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  1. https://www.coinspeaker.com/ripple-updates-xpring/
  2. Unfortunately, there was nothing “basic” about the Greek debt crisis; and rarely can “zero-sum” principles exist in a derivative-based debt global economy.
  3. Is there any mention of XRP or Ripple in the OP article? I didn’t see any. This may help..
  4. https://dailyhodl.com/2019/12/05/forte-introduces-xrp-to-140-billion-industry-blockfi-adds-btc-and-eth-trading-and-litecoin-foundation-contemplates-ltc-hashrate/
  5. It could be this guy experimenting with the Torch on the XRPL without the XRP Community being the wiser. Wouter Arkink reported as experimenting with the lightning network on the the Stellar chain. https://www.coindesk.com/stellars-version-of-bitcoins-lightning-torch-has-been-burning-quietly-since-june
  6. https://dailyhodl.com/ripple-executive-says-xrp-poised-to-boost-financial-inclusion-in-the-us-and-abroad/
  7. Thank you. Nice reference. Sorry I didn’t search for it sooner. The post goes on to say: ”Simply said: No. The reason why Moneygram made a deal with VISA is because they want to improve their operating costs and replace part of transaction traffic from their legacy system by using of VISA network. Because Ripple isn´t fast enough in opening of new corridors Moneygram decided to use VISA existing solution for money transfers called VISA Direct. Alternatively they could use Mastercard service Money Send - but probably negotiated better deal with VISA.”
  8. Email received today lists specific details that were not revealed to the public previously.
  9. Hit the nail on the head with this comment. That’s EXACTLY why @Ripple needs to work with FIs at an enterprise level and not retail. There MUST be a refund methodology reserved for every customer regardless of payment type.
  10. Is Visa Direct a competitor of @Ripple? ...or are they using RippleNet under an NDA? Does anyone here work for a Visa company?
  11. No mention in this article about Ripple or XRP. Why not? Is this challenging news for @Ripple? https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/moneygram-expands-cross-border-p2p-service-with-visa-direct-300968677.html
  12. https://u.today/xrp-liquidity-index-for-odl-corridor-to-philippines-rises
  13. Actually, it’s 200M+ XRP/month... just spit-ballin’ numbers over here —but ~$40M/month ain’t too shabby either 😜
  14. https://dailyhodl.com/5-1-billion-xrp-from-ripples-escrow-wallets-since-2017-report/
  15. From one off-topic opinion to another... you’re shorting yourself, lil’ Pete. Have a nice day! ☀️
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