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  1. Upon distribution, if the price drops significantly, what value is used to calculate the ordinary income in USD? Perhaps at the exact moment of distribution, the value is $1,000. Then, within minutes after distribution, the value plummets to $500? You may not be able to sell all your tokens at the distribution price so how can you cover taxes in USD which would should be based on the value at distribution? Perhaps you would need to sell almost all of your tokens to cover the tax that would be due based on the value at exact time of distribution?
  2. 1 DOGE will always equal 1 DOGE. That's how expert portfolio managers look at it. Great investment it is.
  3. That's been the million dollar question since crypto has been around.
  4. At the end of the day retail investors will give up most of their Bitcoin. Institutions are going to slowly soak up all of the Bitcoin with each passing year. Bitcoin will hit $1 million dollars eventually but by that time most retailers will be shaken out. Institutions are buying Bitcoin because they are ready to play the long game. And when I say long, I mean 10-20 years minimum.
  5. That's awesome! I hope you locked in some big fat profits! One thing I learned in this space is that there is plenty of money to be made, often in the least expected times. There's no reason for us to fall in love with XRP and not venture into other assets.
  6. Very interesting. Which exchanges are still allowing XRP trading in the USA? Are there any left?
  7. The problem with XRP invetors is that we cared too much about utility. We should have just invested in Bitcoin, rode the wave up and then cashed out and then went about our happy way!
  8. Not surprised. Exchanges don't feel it is worth it to keep trading XRP because they are afraid of punishment if Ripple loses the case. Exchanges will stay profitable without XRP.
  9. That's what is frustrating about having a large allocation to XRP. Miss out on the runs of the other assets, since XRP is a late mover. Then when XRP finally moves, it gets killed by the SEC lawsuit. Now, if you want to diversify, you have to diversify into assets that have already had their runs.
  10. Everybody is greedy. Storie never changes. Don't worry, they will be using all of that FLR to build out their product and expand the Flare ecosystem. We have to believe there is a reason that the God founders decided to create 100 BILLION Flare Tokens I am so tired of this shit lol
  11. It is very scary. If this bull run ends like previous bull runs then XRP and the other alts will easily increase 20 times from where they are now. Everyone better have their positions ready.
  12. I was going to go 100% in on XLM maybe 5 days ago or so after being fed up with XRP! lmao
  13. The first time that this forum has put me in a good mood in days.
  14. But they aren't "locked out". Bittrex, Uphold, and Kraken will continue to list XRP last time I heard right?
  15. All the top coins that are around $0.20-$0.30 need to go ahead and push to $2 already! Let's get this show on the road!
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