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  1. “While certain types of crypto-assets are at times referred to as "crypto-currencies", the (BIS) Committee is of the view that such assets do not reliably provide the standard functions of money and can be unsafe to rely on as a medium of exchange or store of value. These types of crypto-assets are not legal tender, and are not backed by any government or public authority. Therefore, if banks are authorised, and decide, to acquire crypto-assets or provide related services, the (BIS) Committee is of the view that banks should apply a conservative prudential treatment to such exposures, especially for high-risk crypto-assets.” https://www.bis.org/bcbs/publ/d490.pdf
  2. https://www.coinspeaker.com/ripple-updates-xpring/
  3. Unfortunately, there was nothing “basic” about the Greek debt crisis; and rarely can “zero-sum” principles exist in a derivative-based debt global economy.
  4. Email received today lists specific details that were not revealed to the public previously.
  5. Hit the nail on the head with this comment. That’s EXACTLY why @Ripple needs to work with FIs at an enterprise level and not retail. There MUST be a refund methodology reserved for every customer regardless of payment type.
  6. To be fair, isn’t the Theme of the project “for musicians by musicians” — the modern music industry seems plagued with stories from musicians who lament over poor deals they claim could’ve been better if they had a better manager at the time, etc. xSongs was created as a monetized venue that could put the majority of royalties directly into the pockets of the artists instead of their otherwise inverted revenue streams. No? The only failure I can see would be on the part of marketing and advertising— uphill battle without a branding strategy regardless of the product. Example, you can’t expect Spotify users to know what any of this means without advertising xSongs on Spotify, etc. Gotta know how to stay hungry even when you’re a total glutton (for anything) imho.
  7. World Bank Roster (photo) doesn’t make him look like a spring chicken. I’m already semi-retired and this guy has some years on me.
  8. https://thetokenist.io/germany-passes-law-enabling-banks-to-store-cryptocurrencies
  9. Bloomberg posted a Top News story this morning, “Top Sweden Banks $30 Billion Debt will not be rescued by tax payers. Only 4.5% sold to local markets so far.” << Strange I cannot find this headline anywhere on the Internet’s mainstream media channels. Too big to fail starts now? Deutsche Bank sold $50 Billion of their unwanted assets (bad debt held as assets) to Goldman Sachs just a couple of days ago Banks in the USA have the right to pay their debts using depositor funds. Apparently, the same is true for Sweden. Maybe xPring @Ripple can use their $$ Millions to help buy the remaining 95.5% of Sweden’s banker debt in exchange for them to start using ODL immediately.
  10. In the spirit of Chris Larsen, $35,000,000 could’ve been spent banking the unbanked @Ripple.
  11. https://www.coindesk.com/us-judge-refuses-to-quash-irs-summons-for-bitstamp-exchange-records
  12. “A rally triggered by a wrongly translated message on President Xi Jinping’s support for blockchain has been wiped out, as the People’s Bank of China continues to come down hard on cryptocurrencies Bitcoin recovers some lost ground, but some see it sinking further to US$5,000” https://www.scmp.com/business/money/wealth/article/3039395/bitcoin-tipped-slide-further-us6500-clampdown-chinas-central
  13. Financial Stability Board (FSB) released its 2019 list headed by JP Morgan.
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