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  1. I wish it were possible to know why XRP tends to behave that way but I guess thats the nature of the market. There are tons of theories but its anyone's guess why that is. Every theory seems to have various facets of truth and doubt at the same time.
  2. I would think that XRP inevitably has to rise at some point if it truely gets used for settlement for a significant part of what is now being done by SWIFT. You could interpret Ripple's stance in mutiple ways based on what everyone has been saying: A. Ripple has an incentive to continue to increase they XRP price since they hold so much of it and will likely always sell it OTC B. Ripple has an incentive to continue to increase the XRP price because it makes their balance sheet look great and will indirectly feed into better financial statements and thus better share price (in theory) C. Ripple, upon going IPO, will no longer care about the price of XRP because they will no longer need it as a source of funding for growth D. Ripple already is not worried about the price because, supposedly, ODL is already able to function at current levels E. Ripple will continue to care about the price of XRP because ODL, even though it works now, will function better as price continue to go up. I hear people arguing over all these points above, so all we can do is wait. Most of us are upset because of the poor price performance and are just arguing with each other trying to defend what we think the cause is or is not.
  3. I think it’s not certain what effect the Ripple sales had on the market because a big sell at a low volume time can easily move the market. Also, Ripple never even disclosed how exactly they do the programmatic or OTC sales. The OTC sales supposedly have selling stipulations but how is that even enforced? Do they hold the keys to your wallet or monitor your wallet or something? XRP investors have always been concerned about their sales and Ripple has always said they don’t need to sell XRP to operate. So given those two points, they should’ve stopped a long time ago.
  4. What you see on the XRP chart is the result of utility and great (best-in-class) digital asset technology. I wish Brad Garlinghouse would start acting like Craigh Wright and start driving value for XRP like Craig does for Bitcoin SV. /s
  5. Banks have been with SWIFT for so long because there was and still is no other option that could cover their needs 100%. xCurrenty probably doesn't save many of them enough money to be worth the trouble and hassle. xRapid isn't operating in all corridors and doesn't even have enough liquidity if say, Bank of America, wanted to hop on board full steam. xRapid also, as noted by Western Union, is not going to save every bank a lot of money if they have extensive liquidity networks already built out. If you are going to completely revamp your backend infrastructure that millions of people entrust their money too, using a product created by what many people see as a "baby" or "start up" company with questionable beginnings and a mysterious stash of digital money, then you better be saving some big $$$, and that product better be tried and tested 100%. The latter of which xRapid is not regardless of what we would all like to believe.
  6. Three month high for Bitcoin is $9600. I'd say if it makes it past $9600 with momentum then that's excellent news.
  7. There’s no need for a poll about Bitcoin reaching ATH, XRP should be the one everyone is unsure about.
  8. There is a lot more volume and demand for Bitcoin so the market can easily absorb that. The problem with XRP is that there are many more sellers than buyers now. I also believe Bitcoin is manipulated faithfully, for lack of better term, to keep the cycle in check. That’s why we’ve had a couple of instances where Bitcoin moved $1,000 up or down almost instantly.
  9. Bitcoin has been pouring coffee. XRP is the waiter that you never see until it’s time to pay.
  10. I agree. I’ve stopped buying XRP for some time now. Ripple has failed to drive value for XRP despite them saying how well everything is going. I’ve actually slightly decreased my position due to lack of tangible progress. I have a lot more to say about this but I will wait until I have more time to respond.
  11. They don't have "access" to that much USD value per month in your scenarios because they would not be able to sell that many XRP on the market at that price at one time. There is too much uncertainty regarding when/IF XRP would stabilize at those prices. What is certain is that Ripple will need more cash at some point to continue to grow, what is not certain, is when/if XRP will reach those prices with enough associated volume to be able to absorb Ripple selling 1 billion XRP without crashing the price. Waiting for XRP to stabilize at those prices with good volume that can absorb 1 billion XRP being dumped is beyond uncertain. XRP was over $3 over two years ago and now struggles to hold $0.2. If they didn't go IPO and decided to wait for XRP for necessary funding then they might as well give up. The time when XRP is at $10 and stays there while Ripple sells 1 billion XRP per month is not visible at all. *That's not even mentioning that Ripple has claimed the price of XRP needs to be higher for ODL to function well. Needing XRP to be a higher price while also needing to sell 1 billion per month for funding purposes are opposing priorities.
  12. Maybe the price has been going down because they have been emptying out all of their XRP reserves outside of escrow that no one knows they have. Don't want to have to disclose those in their quarterly and annual reports. LOL. /s
  13. I don't see XRP being successful without Ripple long term. If Ripple abandons XRP, then I think its more likely for a new digital asset to be created with the same technology as XRP (if anybody would still want to utilize XRP technology for anything). There are plenty of digital assets; I don't see people going out of their way to keep XRP alive if Ripple abandoned it. The fact that they abandoned it would be a huge break of trust from everything they've been preaching up until now. This, in my opinion, would cause a distrust so great that people would not want to deal with XRP.
  14. There is currently not much new money coming into the market. This recent run in my observation was just a short dance that was triggered by BTC SV manipulation. A mob of people ( obviously) did not just get together a couple weeks ago and decide they were bullish and wanted to inject $500 million into the market via tether.
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