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  1. codiusrex

    Send XRP with Siri

    Should be interesting...
  2. codiusrex

    NEW XRP Sentiment and Projection Charts

    Time Magazine would be hard-pressed to explain its Person of the Year selection to Millenials if it defies online analytics metered in this category of websites. *Notice I didn’t mention Google Analytics.
  3. I just see a dwarf and I’m happy. 😃
  4. I know why... because the FPTF is rigged favoring The Clearing House who is one of their candidates and who also happens to be a banking association and payments company owned by the largest commercial banks in the USA since 1853 and whom continues to control the core payments system infrastructure in the United States. They claim to be currently working to modernize their infrastructure by launching a new, ubiquitous, real-time payment system. https://www.theclearinghouse.org/about
  5. codiusrex

    G20 Crypto asset statement

  6. On money, debt, trust and central banking Keynote speech by Mr Claudio Borio, Head of the Monetary and Economic Department of the BIS, at the Cato Institute, 36th Annual Monetary Conference, Washington DC, 15 November 2018. https://www.bis.org/speeches/sp181115.htm
  7. Ripple selling $1M worth of XRP every business day of the last two quarters (based on their quarterly reports) makes me suspicious of transactions like these considering there hasn’t been any solid news on xRapid activity in comparison; all we have is solid news on Ripple selling off approx 2.7M of XRP every business day at the current market price. How they do it is beyond me. Maybe they sell-off a ton of it all at once. Who really knows? I also wonder what Ripple has been doing if anything to increase the value of XRP ever since xRapid was announced to the community because the price of XRP has only slid ever since then.
  8. My advice to BG? Stop selling $1M worth of XRP everyday.
  9. What happened to SBI Asia making XRP #1? That’s a rational question if we look at all of their quarterly PowerPoint slides and all of the Tweets regarding the same. Not trying to be Debby Downer since I for one believed what I read over the last couple of years.
  10. codiusrex

    XRP is ‘Starting to Break Out’

    Article quotes Tom Lee, XRP is safe haven for investors. https://dailyhodl.com/2018/11/20/bitcoin-and-crypto-bull-tom-lee-says-xrp-is-starting-to-break-out/