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  1. One small step for Ripple one giant leap for XRP 👏🏼
  2. Recall this is the Japanese Exchange that was hacked and then taken over by the Monex Group.
  3. TLDR: ”the hope is that Leshner’s direct connection to Xpring and Bain makes getting that first big (funding) round all the easier.”
  4. We’re here for you bro but you just need to stand up. Sorry. Big hugs from a weirdo don’t count. My own vomit tastes better than your tears. Trust me. I’m rocking XRP in the Free World... and I won’t back down. There ain’t no easy way out.
  5. Bitstamp Granted Virtual Currency License by New York Financial Regulator Maybe no need for Bitstamp customers https://www.usnews.com/news/technology/articles/2019-04-09/bitstamp-granted-virtual-currency-license-by-new-york-financial-regulator
  6. Note the Original Post references article written by Jason Bloomberg at https://intellyx.com/team/ Implication: Ripple is a Ponzi Scheme (Scam) Omission: Bitcoin Ponzi Schemes set the ICO precedence in cryptography token offerings. Example: BITCOIN SAVINGS & TRUST “Bitcoin Savings and Trust ("BTCST"), the online entity Shavers created and used to operate his Ponzi scheme, and through which he defrauded investors out of more than 700,000 bitcoins.” —SEC Conclusion: Ripple is a company, not a Scam. XRP has a utility and is not a scam. Bitcoin Ponzi Schemes and people defending these scams such as Jason Bloomberg are suspect.
  7. In the USA mortgage market — If retired, you’ll need to show two years of capital gains from selling crypto on your federal income tax returns and the remaining crypto needs to be kept in a recognized custodial 3rd party such as IBIT.com or possibly an exchange that displays your personal ownership info alongside your crypto balance. If not retired and still earning an income (other than from selling crypto), then just the latter is required. Example custodial service (but not XRP): https://www.itbit.com/custody
  8. This... https://finance.yahoo.com/news/trader-who-called-bitcoins-84-decline-in-2018-now-sees-50000-price-target-112129177.html
  9. Recently went to a psychic who said my (XRP) portfolio would “greatly” increase in value within this decade but also fade out toward the end. So what’s up with a ten year cycle? I don’t get it.
  10. FOMO... because big $$ can’t afford to be left out.
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