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  1. No. They’re not 100% transparent, otherwise @Ripple would include disclosure accounting for every (XRP) asset “donated” to alleged partners and other bad actors selling millions of XRP on the open market daily. No one knows how much they gave away or incorporated into a “partnership” — try again, Kumar.
  2. Based on previous SWELL Conferences and moreover their ability to increase the value of their beloved asset? No. They don’t.
  3. @Ripple with such a war chest of capital cannot do in 7 years what a small group can do better in 2 years for retail customers. Bottom-line: nothing exists for XRP except the ideas that are still just ideas; that only remain back inside all of those bars where expensive libations were purchased on the heels of XRP owners’ alleged profits.
  4. Now that Epstein’s gone before us, we should no longer be threatened by the likes of another Clinton at the @Ripple SWELL Conference. Why does it seem no one cares anymore? https://www.ripple.com/insights/a-new-reality-unfolds-announcing-swell-2019-keynote-speakers/
  5. @Ripple burning their entire escrow cache could give all of the bad actors (those who are sitting on a shet-ton of ill-gotten XRP) potential control the market.
  6. Bad market timing for a video titled, “Ripple Drop” — especially “Episode 14” — my tinfoil is tuning into the company's subliminal messaging here.
  7. MG can suck one of bollz on Tuesday and Thursday respectively — their customer service.less.ness and higher rate/fee in the USA/Philippines corridor (compared to TransferWise) convinced me MG is more than capable of wasting an opportunity of a lifetime otherwise using Ripple’s tech. Even the title of their webpage initially freaked me out, “this is the meta title for Homepage” — see photo, I can’t make this stuff up.
  8. Too far into my retirement. Could easily be dead by then. How about 2 years from now?
  9. Just as a sampling side-by-side project comparison between XRP and Litecoin the latter seems like a joke. Considering the founder’s sell-off and lack of Github project updates since 2018, who expected Litecoin to be one of the top performing coins in 2019? Yep, the market’s totally legit. (Sigh)
  10. Watching sports, open a brewsky; going to court, bring Ben Lawsky.
  11. The recent FCA commentary re: “XRP as a utility token and not a security” is relevant.
  12. Upcoming release of a program that automatically detects xRapid transactions on the XRP ledger? Mentioned in Alex Cobb’s online article yesterday... https://thexrpdaily.com/2019/08/12/ripples-xrapid-is-getting-busy-with-xrp-transfers-data-shows/
  13. “I have to be honest. I think this is just the first conversation,” said Olivera. “It’s too early to say whether banks will choose to operate with Bitex but it’s a good first step.” Title is misleading Coindesk hopium based on the key quote of the article (above). https://www.coindesk.com/60-latin-american-banks-can-now-use-bitcoin-for-cross-border-payments
  14. Oh man, really? (Sarcasm) They’ve been using their own messaging network for the last 30 years. The 2018 article obviously drew a stark contrast between Ripple’s current vision for MG and WU’s failure to adapt — too little too late.
  15. WU has been using their own version of digital currency for the last 30 years and sees no value after trying xRapid with 10 payments. Not kidding. Seems like they’ve mentioned enough ignorance of Ripple’s technology to the press already to make their own bed. https://fortune.com/2018/06/13/ripple-xrp-cryptocurrency-western-union/
  16. https://eng.ambcrypto.com/ripple-leads-the-pack-after-xrpl-validators-get-ranked/
  17. That’s some of the most random racist BS I’ve seen on this board. You should really be proud of what’s stirring in that heart of yours. What a waste of a life.
  18. All this awesome news... we lost one banana overnight — $0.20s now
  19. BG also confirmed banks didn’t want to touch XRP which might still be a huge factor today and (although he denies it) also for the MG inducement to use xRapid accordingly. Meanwhile, my zerps continue to depreciate in value each day. Sad.
  20. Unless you’re seeing a gap that’s being used to siphon $$ out of the market and retail buyers are none the wiser...
  21. That devil allegedly had his hands in the Kosovo/Bosnia war — a mine full of treasure was the biggest underlying asset of that conflict and he paid Clinton to “do some favors” for him.
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