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  1. Yup, XRP and the market completed their dance as expected. The usually pump/short rally followed by a nice healthy drawdown. Who knows the rhyme or reason why the market does that during downtrends. I'll continue watching as usual.
  2. You can say people are accumulating but there is still more selling than buying happening. That’s why the price has gone down for over two years. Obviously not everyone is accumulating.
  3. Looks like we’re seeing the typical random “XRP go boom” dance. A large amount of buy orders just got injected into XRP (and XLM of course). No reason to get excited unless this random green candle holds and gets the price corrected up another 10 to 20 cents.
  4. I’ve been watching. I’m surprised we haven’t seen a drawdown yet. (Good Surprise). I think if we make it through the week without seeing a drawdown In crypto, this could be bullish. From the manipulative point of view, I would be expect them to take advantage of halving by causing a run either before or after to draw in money.
  5. I'm afraid I have to agree. I haven't sold either yet. Over the past couple of days, I have been looking at my financials to decide how I should de-risk to try to mitigate some of the downside that I feel is imminent. Wouldn't it be nice if we were slimy conniving insiders like all of the politicians who sold prior to the big drawdown a few weeks ago?
  6. We all know all politicians have an agenda. I just ignore most of what they say on a daily basis, and participate as much as I can via voting, petitions, reading different sources. I'm not going to get my personal life all riled up over their childish behavior, bickering, and name calling. I see states are moving towards have full lockdowns for all nonessential activities that can be enforced by local police and state police. I wonder how the markets will react tomorrow morning.
  7. I think it would be better if the USA Federal Government jut steps in and does a nationwide order to complete lock everything down for a period of time. Just implement the same measures nationwide and strip it from the states so that everyone is following the same protocol. Just rip the band-aid off. The economy is going to take a hit regardless. The longer this is drawn out, the worse the effect will be on the markets, just do it all at once, let the markets react and then get it over with. The problem in the United States is that this is extremely political and the only concern isn't the wellbeing of the public and the state of the economy/financial markets. The politicians are worried about elections later this year. As @Eric123 mentioned in his post above if understand his point, cryptocurrency markets could be bullish due to China, Japan, and North Korea being almost out of the woods with the pandemic.
  8. The problem is that people think of a country's debt as if it were a person's debt. Those are two completely different concepts. Countries have infinite life spans. You can't "call" a country's debt. That makes no sense. In the cryptocurrency space, people use this as a narrative to try and say why cryptocurrency is due for a bull run which I think are two separate ideas.
  9. Add that to the list of dumb things that people n this space believe. That’s got to be the most absurd thing I’ve heard recently.
  10. No matter how low the price goes there are always people waiting for it to go lower ....and I guess they always seem to be right.
  11. The Media is garbage. I dispise it. A source that I have been using which I recommend for information in USA is: AllSides.Com The website tries to present articles from Left, Right, and Center point of few. That way you can read each viewpoint and then make up your own mind.
  12. In China, permanent quarantine is completely lifted. Now the stipulation is that if you are traveling within China, then you will be quarantined for 14 days in the new city before being allowed to continue as usual. There were no new cases reported today in China. Just spoke with my friend that is from China. Given how popular XRP is in Asia, I think this is excellent news.
  13. I speak with my friend that lives in China every day and they are starting to lift quarantines and send people back to work.
  14. Very good insight and information! Thank you for taking the time to present. The UK approach is very interesting. I've neglected to see how other countries are approaching the virus. Based on your information I think long term the UK could be taking the better approach at the expense of the short term time frame. Given that the people at greatest risk are elderly and people with compromised immune systems (these people will likely die sooner than everyone else anyway) I think their approach could make sense. I'm going to read some more about this tomorrow; I find the difference in the two approaches fascinating. Letting immunity build seems like a more favorable approach because as @Archbob mentioned, the virus will come back given until a vaccine is created.
  15. I'm with you on that. 2020 won't be a record profit year for me as I hoped but I also don't want to have to bleed out my emergency funds. I'm currently working on some paperwork to see if I can file a BI claim for Business Interruption, due to the lost profits as a result of COVID-19. The difficulty will be if I can quantity the lost revenue that I have incurred as a result of the virus. Its almost easier r if I just shut my operations down completely that way I can just do a YoY comparison instead of operating at partial capacity.
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