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  1. After watching Wietse's presentation I was surprised that they already have some demand for their new signing platform from corporations and that they have to struggle with regulations. Imagine if new, small and probably an agile XRP Labs have to fight this much with regulations then what it is with Ripple and big banks. So, XRP Labs will need several months to get their banking license and organize other stuff around the existing unclear regulations. Go figure. In below is the Youtube video about Wietse's presentation with better video quality: In below is the live stream from the whole event with not so good video quality:
  2. OK. Thanks for pointing out that. Now after I re-read and compared the quotations again and it is apparent to me that Ripple did change their original quotation. I posted this thread very soon (couple of minutes) after Ripple published the story. I remember I took the existing quotation and it was originally in quotations in the Ripple's post already so I just copy and pasted it here just like it is in above. The ONLY change I made within the quotation in above was the bolding cuz I wanted to highlight the "money shot". In below Reddit link is the same quotation as in above but it does not prove much. I'm not in Reddit. Next time I will take bloody print screen that people won't think I'm hypester or something. So annoying.
  3. I don't see that I used inaccurate quote per se. I have not edited my opening post as you should be able to see in above. My agenda is not to hype/fud. I think XRP real utility is still in kindergarten level at the moment. ADDITION: Ripple indeed changed their original post. Please see my post in below for into.
  4. Money shot right here: “We’re also seeing increased demand for instant payments and are looking forward to using the digital asset XRP to source on-demand liquidity during transactions on RippleNet.” https://ripple.com/insights/adding-value-to-cross-border-payments-is-why-moneynetint-runs-on-ripple/
  5. "TransferWise has raised $292 million in a secondary share sale which values the money transfer startup at $3.5 billion. The new funding round makes TransferWise the most valuable fintech startup in Europe, effectively doubling the valuation it reached at its last financing in late 2017." https://www.finextra.com/newsarticle/33864/transferwise-doubles-valuation-to-35-billion-as-early-investors-cash-in
  6. Here is another one. IMO maxis can roll over in a toxic gutter with themselves. I don't give a damn. I just want to store this tweet here if this guy tries to weasel in later like nothing ever happened.
  7. Someone from Ripple said that the bankers must unlearn first what they know about payments before they can conceive RippleNet or even XRP. One of my favorite quotes comes supposedly from Napoleon: "You would make a ship sail against the winds and currents by lighting a bonfire under her deck? I have no time for such nonsense." Imagine the shilling/selling process that was required before the steam engine became the standard in ships. If you really think about this you had to be nutso to pull off something like this: Inventor: "Yo, my name is Brain and I came to present to you my newest innovation: steam engine! Napoleon: Whatever. How it works? Inventor: Easy! Let's just put bonfire under your wooden and very expensive sail ship in the middle of an ocean and then you can sail faster. Napoleon: <read the quote the above again>
  8. Yes. This is exactly the case when you read or hear people saying "pre-mined coin". The whole word "pre-mining" is biased and frankly quite an ignorant because it assumes the only way cryptocurrency can be created is to mine it. I think this tweet in below is one of those instances where the future shows its "hand". In below is the Ripple's unofficial game plan: all roads lead to XRP. What comes to RippleNet alone I will expect we will see multiple levels there something like this: 1) xCurrent 3.0: Not any XRP exposure and nostro accounts still in use. 2) xCurrent 4.0: Some nostro accounts have been eliminated due to leveraging (renting) someone else's xRapid. No direct XRP ownership. 3) xCurrent 4.0 + xRapid: Most of the nostro accounts have been eliminated thanks to very own xRapid API. No direct XRP ownership. 4) xCurrent 4.0 + xRapid: The same thing as previously but now direct XRP ownership is possible. By doing this you will eliminate "the first leg" of xRapid because you already hold XRPs. 5) XRP holding: The holy grail where you send directly XRP to pretty much anyone like we do.
  9. Exactly my thoughts too. Do you remember that a few weeks back Navin Gupta gave one of his presentations in the Middle East and one Arab looking guy from the audience asked something like: "is there mining?" Navin replied and the Arab looking guy bluntly shouted: "thank you!" and did not let Navin to finish up his answer. THAT was another instance just like you described in above which signals to me that Ripple is still in very, very early in the selling process of XRP/xRapid as far as central banks are concerned.
  10. No brainer that Ripple is going to make billions of dollars revenue with xCurrent alone during the coming years. Swift 1.0 (did they even participate in the event?) cannot compete with Swift 2.0 (Ripple's xCurrent). Ripple owns most of XRPs and hence they will push helluva lot XRP adoption to the FIs and also outside FIs via xPring. Will XRP go to moon? I dunno but I know xCurrent alone will succeed big time. Yeah, I know it makes totally sense that inflating and (soon) obsolete ETH is the second crypto in terms of market cap.
  11. Can you elaborate this cascading effect that you are referring to how it would work in real life? How the stablecoins are connected to each other? Are you suggesting that it does not matter are there just one centralized entity keeping the peg going on or thousands of entities (decentralized stablecoin model)? OK. In business wise XRP volatility might not be so big issue but how about consumer wise? For instance, XRP moons to 15 USD in the end of 2019. I don't want to hold all of my XRPs at that point nor I wan't to sell all of my XRPs and I definetely don't want to touch junky Tether coins. Would decentralized stablecoin help consumers especially during grueling bear markets when XRP might plummet again -90 % from the ATH like almost all other cryptos tend to do? I guess work around would be to buy basket of different stablecoins and hope most of them will keep the peg.
  12. This topic goes quickly to the rabbit hole and is over my head tbh. Anyways, XRP is often critized for its volatility risk. In the other hand stablecoins are being critized for their centralized counterparty risk. What if you could "stake" your XRPs to the smart contract and receive USDX tokens in return and hence eliminate both volatility risk and the counterparty risk at the same time! You could use USDX instead of XRP when sending money cross borders. XRP (and other cryptos too) would still be needed because it must be put to the smart contract to receive more USDX coins. Does this idea make any sense? Background: https://github.com/Kava-Labs/usdx/blob/master/spec/usdx.md Plan: https://github.com/Kava-Labs/usdx/blob/master/validators/validator_economics.md Somewhat technical: https://github.com/Kava-Labs/usdx/blob/master/spec/xrpPeg.md
  13. How about XRP-backed decentralized stablecoin? Usually every stablecoin has just one counterparty and that is a big problem cuz if the counterparty goes bust the peg might break. However, what happens if there are multiple counterparties for a stablecoin? For instance, Kava Labs recently explored to create new stablecoin. https://github.com/Kava-Labs/usdx
  14. David in da house! 39:00 I guess xRapid transactions are happening in Brazil country corridor but at least I don't know what is the relevant xRapid preferred exchange in Brazil (?) 44:20 What I'm getting from this is that Polysign will surprise most of us when it will be available.
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