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  1. Tbh, I don't know much about Jed and hence don't quote me on these points: He programmed Mt. Gox the first cryptocurrency exchange He practiced insider trading with Mark Karpeles during Mt. Gox times and manage to avoid the can. He innovated XRPL. He was there even before David Schwartz or Arthur Britto joined to Opencoin (Ripple Labs). He has been in Stellar since 2014 and is in bed with IBM quietly building something and tomorrow they will make an announcement about a product... In below is an old and long story but it is worth reading: https://observer.com/2015/02/the-race-to-replace-bitcoin/
  2. Maybe Jed is using the stablecoins within World Wire as a trojan horse for XLM? I mean if World Wire will manage to get dozens of large banks to issue their stablecoins AND Jed will have secret pact with IBM that XLM will be the only permissionless digital asset in the network for the next X years then it would encourage the banks to start settling with XLM because there are not any other alternative in the network. Jed could give away or sell with discount XLMs to the banks. Jed is dangerous and his potential should not be underestimated.
  3. In the long run the time is not XRP's side because new tech will replace the old one. Also we live in rapidly changing world meaning that what previously used to take a month, can later be done in two weeks, after that it will take just one week, etc. Anyways, I think the two of the most trustworthy metrics for XRP adoption are XRPL transactions and the XRP sales of Ripple. 1. XRPL: I haven't seen any "production mode" xRapid traffic in the XRPL. Just some testing that might or might not be xRapid related. Random transactions here and there. Also some machine payments but unlikely triggered by xRapid. I don't believe any private ledger theories or other nonsense. 2. Ripple's XRP sales: Slight uptrend recently but very likely just normal fluctuation that will return to mean during summer. These numbers in below should be way, way higher if banks would be hoarding XRPs. The reality is still the same as before: mostly exchanges buy XRPs from Ripple and then sell to retail. Go back to Ripple and then sell to the retail again. Repeat. PS. I'm still bullish for XRP and Ripple.
  4. I haven't been monitoring much about Stellar but tomorrow we might get surprise. I will expect negative one because Jed is more dangerous than standing armies.
  5. According to the source from March 8th 2019 Visa managed to buy Earthport: https://www.finextra.com/newsarticle/33508/mastercard-drops-earthport-bid-turns-attentions-to-transfast Today Visa posted new job position regarding to their cryptocurrency team. I know it is just an job advertisement but still I find it surprising that they using words like permissionless and cryptocurrency.
  6. Ouch! That must hurt like kick in the teeth. I still remember at best I had 10 BTC and I even thought this is pretty good result. There are only 21M BTCs and I hold 10 of them. Should I just hold for the next coming years no matter what? Well, I didn't. I sold the 10 BTCs of mine way too early and barely breaking even in the process...
  7. 2013: BTC hits 100 USD. Meh, it will never work. Crypto exchanges will be banned. Too expensive. Too hard to buy. It will collapse as soon as I have bought it anyways. 2015: Well, I guess I buy some BTC because price will rise and rise. Wow! I can just transfer it without any permission. Only in an hour. 2017 summer: Vitalik is genius! Smart contracts, Dapps and something, something. I will buy ETH and it so fast to transfer. No going back to BTC. 2017 fall: Ripple coin? What is this? Transfer is... YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME. Four seconds! This is a joke. LOL. No way this can be so fast?! Can it be? It can! No way I'm going back to ETH or any other PoW slowness madness anymore. 2018: Hodor XRP! 2019: Hodl XRP! 2020: hallwaymonitor joins to the Zerpening club. RIP.
  8. Of course, if you want to send value like information today then you should be able send value within emails. Duh! I must be the only one who did not see this coming. For instance, now I can send email (while paying XRPs at the same time) to my boss and request him to bring me some lunch to the office. MoneyMessage is an AddIn for Microsoft Outlook which allows you to append money in form of XRP (Cryptocurrency) and send it to any mail receiver. A receiver doesn't need an account or knowledge about Cryptocurrencies. The amount will be deposited in XRPTipBot witch allows your receiver to withdraw at any time. PS. Don't be scared. There is no such thing as XRPTipBot witch.
  9. I think Wen Moon is just a meme and I pulled out a "Homer". If I have been mistaken then we are talking about this kid in below. Yeah, these flow charts usually tend to be tiny. Here is the direct link. Courtesy of XRP Research Center from Twitter. "https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Dzbe7zHVAAAVEN3.jpg"
  10. In below is the flow chart of the "Wen Moon". I bet Kitao-san has his own detailed flow chart of mooning too. The best way to predict future is to create one by yourself.
  11. Background: https://medium.com/forte-labs-inc/free-to-play-isnt-free-enough-or-how-i-learned-to-stop-worrying-and-love-blockchain-pt-1-bac0c2a333d8
  12. You know if it walks like a duck quacks like a duck then it probably is an eToro. Credits to @Wolex for finding this link. https://todaysgazette.com/ripple-xrp-news-etoro-is-exploring-xrapid-after-launching-crypto-trading-and-wallet-in-u-s/ Here is an another photo:
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