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  1. Why do they buy xrp and then trade in Bitcoin charts? It seems that the Fiat Currency Market has become worse since it was activated.
  2. It could be a silly question, but the xrp price were down because of the person who sued them. So can't we sue him for losing money? Could we sue them if it turns out xrp is not securities?
  3. How will g20 judge market manipulation? We're all going to be beggars because of some bad whales that rig the market. Isn't it time to find out who they are, investigate and punish? Crypto currency is not a level that can pose a risk to global financial stability. That's true. Whales are destroying the market themselves. It will lose market credibility. It will remain as a playground for bad whales forever. Some rotten whales are ruining very good technology. We must hunt for bad whales. xrp is not a scam
  4. Bad Whales' power to manipulate the market is increasing. It will get worse in the future. They make a stable profit on the decline.
  5. The market is being manipulated and if it continues, it will have a huge long-term negative impact.
  6. They will be afraid to jump into the market. I don't know when to dump.
  7. A steady decline and a brief rise are the charts for the Scamcoin. It means that someone intentionally manipulates the price. The bank will feel rejection.
  8. A healthy chart should be made. I think the Scamcoin chart is a long term bad for xrp. xrp is a good coin, but if it's a gambling market like this, I will not be able to introduce xrp to my friend.
  9. I think it's trying to make it smaller. These charts lower the value of xrp. A brief rise after a steady fall can only be seen in the scamcoin.
  10. No I think xrp is a good coin. But if you look at the xrp chart, it's a fake chart that's worrying about this.
  11. If it's not a fraud at first, it could turn into fraud later.
  12. If it's worth nothing, it's a gamble, but xrp isn't. xrp is not a scam coin. But the chart is the scamcoin chart.
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