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  1. Kava and Flare will change this at least a little bit. 1. Some people can buy their very first XRP bag and then lock-in those XRPs by using Kava/Flare platform. 2. In exchange they will receive some other coins that they can then utilize to farm/stake for some returns. 3. After they are done farming/staking, they will pull out (or in other words unlock) their original XRP stash from Kava/Flare platform. Thus, XRP has become an investment vehicle imo.
  2. This discussion involves semantics but as far as I know there were not any transactions between the ledgers 42963328-42964344. This was caused by technical malfunction or bug which Nik and David have tried to explain and it's beyond my comprehension. Nevertheless, XRP Ledger didn't technically stop because it was still "moving". This is because XRP ledgers were still produced normally and the ledger close times were normal as well. However, I would still describe this incident as "halt" because there were no transactions between the ledgers 42963328-42964344. These ledgers were empty. About 52 minutes no transactions. That's a long time to wait that your transaction goes through. You can see the affected ledgers during that time from here: https://pastebin.com/Qsjij897 You can monitor the contents of the first ledger here. If you change the ledger number a little bit lower, then you can see that there were several ledgers empty here and there even before the ledger 42963328. The same thing happened if you observe the ledgers a little bit after the ledger 42964344. My understanding is that normally it is unlikely to have empty ledger because the OFFER transactions appear almost every ledger. https://xrpscan.com/ledger/42963328
  3. Update: they transferred 150M XRP and 134,8M is now left in their main account r3C9BXmTtiDLhxH76cWP6vbyDEkbtxANzo. https://xrpscan.com/tx/7199C010840DA5A7CA6763D7095481500190F20E4276172A7DC7034B69022598 Multiple txs and accounts are being used to launder the money and the XRP will end up to the low KYC exchanges where it will be dumped in small increments without crashing the price in order to gain most value out.
  4. "The Kava community voted for BNB users to be the first to receive DeFi utility on the Kava product roadmap that also includes other major crypto assets as collateral, such as BTC and XRP. Rewards are distributed in-protocol on the Kava Blockchain." https://medium.com/kava-labs/the-bnb-specifics-behind-minting-usdx-285f92cd73e2
  5. Good point from Janna that the ODL volume shrank with XRP/AUD pairing as well. Those 12,300+ XRP txs in the picture used to be way bigger. Probably the ODL volume shrank with all XRP/FIAT pairings. Someone flipped the switch but not the way we hoped for. https://xrpscan.com/account/rU7xJs7QmjbiyxpEozNYUFQxaRD5kueY7z
  6. You might be right. I think something negative and surprising happened recently and it caused the ODL total volume to drop from 20 millions USD to just 3 million USD in a day. That's -85% decrease in a few days and I won't expect it to recover back to the 20 million USD levels any time soon. Of course Ripple knew people would notice and hence they released their announcement as a warning. I have been monitoring ODL volume for quite some time. Even before this and the Covid I was disappointed how long it took to grow the ODL volume and open new ODL corridors. Ripple had to pay for MGI to build up XRP/FIAT liquidity for ODL. This probably wasn't sustainable and they pulled the plug (?) Anyways, now 85% of ODL volume is gone in the middle of the worst pandemic in 100 years. Many people sending money to home won't send any when they get fired. Many people won't take new loans (Ripple's new lending product) due to shaky job markets. Many companies won't invest new RippleNet software in these uncertain times when they are scrambling with their basic stuff. Sad but true. https://utility-scan.com/#/dashboard
  7. I scanned the XRP ledgers before and after that time and I didn't find anything unusual. I think that Fiatleak site monitors XRP trades within the crypto exchanges and there just were many trades when the video was filmed. https://xrpscan.com/ledger/55071526
  8. Do we know the date and time (roughly) when those transactions occurred?
  9. Agreed. I don't know what's the case with Miguel but IMO usually when people put like "looking for new job opportunities" in LinkedIn it means that they got fired.
  10. I didn't even know who this guy was two months ago until I listened this Joe Rogan podcast. He has practically fulfilled every 16 year boy's dream. I highly suspect the dopamine highs that he gets last long. In the end of the day happiness comes from within no matter how much money you spend.
  11. Update: they transferred 100M XRP and 284,8M is left in their main account r3C9BXmTtiDLhxH76cWP6vbyDEkbtxANzo. https://xrpscan.com/tx/D6395F22D4505C8B82B7EC2BFD4371DEDFF1124BF59258A7A98154D05A11E5FC Again, lots XRP accounts, transactions and selling in relatively small batches to come.
  12. By off-ledger I simply mean the trading and its volume that happens outside XRP ledger. The same volume that you see in Coinmarketcap, for instance.
  13. The arrogance and ignorance of non-crypto people always keeps surprising me. The real moment of "understanding" will become to the non-crypto folks after hiding of funds becomes too easy via privacy coins. Then no one knows how much crypto assets anyone owns and there will be lots of "sad" people "missing" their private keys suddenly.
  14. I think we can safely presume two things. 1) The most of the crypto (including XRP) volume is just BS wash trading. 2) The XRP/FIAT volume of ODL is growing. New corridors (Thailand, Brazil & Argentina) are also in the ODL pipeline. In that regard the utility based XRP off-ledger trading volume might surpass all other speculative (non-wash) XRP off-ledger trading volume during 2020.
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