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  1. SWIFT is fighting a losing battle and war (to eliminate any notion that SWIFT could lose a battle and win the war). SWIFT in its governing form was created by banks and for banks to streamline the messaging format to make it easy for correspondent banks to interact, much like TCP/IP did for the internet. The thing about SWIFT is that it's losing this battle in correspondent banking to the likes of Ripple, Visa, Mastercard, (and soon) Facebook, Google, Apple and even PayPal to name a few. In turn, the banks that own SWIFT are currently also fighting a losing battle to neo banks, digital only ba
  2. Love the first video when he says there'll be backlash as some of the incumbents will try to protect the status quo to their own benefit and control. *cough*Congress*cough*
  3. Damn, so its been like 3+ years of POC and has taken this long? I wonder how many more are under NDA and not saying anything.
  4. You and me are in the same boat. I want stuff to happen now but i know for a fact that its going to take years if not 1 or 2 decades for this new world order to take affect. Let's face, the Great Reset is not going to be an overnight thing. It's hilarious to think Ripple is moving towards zero carbon when I always belived that zero carbon is the future in accordance to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). The G20 in Saudi Arabia set forth the new world order of SDG agenda. One of the things I have always felt why Bitcoin and Ethereum will never succeed and or proof of work will never succe
  5. I extremely apologise for the long post. This is my musings and please, you don't have to read it but if you ever feel why you are betting on the future generations then give it a read. This whole thread is worth a read from the start. I wholeheartedly agree with what you say. I too do not believe China will inherit the title of a sole reserve currency like the USD did. I do not believe that the world will ever turn to a single domestic currency that's also the World reserve currency like the USD did. Don't get me wrong, the USD had to create a lot of circumstances to get into that positi
  6. I'll throw in my 2 cents. I'll start with the how many customers are on Ripple. I stopped measuring this and I no longer care what Ripple announces. Accenture, Temenos and the likes have been providing Banking as a Service and that is the future of banking. Long gone will be the days of banks having to spend millions if not collectively billions a year trying to keep up with an IT department that's only their to ensure their inhouse systems actually talk to each other. Banks can save billions by digitilisation and moving towards banking as a service. The fact that Ripple connects to Acce
  7. It's a bit difficult to measure Ripple's customers considering companies like Accenture or that SwissRoute service that give their customers the option to either use SWIFT or RippleNet as options. Do you measure Ripple customers by those they directly announce? Or do you measure the indirect customers who can get to Ripple through companies like Accenture that offer a suite of banking software? Or do you measure Ripple customers by those that use ODL? If its ODL then you know the answer, until banks are given clarity then they won't hold or trade them directly. Custody is not the same. Si
  8. Yes, I am looking into this and thank you for the links. Truth be told, I have not upgraded to the new Windows versions as I'm holding onto the prospect of a Linux + Vulkan API to get away from Microsoft for good.
  9. In the same boat pal. Although eventually I gave up and decided to connect my ledger wallet to the XRP-toolkit but it turns out the latest ledger live desktop app is only supported on windows 8 and above. I have Windows 7 as I'm still holding for a Linux + Vulkan API (hate Microsoft and DirectX). So that route to claim my tokens using the ledger wallet is closed. I'll be moving my stuff to Bitrue for the snapshot and once done, I'll just move them back. This is unnecessary stress and there's nothing wrong with bitrue as you are not leaving your XRP stash on their for the long term, its ju
  10. That 2025 timeline is on my radar as well taking into consideration most of the g20 countries including the Bank of England are revamping their RTGS system and should be fully operational by 2025. They are all trying to get away from the 250 business day operation to a fully automated 24x7x365 system when needed. When they announced Accenture was the technology partner, I went into hyperdrive lol.
  11. It wouldn't have been sustainable and the crash we experienced would have been worse. Thank god reality caught up with the rampant pump in 2018
  12. As always Ripple posts seem to always follow those from BIS, IMF, World Bank and other organisations. https://www.bis.org/fsi/fsibriefs9.pdf
  13. Because I don't think it's in their mandate to be able to create a currency. SWIFT is just a messaging service and their GPI is basically upgrading from telegraph messaging to SMS. Don't get me wrong, that's a huge leap for SWIFT but everyone has already moved to the internet.
  14. I have a feeling those people who are eager for overnight millions on XRP will be the quickest to spend all their new found riches. Reminds me of those stats that say 70% of lottery winners go broke.
  15. Just retail investors losing hope. Nothing new to be honest. The same thing can be said about most retail investors on this side of the hemisphere chasing pumps. It's the nature of the beast and the stock market has been doing the same since the 1920s leading to the stock market crash and the great depression. Chasing short term gains and missing the long term picture is akin to not seeing the forrest for the trees. My entire portfolio has been shot to hell, crying myself to sleep but still holding on lol.
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