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  1. I guess @LetHerRip still hasn't got the engine sorted out for us yet..... I wonder is he still standing in this exact same position like he was a few days ago.
  2. The point is that there is no need for two words. The fact that people mistake one for the other indicates that one of the words may become obsolete in the future. Also, given that both words are pronounced the same way (or at least the difference is indistinguishable) indicates that there is really no reason to have two different written versions. Language specialists enjoy these things and discussing/deciding what is right vs. wrong, but in the end, usage is what decides how a language evolves over long periods of time. Thank you for the compliment! I have a slight advantage
  3. I’ll just wait until the English language catches up and moves to using one of those versions and drops the other. There’s no need for two versions (affect vs effect). It’s inefficient and serves no purpose to have the two words if English speakers don’t even know the difference.
  4. I’m thinking we got a double top for now. There doesn’t seem to be enough excitement yet to push Bitcoin much past ATH. Or perhaps there’s an intentional effort to stop the price from running away just yet for those of us that believe in whales. I don’t see XRP having a surge if Bitcoin keeps drifting down.
  5. To me, if anyone is buying XRP just for the airdrop, that seems very risky. Assuming there will be a mad dash to get out after the snapshot, I’m sure some people will get burned like always during the drawdown. And I wonder, why would these people want to get Spark if they don’t see XRP as a good enough investment? (Since they’re only buying XRP just so they can sell it after the snapshot) Spark isn’t going to be worth much for a long time.
  6. Well that was definitely a bounce! That caught me off guard. I can’t handle the suspense!! @LetHerRip Did you put water in the engine or something? Get this thing moving man! Wtf!
  7. This is when things get exciting! Before, everything was a constant question of when Bitcoin will recover ATH. Now, we’re in uncharted territory! The market is going to surge sooner or later. I hope everyone that thinks the price is going up is on board; I would hate to miss the train. Once the surge kicks in, the market can literally move at the speed of light overnight while you’re sleeping and you’ll miss it that easily.
  8. So Bitcoin goes from $3k to $20k this year and people are really fussing over the difference in ATH between exchanges which is only a few hundred dollars?
  9. There are a lot of jerks in this space. A lot of "veterans" forget what it is like to be new. If people are constantly nasty towards you then screw them. Welcome to the thread! There are some very knowledgeable, friendly, and entertaining people here that you will enjoy hearing from if you are not familiar with their posts already!
  10. I think the only reason XRP made it to No.2 was due to an anomaly where Ethereum was oversold with respect to it's typical ratio to Bitcoin and XRP. That is not to say that it can't become the new normal at some point though! Looks like the market is unsure if it is ready to accept Bitcoin passing ATH so there seems to be a lid on everything right now. Let's see if enough steam builds up to blow the lid off. I expect interest in crypto to start to ramp up.
  11. Wow. So last week really was a Stop/Loss hunt. Anyone who took that bait really got caught with their pants down. And to think how almost a year ago there were people that were saying Bitcoin would never get back to ATH. Now let's hope XRP puts its running shoes on and completes the formality!
  12. Looks like Bitcoin might give the ATH another go. The media will go crazy if Bitcoin beats the ATH before year-end. I hope that we don't get a drawdown; that would give non-crypto people exactly what they want to wag their finger at "Bitcoin the fancy internet space money". Is there any way to tell how much resistance there is at the ATH or is there just automatically a big resistance due to it being ATH?
  13. I have a spreadsheet that I built to calculate my capital gains tax and net profit. So it’s nice that when I plug the current price in, I actually have a decent profit now! It’s nice to know that you can sell, if you want, and at least walk away with something rather than feeling like you’re stuck.
  14. I have the same feeling. I’m interested to see if Bitcoin will push back up towards 19k over the next few days. If Bitcoin doesn’t pass ATH fairly soon within the next few weeks then I think the dead cat will hit the floor and we’ll get a drawdown.
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