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  1. Can you prove to me that Coca-Cola is not a scam? Come on. They are building a useful network right before our eyes. This network has clear utility which will be beneficial to anyone who uses it. Did you see Ashton Kutcher instantly send $4,000,000 to Ellen’s wildlife charity? This is an example of someone choosing to use it for a charitable benefit. But maybe some dude in Zimbabwe will use it so a tourist can pay him instantly for a ride to his hotel. We are watching the network being built. If you can’t see it, then you’re blind.
  2. Create the highway and let the buyers and sellers decide what car to drive. XRP will be the fastest and cheapest. They’ll discover that very quickly.
  3. I very much doubt that Google is (blindly) speculating on the future of XRP. By that I mean that I find it a little inconceivable that Ripple would not have some sort of contact with the brains of the most powerful internet company in the world... particularly given the amount of money and forward-thinking that Ripple has devoted to its college funds, xpring, etc. Point being, it’s disingenuous to imagine Google merely “speculating” on xrp’s furure.
  4. I think it’s very simply a playful nod to JungleInc’s YouTube channel. I wouldn’t read too much into it.
  5. Just speculating, but if you’re truly a believer in it’s future and you’re truly in it for the long-game, you might just want the price to grow organically at a stable pace which genuinely matches its real-world usage.... as opposed to encouraging speculative investors to jump in and create another bubble. That’s not healthy for its adoption because it gives crypto a bad reputation and scares people away. If you genuinely believe in where this is all going, and especially if you are a huge investor with connections, such as Google... maybe, just maybe... you have the inside information to grant you the confidence to know that it will grow just fine organically, and you wouldn’t have the same sense of desperation or eagerness which most of us feel. I’m not talking about you. I’m talking about Google. Just food for thought.
  6. Remember when Cory Tweeted the photo of him shaking hands with the Canadian PM with the caption, “This matters,” and then removed it within just a few minutes? I’m not suggesting that that cost him a job, but it was apparently sloppy, and I’m guessing he wouldn’t have taken it down unless Brad called him and ordered him to. Pure speculation of course, but why else does one hastily remove a selfie of themselves with a PM?
  7. Brad Garlinghouse has said from the start that this is a 3-5 year plan, and that we are in the very early steps of a marathon. He’s stated that he isn’t concerned about price at this phase. Meanwhile, he seems to have kept his promises about rapidly building solid partnerships. We’ve seen celebrities like Ashton Kutcher and Scooter Braun promote them and hint of things to come. We’ve seen banks invest millions and millions of dollars into Ripple, while claiming that the XRP standard is coming. We’ve seen David Schwartz’s price predictions (he would possibly say that he didn’t make a price prediction per se, but let’s just call it a “discussion of theoretical price range”.) We’ve seen Ripple investing millions in universities and innovative companies. We’ve seen hundred-million XRP transfers happen in seconds, for a penny. The handwriting couldn’t be more obviously on the wall. It’s like living in the 1800’s and watching hundreds of miles of railroad track being laid, but being discouraged because you haven’t seen any trains. The trains are coming, folks.
  8. They are clearly waiting for me to accumulate more. I’m hurrying, but I have a very limited income and it’s going to take a long time to accumulate enough to send my kids to college, and buy our family dream home. Be patient though... just a few more months....
  9. I’ll tell you exactly why. Many people bought in heavily over the past few months, even to the point of over-extending and buying more than they could afford. They knew that they would have to sell in December, in order to buy Christmas gifts and pay bills, but they didn’t want to risk out the possibility of an EoY super-rally. They knew quite well that there was a very real possibility that the plan would fail and they wouldn’t make any huge gains, but they also felt confident that they wouldn’t suffer a huge loss, so they figured they’d let it ride as long as they could. Now they are buying Christmas gifts. These people are very eager to get back in ASAP after the holidays, and are hoping prices stay low until tax returns come in, so that they can buy back in. Source: my own situation, and several people I work with.
  10. No one takes him seriously. I wouldn’t waste so much time on him.
  11. Institutional investors? Yes, I hate Coinbase right along with most of you, however they are a very established name and now provide a secure custody solution for multi-million dollar investors wishing to buy XRP. Banks are going to need secure custody solutions. Or maybe they will just store giant golden Nano Ledgers in their vaults..?
  12. Okay, I can not argue with this point. I was the original poster, and so far as I’m concerned, this post settles it. ?
  13. I get your point, however let's not forget about Coil, Xpring, etc.
  14. Can I state something that I think is somewhat obvious, yet I've very rarely seen discussed? IMHO it's kind of an "elephant in the room": XRP has a real name problem which IMHO is hindering mass-adoption. Let me just state for the record that I am incredibly bullish on XRP and Ripple. I've been a supporter for a year now, having switched over to it from BTC after realizing that BTC had significant scaling issues; but I've always felt that it's name hinders its adoption somewhat, by the general public. "Bitcoin," "Stellar," "Ether," "Litecoin"..... all of these are easily and intuitively pronounceable. But outside of our circle of knowledgeable investors, most people would not intuitively know that it's pronounced, "Zerp." [sic] Also to be blunt, "Xerp," sounds kind of..... well, dumb. I think that this is kind of a consequence of Ripple distancing themselves from it last year. IMHO XRP wasn't really ever intended to be a proper name, so much as a ticker-symbol. This was evidenced by the fact that so many news sites and exchanges were so slow to stop referring to it as Ripple ( even to this day some struggle with this.) I'm curious if anyone else thinks that the public will have trouble taking a currency with the name "Xerp," seriously....? I get that this will be a non-issue for banks/FIs... but I'm talking specifically about mass-adoption as a currency. I'm also not suggesting that this is some sort of deal-breaking problem; just that it's hindering it's growth. Lastly just wanted to add that I don't really think Ripple wants it to mature in value too quickly at this point. At least not until the network has grown, which is probably very soon.
  15. From six months ago: https://oracletimes.com/tipping-point-ripple-xrp-adds-bank-per-week-in-quick-fire-xrapid-inroads/ “...So many banks are signing on so quickly that Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse said in a recent interview that Ripple would stop announcing partnerships until the number reaches 200...”
  16. Like Saul’s conversion on the road to Damascus: some of the most impressive testimonies sometimes come from those who were once the most outspoken critics. (I’m certainly not comparing XRP to Christ, but just saying that these sort of high-profile converts can make the most zealous promoters.)
  17. Those of you who are critical are reading the article, correct? Make no mistake... this is an investment. ”Ripple’s new focus reflects its view that education, particularly in STEM and FinTech, is a key driver of innovation across all sectors. Ripple’s contributions to teaching and research in blockchain (through the University Blockchain Research Initiative), cryptocurrency and fintech are intended to encourage broader understanding, adoption and innovation in business and finance, computer science, law and policy and other relevant fields. In particular, Ripple for Good will focus on applications and real-world use cases with the potential for scalable social impact.l
  18. I'm pretty sure he said he'd eat his own **** if they ever traded it, but I confess I may be starting to confuse quotes.....
  19. I have little concern about this. I do believe that Ripple's five-year advantage, not to mention some of their talent such as David Schwartz and connections that they've been working on, gives them an enormous advantage here. That said, it's foolish to completely dismiss any threats. Don't be like Obama when he infamously mocked ISIS and called them a "junior varsity" player. I haven't read The Art of War, but I'm sure Sun Tzu would agree that the best warriors don't underestimate their opponents or allow their own cockiness to lower their guard. Again, I'm not terribly concerned, but it's something to keep your eye on. Confidence? Yes. Absolute. Ripple has brilliant leadership and everything has fallen into place exactly as predicted, if not way better. Cockiness? No. It's not over, until I'm sitting in my new home enjoying my new credit rating, and my kids are in college.
  20. It's all about the publicity. You can't buy that kind of publicity. This may not be important with regard to the FI's, but it's important to mainstream adoption.
  21. So there was also the guy who appeared on Ellen with Ashton... a big music industry guy, and isn’t Madonna supposed to be promoting it soon?
  22. For the record (as if anyone cares), I am personally not a fan of the Clintons (although I do prefer Bill ever-so-slightly more than I do his scheming, robotic hag of a wife).... HOWEVER, I do see the appeal that this must have to the central bank-types and UN-types. I do think that Ripple knows their audience, and I do think that Bill will play well to the central banks/IMF/UN. It's also important to remember that Gate's Foundation has close ties with the Clinton Foundation, and that some very serious networking is going on here behind the scenes (Berneke, etc). Celebrities also love Bill. When former presidents, Madonna, former presidential financial advisors, Bill Gates, et cetera all start coming together behind a project... then you know you have some pretty incredible momentum and networking going on. We-the-people rightfully matter less to them right now. It's up to us to network amongst ourselves. Their PR department isn't focused on the grassroots movement; they are focused on banks and nations.
  23. You're short-sighted. Even looking at it from a non-believer's secular perspective, is it really so difficult to believe that maybe, just maybe there are powerful players who are pulling strings to bring about the fulfillment of some of these thousands-of-years-old prophecies, because they themselves believe? You may think it's lunacy, but what if certain rich and powerful players do not? Players like those inside the Vatican, just for one example? Take the restoration of Israel as a nation in 1948, for example. This was a miraculous fulfillment of Bible prophecy. Thousands of years earlier, Ezekiel predicted that this would occur in his famous "valley of dried bones" prophecy. Then the United Nations made it happen. Israel had been "dead" as a nation for thousands of years, and then suddenly sprang back to life, becoming one of the most prominent and militarily powerful nations in the world? Coincidence? No. It was either a miracle and a fulfillment of prophecy, or it was a powerful and elite organization making a knowing and active effort to bring about the fulfillment of prophecy. Can you name many other nations which laid dormant for two-thousand years before suddenly springing to life, exactly as predicted? You don't have to believe that God is guiding these events, but you should at least consider that there is an intelligent plan behind it all... even if it's only a human shadow player/players. And now we are entering the next phase.
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