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  1. Thank you. Nice reference. Sorry I didn’t search for it sooner. The post goes on to say: ”Simply said: No. The reason why Moneygram made a deal with VISA is because they want to improve their operating costs and replace part of transaction traffic from their legacy system by using of VISA network. Because Ripple isn´t fast enough in opening of new corridors Moneygram decided to use VISA existing solution for money transfers called VISA Direct. Alternatively they could use Mastercard service Money Send - but probably negotiated better deal with VISA.”
  2. Email received today lists specific details that were not revealed to the public previously.
  3. Hit the nail on the head with this comment. That’s EXACTLY why @Ripple needs to work with FIs at an enterprise level and not retail. There MUST be a refund methodology reserved for every customer regardless of payment type.
  4. Is Visa Direct a competitor of @Ripple? ...or are they using RippleNet under an NDA? Does anyone here work for a Visa company?
  5. No mention in this article about Ripple or XRP. Why not? Is this challenging news for @Ripple? https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/moneygram-expands-cross-border-p2p-service-with-visa-direct-300968677.html
  6. https://u.today/xrp-liquidity-index-for-odl-corridor-to-philippines-rises
  7. Actually, it’s 200M+ XRP/month... just spit-ballin’ numbers over here —but ~$40M/month ain’t too shabby either 😜
  8. https://dailyhodl.com/5-1-billion-xrp-from-ripples-escrow-wallets-since-2017-report/
  9. From one off-topic opinion to another... you’re shorting yourself, lil’ Pete. Have a nice day! ☀️
  10. To be fair, isn’t the Theme of the project “for musicians by musicians” — the modern music industry seems plagued with stories from musicians who lament over poor deals they claim could’ve been better if they had a better manager at the time, etc. xSongs was created as a monetized venue that could put the majority of royalties directly into the pockets of the artists instead of their otherwise inverted revenue streams. No? The only failure I can see would be on the part of marketing and advertising— uphill battle without a branding strategy regardless of the product. Example, you can’t expect Spotify users to know what any of this means without advertising xSongs on Spotify, etc. Gotta know how to stay hungry even when you’re a total glutton (for anything) imho.
  11. https://eng.ambcrypto.com/ripple-returns-1-billion-xrp-released-from-escrow-this-month/
  12. I’d like to do that on Twitter but my Twitter account was shut down after trying to prop-up the XRP Community with RTs that I also supported. Not to cut off my nose to spite my face — I’m bearish on returning to Twitter any time soon — and that personal boycott includes (not) using my wife’s Twitter account as well. She’s a fox and doesn’t Tweet about anything crypto anyways — maybe she’d get interested if crypto offered vogue shoes and handbags. Nope —but someone with an active Twitter account can help by messaging FlashFX on behalf of this thread. Thank you.
  13. Ok. So, Ripple’s clientele MUST yield authority to Ripple to use ODL — that still seems counterintuitive to a popular impression (until now) that it was up to the customer to “flip the switch” — so that means Ripple is the one who controls the “flip of the switch” — doesn’t that make the entire use of ODL and XRP polemical even if the former & latter are marketed in the same RippleNet ecosystem?
  14. FlashFX fielding questions on Twitter recently revealed, ”Ripple will communicate when the UK will be open for ODL flows.” So, even though RippleNet is now bundled with ODL, @Ripple is the “authority” of “when” it can be used? Until now, I was under the impression the customer had the “authority” to say “when” ODL will be used. Any motion for a discussion here?
  15. World Bank Roster (photo) doesn’t make him look like a spring chicken. I’m already semi-retired and this guy has some years on me.
  16. https://cointelegraph.com/news/ripple-transfers-1-billion-xrp-tokens-from-escrow-wallet-and-back-again
  17. “Per sources close to the matter, the addition of XRP to BitFlyer represents the first listing for the exchange in over two years and the team has hinted that it decided to list the digital asset because it’s currently the second-largest cryptocurrency in Japan after BTC, when it comes to trading volumes, according to data released by the Japan Virtual Currency Exchange Association.” https://btcmanager.com/ripple-xrp-japan-bitflyer-crypto-exchange/?q=/ripple-xrp-japan-bitflyer-crypto-exchange/&
  18. German 🇩🇪 Banks to buy/sell crypto starting Jan 2020 — will the price of their XRP be driven by the BTC/ETH derivative markets as well? —or will they create and maintain their own spot markets and the like? Seems like a great opportunity for crypto to break free from the derivative crap that’s suppressing the hell out of everything else.
  19. I agree and I’ve been trying to find a CSC silver lining considering I don’t own anything else except for a lot of XRP. I was thinking about diversification but my hands are weak unless they’re holding onto XRP (with a death-grip). Is there a way to hold CSC with a secret key on its own ledger like XRPL? My first exchange experience was outlandish and I remember how grateful I felt after transferring my zerps directly to the ledger.
  20. Mainstream media article seemingly in Ripple’s and XRP’s favor. Nice to see for a change. “XRP transactions recently rose to new highs above 4 million per day, dwarfing that of popular cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum.” https://www.fool.com/amp/news/2019/12/01/ripples-50-million-investment-in-moneygram-is-fuel.aspx
  21. https://thetokenist.io/germany-passes-law-enabling-banks-to-store-cryptocurrencies
  22. Not to the average speculator. No. Really, you come across as being arrogant in general but the crypto market itself probably won’t walk away from you — just genuine people. Happy holidays!
  23. Looks like others are picking up on this...
  24. Bitstamp USA Inc 27 Union Square West, Suite 205 New York, NY 10003 United States
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