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  1. Hi Bob! Thanks very much for sharing your knowledge on this forum. I was looking through some posts on the ripple forum and came across this comment by you (https://forum.ripple.com/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=2814&start=10) and have a question. "I've expressed my views in other threads that I don't believe is speculating on XRP. At least not in the sense that BitCoin speculators and market traders us that word. XRP does not have the same market dynamics as BTC. 1) XRP's only innate values relate to its use in funding reserves. (account, trust line, offer, and contr
  2. Coinfield are a very professional exchange. I've used them multiple times with great success. While I think this article is click-bait, Coinfield is a great exchange that I hope can gain considerable market share for their extensive integration of XRP.
  3. Guys, just had a look at the accounts again and it looks like they are all empty as of yesterday! could it be over?
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