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  1. Validators should not receive any incentive. Not having to deal with that fee nonsense is one of the reasons why the XRP ledger is better than Bitcoin.
  2. I agree. Given the way this space reacts, it is better for Brad to not say anything than to confirm or deny anything. Slipping up and saying to much or making a mistake will cause people to start screaming and freaking out like banshees (literally). It also just gets are hopes out only for us to be disappointed when the price of XRP doesn't go anywhere.
  3. I think the problem is that all of that XRP was just given to Ripple and after the fact Ripple has had to try and figure out what the hell to do with it. Yes, probably in the beginning, they needed the funds, like all companies do, but all of the XRP they have will be more money than they will ever need. As the price (or if the price.....) gets higher it will just get harder and harder to sell that XRP. If XRP gets back to $3.50, who is going to be buying 1 billion XRP each month as it is released from escrow? If they burn it I think the problem is that, well what if down the line they find out they need more XRP? Holding it would be worse then burning it and then having to re-write the protocol to "create" more XRP. These are all my thoughts of course. Who the hell knows.
  4. Airdrop it so people can dump it? A lot of people are so frustrated I bet most of that airdrop would be a dump.
  5. I think the 100 Billion supply wasn't necessarily a master plan but I remember David saying that they thought 100 Million was not enough and 100 Trillion was too much at the time. So 100 Billion was the best choice at the time. Perhaps if they could rethink that decision given what they know now, they would elect to have less. Ripple will be the majority holder of XRP for a long time, probably for as long as XRP remains relevant.
  6. I agree. Thank you for offering Hodor. We would definitely need a sound report presenting sound reasoning, not just attacking and trying to insult them like many people do.
  7. With the crypto market volatility it makes me want to take all my profits as is and just leave and not care how much it moons after. I could put the money to better use instead of just watching this market get jerked around and manipulated like a rubber chicken.
  8. I see where you’re going. I have so many questions and thoughts about the XRP market and cryptocurrency market that I can’t even properly formulate my thoughts. All of this just make no sense, there’s clearly something hairy behind all of this.
  9. I've been looking around and can't seem to find any reason for this recent dump so I'm thinking its just what I call a "Wrecker Dip" which means that if you panic and sell because of the dip, then you'll get wrecked because the price will go the other way shortly.
  10. I agree with you. Being rich is similar to being drunk from alcohol. It magnifies whoever you truly are as a person; whether that be greedy, mean, benevolent, frustrated, stupid, violent, etc.
  11. You're right 100%! It seems like the negative sentiment in cryptocurrency overall has really been bad lately because of the constant stagnation and/or dumping since December 2017. The volatility of this market really does get rough sometimes.
  12. Warren Buffet has a lot of knowledge. He is very smart, a very good investor, but more importantly, he is also lucky. Investing has a lot to do with timing also and what information and resources are available to you at that time. It doesn't matter how smart any of us are, if we didn't know about XRP back in 2016 then there was no way you could have been part of the 30,000%+ gains that happened in 2017. Some people that bought in, in 2016, aren't necessarily smart. They just were lucky. A lot of people here consider themselves to be "early holders" or "forward thinkers" as a way of saying people will be sorry they didn't buy XRP sooner but in reality we could all be wrong and XRP could fail for some crazy reason none of us ever thought of. Does that mean we are dumb and terrible investors for buying XRP? No, we made the best decision with information we had at the time.
  13. What's your reason for the spike on July 20th? In anticipation of Bakkt?
  14. Gatehub is a terrible exchange. I've never seen a worse interface in my life. And there is no liquidity. I tried to use it once and never went back.
  15. I think the problem, and its normal since this space is so new, is that there are too many exchanges. There are new exchanges popping up every month and some of these exchanges have extremely small groups of people that lack a lot of business and security knowledge. The problem with small exchanges also is that, they may not be large enough (I guess) to commit to SAFU funds like Binance to offer self-insurance against security issues. They also, like you said, don't even manage their hot wallet and cold wallet properly. I hope exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, and Bitstamp can extend their footprint to cover most digital assets for most places in the world so that these smaller exchanges can be smothered out.
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