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  1. The forum will naturally become alive again if the price every finally starts going up. People get tired of talking about all of the developments in the ecosystem when they continue to lose money.
  2. You need to go one step at a time. Go ahead and sell your bags and then I'll coordinate the distribution of earnings once you sell your bags and the bull run starts. There's no point in doing anything until you sell your bags and then the bull run starts. So just go ahead and sell your bags now to start the bull run, thanks.
  3. I think it's been quite sometime since the Bitcoin has gone relatively sideways for this long. So much suspense! Let's see which way it breaks!
  4. This prolonged sideways movement will make it even more interesting when the next move is made. I am surprised it has gone sideways for this long.
  5. I can’t say I completely agree but at least your sentiment matches what the price is doing. I am happy that Miguel Vías is finally out of the picture though! I don’t see XRP going up until the market and Bitcoin gets past ATH.
  6. This is interesting. I wonder would they buy Ripple out of MoneyGram or does Ripple keep it's portion. With regards to ODL, Western Union has claimed that they do not need Ripple's product. Therefore, if Western Union is taking over MoneyGram, they could possibly be trying to strong-arm Ripple out of a large piece of money transfer services for the time being. This would give Western Union even more control over the money transfer service market and provide even less of an incentive to use Ripple's ODL.
  7. Looks like someone took all of the money out that they just injected!?!?! Up and down in less than 24 hours.
  8. Let's hope this support continues and doesn't just lead us in to the next "choke slam". Need to make a move upwards over the next few days or I am sure that it will drawdown.
  9. So how does the IOU save on Capital Gains Tax?
  10. We're not due for a rally. We're due for a correction upward to a respectable price level.
  11. You've got to make a definitive call at some point. If you go in and out too many times, you'll start to lose out to the trading fees; thus driving down the price that you'll need to try to enter at to get more Bitcoin than when you started. The lower you need the price, the higher the risk that you get caught on the wrong side when the bull market starts (going with your assumption that a bull market is starting at any moment).
  12. That's how you know there isn't any liquidity in this market and that many of those orders on the order book are spoofs. If all of the orders on the order book were real then 1,000 Bitcoin wouldn't jerk the market like that.
  13. It's amazing that people think Satoshi is dead or gone. I think whoever created Bitcoin and/or has the keys to those wallets, is still around. They're just smart and keeping their identity unknown. Why would the person not be around? If I created money out of thin air like that person did, then I would never let my identity be known. That's like giving yourself a death sentence if you come out and prove you're Satoshi. That also could very well pull down the entire market depending if people don't like who Satoshi turns out to be.
  14. Is Satoshi blowing the dust off of his wallets? Lol. That had to have been more than 40 Bitcoin that made that gigantic candle I would think right?
  15. How do you remember I said that!? Out of all of the things that people say here!!! If we get to the point where I take the ham and turkey out of the freezer then I will be sure to make a thread about it just for you!!
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