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  1. I, unfortunately, disagree - the content on both platforms is largely atrocious. I have been a Coil subscriber since day one and both it and Cinnamon Video are about 85 percent crypto related (mainly an XRP echo chamber) , which - let's face it - the general public is disinterested in. I can only imagine the difficulty Coil is having in bringing in good content providers, but why should anyone leave Patreon when its already working for them? If they don't step up their game, both will just remain niche and virtually unknown. As much as I want Coil, Cinnamon, etc. to succeed so far I am thus
  2. I couldn't agree more, and yet feel foolish myself for continuing to do so. After more than two years of accumulation, I've heard it all before - "we will never see prices below X again," etc. And at this time I'm almost back down to my initial purchase price. I've felt the exhilaration of the bull run and thought myself to be a savvy "investor," when in reality it was just good timing. I've felt the sting of never having sold for any profit as we crested lower and lower and unfortunately raised my average by purchasing continuing to buy from $1.00 and back down. It's almost an obsession at
  3. It was our very own beloved Brad Garlinghouse who intimated the same about telephone companies never utilizing VoIP. I've heard him reference it in several interviews and even a podcast over the past several years. Apparently, Brad worked for SBC years ago and some VoiP startup.
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