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  1. Why do so many people care about the SEC? It's only for America? If they screw this one up they shoot themself in the foot and can say goodbey to being a once leader in innovative technology. Asia is way ahead and even europe. Straight from the FATF at 19/10/2018 "ll jurisdictions should urgently take legal and practical steps to prevent the misuse of virtual assets. This includes assessing and understanding the risks associated with virtual assets in their jurisdictions, applying risk-based AML/CFT regulations to virtual asset service providers and identifying effective systems to
  2. Nobody does all this effort and work to build what they are building and risk that it would be labelled a security. It's not, It never will be and It will be proven soon.
  3. Just for the record. Seems this article is coming after the news involved with R3. Not one traceble link to be found directy to ripplenet so doesn't seem legit. Just don't want any fake information floating arround, because hype does the same damage as fud.... What do you guys think? https://u.today/ripple-teams-up-with-bank-of-canada-to-trial-large-scale-fund-transfers-globally
  4. Just keep filling them bags up! XRP is not going away and by looking at the progress of 2018 so far, I can only presume that on the long term these current prices will be a laughing joke.
  5. Sadley enough I have to agree with you. Before we where all bitching and moaning about those BTC maximalists but by the looks of it we are just the same. When you look at twitter and anything Ripple related comes by it gets completely taken over by xrp community. Don't get me wrong, enthusiasm should be supported and not pushed down. But by bashing and trolling social media we are starting to look childish. Zoek in plaats daarvan naar Sadley enough I have to agree with you. Before we where all bitching and moaning about those BTC maximalists but by the looks of it we are just the same. When
  6. Hey guys, Was just wondering what your idea's are about what Ed was talking about in the end of his lecture at Swell. This in the accordance to the Swift news released today. Could be it's nothing but it seems pretty interesting what he was saying. Seems that he is refering to the usage of multi hop? Or do I see this wrong? "How do you achieve this result? Some of you will be working with ripple some not. How do you achieve this? What we have done, we have enabled clearing services over ripple, we have pounds, shortly euro’s, and that enables us basically to credit/ have an ex
  7. I don't see anything being announced here. They are just like many others present at SIBOS.
  8. I think a lot of people already have gained their target stack. But they want to hord more, just to have that extra benefit with their sell targets or even expand these sell targets.
  9. What up guys, I don't post so much here just more of a follower. However I was looking up some stuff and I wondered if you guys could help me out. Does anyone have a idea of the relationship with PNC to Blackrock? BlackRock is today the world's largest asset manager with $6.29 trillion in assets under management as of December 2017. PNC seems to go back to 1994 with their relationship to Blackrock? It seems pretty solid, and with Ripple partnering up with them even better! Blackrock was thinking about crypto lately in the news. Share your thoughts please!? https
  10. Must say, Brad must have a lot of patience to keep up with these two. Arrington is just a loud mouth who spits out everything that comes up in him, makes him reliable and humane, really like that about the guy. The interviewer how ever looked and behaved like a real troll with not even trying to ask a newly question, all he asks could be traced back with a 10 sec google search.
  11. So after stumbling in to this tweet on twitter I was wondering if there would be someone here who could provide a little more insight to this relationship in accordance to XRP or not. It just looks odd that the corridors they are mentioning in the article, that is dated from july, are exactly those mentioned by Ripple's announcement " Bittrex will act as the preferred digital asset exchange for xRapid transactions that move through US Dollars. In addition, Bitso and Coins.ph will be preferred for Mexican Pesos and Philippine Pesos". Could this mean that Visa is indirect linked to Rip
  12. I really even wonder why people still keep thinking that the SEC will determine the whole future of XRP. The biggest trading volumes and applications are not with the US. In fact they are running behind.... I would not care to much about it and like the above given facts XRP will not be deemed as a security anyway
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