets will decline.
  6. It’s interesting how Bitcoin is holding in the same spot while the alts are surging. I’ve been checking the Bitcoin and XRP order books on various exchanges and doing some comparisons to see if I can sniff out what the plan might be. Times like this is when you get those odd orders that come and go repeatedly fairly quickly but never execute in order to “strong arm” the market one way or another.
  7. This is the key. If XRP and other alts are going up, fine. But Bitcoin needs to CONTINUE to go up if anything of this green is going to be worth anything. If Bitcoin takes a crap then its a wrap. Because I don't think Bitcoin going down will mean a pour into alts yet.
  8. I mean how do you even trade, and stay sane all the time at least, in a market that can move 10% to 20% in either direction, in a matter of minutes. The market could easily fall 20% while you're sleeping thinking you're getting ready to sell high. The market can easily swing around and wreck any orders you have set.
  9. That's why I've been saying that XRP needs to get close to $0.75 to $1.00 without crashing before it really means anything.
  10. Even better. That's what I'm saying. I think XRP still being under $1.00 is a joke. I still think XRP should be at, at least, $1.00 as a resting point not taking into account any rally or alt season.
  11. That would be great but XRP seems to be chained to Bitcoin like a tortured dog. XRP always seems to get yanked right back when it pumps to far against Bitcoin. I don't know whether it be due to manipulation or people not having enough faith in XRP to hold it after a pump. An excellent turning point would be for XRP to pump up to $1.00 and HOLD it hard (like Bitcoin did) that would let people know that XRP isn't following Bitcoin's show. Similar to how Bitcoin kicked right up to 50% of its ATH and is holding while the rest of the market bleeds.
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