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  1. Hi Bob! Thanks very much for sharing your knowledge on this forum. I was looking through some posts on the ripple forum and came across this comment by you (https://forum.ripple.com/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=2814&start=10) and have a question. "I've expressed my views in other threads that I don't believe is speculating on XRP. At least not in the sense that BitCoin speculators and market traders us that word. XRP does not have the same market dynamics as BTC. 1) XRP's only innate values relate to its use in funding reserves. (account, trust line, offer, and contract) And in paying minuscule transaction fees. Since reserves and fees can NEVER be allowed to price new adopters out of the Ripple system, that puts an upper bound on the value of XRP for those uses. 2) BitCoiners believe that as long as the demand to use BitCoin (<-- the system) keeps increasing, the price of BTC (<-- the currency) will keep increasing. That is a logical statement when it comes to the BitCoin world. However, that logic doesn't apply at all to Ripple (<-- the system). There is an unlimited supple of an unbounded number of different currencies. Since you can hold any currency and make payments in any other currency, no currency (including XRP) has transactional advantages over any other. So as the Ripple System economy increases that puts no upward pressure on the price of XRP. 3) XRP has a use as an intermediate currency when trading between two other currencies. XRP is not required for trading between two other currencies. But, it can hold the O(n^2) market combinatorial explosion to a O(2n) linear increase. But even if you presume that XRP as intermediate currency will become the norm. Each pair of currency exchanges USD/XRP then XRP/EUR buys and sell exactly the same number of XRP. So increases in fiat/fiat exchange volume puts no upward pressure on the price of XRP. 4) The desirability of possessing XRP from a speculative point of view DOES put pressure on XRP pricing. However, as far as I can tell there are only two reasons for a speculator to see value in possessing XRP. a) He thinks he can out compete OpenCoin at "market making" for fiat/fiat currency conversions. b) He sees himself as the lesser fool holding XRP waiting for the greater fools to arrive. a) seems fool hearty considering OpenCoin has billions of XRP that they made for free. b) is an emergent self created pyramid scheme. For the life of me I don't see any other factors that can put upward pressure on XRP's price. If you see another reason to desire possessing XRP please post it here. If not which of the above do you see as having been the cause of XRPs recent price increases?" At this point do you see any reason to hold XRP in terms of a speculative investment? Are you aware of any means by which XRP price should appreciate apart from speculation? Many people are of the opinion that XRapid should increase the price of XRP. It seems that you are not of that opinion. would love to hear your thoughts on this given your experience and time with the company. Thanks!
  2. Coinfield are a very professional exchange. I've used them multiple times with great success. While I think this article is click-bait, Coinfield is a great exchange that I hope can gain considerable market share for their extensive integration of XRP.
  3. Guys, just had a look at the accounts again and it looks like they are all empty as of yesterday! could it be over?
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