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  1. It makes me feel much more secure knowing that they own a lot. The more the have, the greater incentive they have to increase its value. The less they have, they less they (potentially) care about the price. It’s a guarantee that they will work hard to raise the price. This seems really obvious to me. How is it that people freak out when a CEO sells their shares of a company (or David Schwartz sells some XRP) yet people object to Ripple holding on to large quantities of XRP?
  2. https://www.reuters.com/brandfeatures/venture-capital/article?id=126997 Canadian Stable Coin (CADT) helps launch Canada into a new era of digital global finance Mon Jul 1, 2019 - 11:00am UTC As Canada Day is being celebrated across Canada, “CADT” was officially launched. Positioned as a first of its kind global stable coin anchored to the Canadian dollar… Canada – July 1, 2019 — As Canada Day is being celebrated across Canada, “CADT” was officially launched. Positioned as a first of its kind global stable coin anchored to the Canadian dollar, the CADT stable coin is e
  3. Can you prove to me that Coca-Cola is not a scam? Come on. They are building a useful network right before our eyes. This network has clear utility which will be beneficial to anyone who uses it. Did you see Ashton Kutcher instantly send $4,000,000 to Ellen’s wildlife charity? This is an example of someone choosing to use it for a charitable benefit. But maybe some dude in Zimbabwe will use it so a tourist can pay him instantly for a ride to his hotel. We are watching the network being built. If you can’t see it, then you’re blind.
  4. Create the highway and let the buyers and sellers decide what car to drive. XRP will be the fastest and cheapest. They’ll discover that very quickly.
  5. I very much doubt that Google is (blindly) speculating on the future of XRP. By that I mean that I find it a little inconceivable that Ripple would not have some sort of contact with the brains of the most powerful internet company in the world... particularly given the amount of money and forward-thinking that Ripple has devoted to its college funds, xpring, etc. Point being, it’s disingenuous to imagine Google merely “speculating” on xrp’s furure.
  6. I think it’s very simply a playful nod to JungleInc’s YouTube channel. I wouldn’t read too much into it.
  7. Just speculating, but if you’re truly a believer in it’s future and you’re truly in it for the long-game, you might just want the price to grow organically at a stable pace which genuinely matches its real-world usage.... as opposed to encouraging speculative investors to jump in and create another bubble. That’s not healthy for its adoption because it gives crypto a bad reputation and scares people away. If you genuinely believe in where this is all going, and especially if you are a huge investor with connections, such as Google... maybe, just maybe... you have the inside information
  8. Remember when Cory Tweeted the photo of him shaking hands with the Canadian PM with the caption, “This matters,” and then removed it within just a few minutes? I’m not suggesting that that cost him a job, but it was apparently sloppy, and I’m guessing he wouldn’t have taken it down unless Brad called him and ordered him to. Pure speculation of course, but why else does one hastily remove a selfie of themselves with a PM?
  9. Brad Garlinghouse has said from the start that this is a 3-5 year plan, and that we are in the very early steps of a marathon. He’s stated that he isn’t concerned about price at this phase. Meanwhile, he seems to have kept his promises about rapidly building solid partnerships. We’ve seen celebrities like Ashton Kutcher and Scooter Braun promote them and hint of things to come. We’ve seen banks invest millions and millions of dollars into Ripple, while claiming that the XRP standard is coming. We’ve seen David Schwartz’s price predictions (he would possibly say that he didn’t make a pric
  10. They are clearly waiting for me to accumulate more. I’m hurrying, but I have a very limited income and it’s going to take a long time to accumulate enough to send my kids to college, and buy our family dream home. Be patient though... just a few more months....
  11. I’ll tell you exactly why. Many people bought in heavily over the past few months, even to the point of over-extending and buying more than they could afford. They knew that they would have to sell in December, in order to buy Christmas gifts and pay bills, but they didn’t want to risk out the possibility of an EoY super-rally. They knew quite well that there was a very real possibility that the plan would fail and they wouldn’t make any huge gains, but they also felt confident that they wouldn’t suffer a huge loss, so they figured they’d let it ride as long as they could. Now they are b
  12. No one takes him seriously. I wouldn’t waste so much time on him.
  13. Institutional investors? Yes, I hate Coinbase right along with most of you, however they are a very established name and now provide a secure custody solution for multi-million dollar investors wishing to buy XRP. Banks are going to need secure custody solutions. Or maybe they will just store giant golden Nano Ledgers in their vaults..?
  14. Okay, I can not argue with this point. I was the original poster, and so far as I’m concerned, this post settles it. ?
  15. I get your point, however let's not forget about Coil, Xpring, etc.
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