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  1. Could've been anybody.... even Jungle himself, perhaps??
  2. So...because, for one day, equities markets go one way and crypto markets go the other you feel vindicated to the point that you dig up this old thread to pound your chest?? C'mon man....you can't be that thick.
  3. lol.....did you find another internet con man to support your argument?? just let it go man.
  4. It's sad that a guy like that can build a subscriber base of 32k. Blows my mind. He throws around a few buzzwords like "inverted yield curve" and I guess everyone gets weak in the knees.
  5. I'm sorry man. I know it looks like I'm busting your balls, but that guy is absolutely clueless. I could pick it apart point by point, but I would be here all night. Suffice it to say, this scattered, rambling monologue didn't come anywhere close to making a point, "high up" office and multiple computer monitors notwithstanding.
  6. Right.....so "no action can be brought to enforce a liability." They could still label it a security if they wanted........but they won't.
  7. A little confused by your post. While I agree that the crypto markets might be non-correlated to the equity markets, I'm not sure how this results in anyone "piling in" if the equity markets crash. And i think you might be conflating "yield" with "return". Yield refers to income generating investments......bonds, dividend paying stocks, etc. These investments tend to be a bit more resilient during times of volatility because of the income they generate. During times of high volatility, what you typically see is a "flight to quality" across the board. Historically, "quality" meant t
  8. Since when does informing your opinions through research make you a hero?? The guy does his HOMEWORK. He lays out the facts and gives his take. I don't always agree with his take, but that's the great thing about being a free thinking, intelligent adult. You can take those facts and draw your own conclusions. Look man, it's obvious you were hoping to bust Sam's balls for popping off without a source. He had one......a good one. And he smacked you down. You brought a knife to a gun fight....live and learn.
  9. LOL.....Don't get pissy when he gives you exactly what you asked for. You were being a jerk when you asked for the source so he slapped you across the face with a stack of paper and said "HERE!" You might disagree with some of Sam's conclusions....I sure do. But the guy does his homework.
  10. Susie seems like she has good intentions. And you can tell she's worked in finance. But the way that she interprets and applies certain concepts is just flat out wrong. Any Merrill Lynch intern with a year under her belt could tell you that. But because she has some experience, knows the fancy words, and tells everyone what they want to hear she is given far more credence than she is due. Some of the stuff she says is just off-the-wall bananas. One example that jumps to mind is her famous price prediction video where she used discounted cash flow analysis as a valuation tool for XRP..
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