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  1. codiusrex

    The end of Ripple?

    Going thru JPM to issue DLT transactions on THEIR ledger vs XRPL gives me the creeps; kinda like going thru Stellar’s ledger vs XRPL. Would like to continue seeing Ripple reverberate it’s mission mantra online and on business cable news channels. This simple action item could help educate newcomers and ensure Ripple’s precedence in the marketplace as they continue to grow.
  2. Is a Gift Card a Security? No. Gift Cards are issued from a common Ledger and are taxable but are NOT classed as Securities. How is the XRP Ledger different? I might as well be buying Gift Cards from Ripple and its affiliates. https://www.thetaxadviser.com/issues/2011/jun/clinic-story-09.html
  3. Every litigious society deserves some balance. Ripple could send a clearer message to the publisher. https://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/libel-vs-slander-different-types-defamation.html
  4. Nice article. http://fortune.com/2019/02/07/university-blockchain-research-initiative/
  5. TransferWise “used to be” awesome but now it seems they’re charging more traditional fees. SendFriend or similar startup “should” be able to disrupt cross-border banking unless regulators want a piece of the pie also.
  6. Startup = SendFriend https://www.coindesk.com/barclays-ripple-back-1-7-million-round-for-remittance-firm-using-xrp
  7. Not very nice things to say in this article of “anonymous” sources. It reads like the National Enquirer. https://www.coindesk.com/ripple-xrp-crypto-bonuses
  8. codiusrex

    FinTech: Will Blockchain Enable Better Banking?

    Those were the days
  9. codiusrex

    I see Ripple... everywhere!

    Post your images of “Ripple” & “XRP” observed in your everyday lives.
  10. codiusrex

    Binance and Xrapid

  11. A few days later, on January 22nd, the rest of the XRP in this account were also moved. https://xrparcade.com/news/jed-mccaleb-xrp-sales-stop-for-now/