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  1. It wouldn’t pump the price. That Xrp isn’t circulating on exchanges. People are just looking for an excuse for xrp to increase in value. Here’s a thought why don’t you just wait. Do you really need to be rich by tomorrow
  2. SBIVC has been live since last year. I do like the full trading opening up which will allow for a Japanese exchange with Xrapid capability
  3. I find Link maxis to be very weird. I mean I don’t know much about it but they’ve been trolling the Xrp community for like 2 years now. But they hide in the shadows like creatures. It wasn’t until link had its price increase as of late. That they are more open. I mean it may be a good project but I still find them to be an odd bunch
  4. Also consider another thought that the person in charge of the operation could be setting a trap for anyone who decided to participate. I see the 100x leverage shorts and promoting illicit files to the blockchain. Either this guy is serious and is going to fail miserably or he is a strategist setting a trap
  5. This is one of the many attacks that have claimed to “destroy” xrp. They fail every time. Deja vu!
  6. As we have heard many times before that Xrapid volume is not an indicator of price increase. But what will increase xrp price is market makers buying xrp on the market to facilitate Xrapid transactions. The more fiat currencies that are used to trade against xrp the more market makers will get involved. @JoelKatz has said this many times. From what I see there are very few market makers involved at this time. But the more regulations that take place worldwide the more market makers can join the game. One of my concerns is what if market makers buy xrp on the OTC exchanges. Definitely is one concern of mine.
  7. As long as it’s not a large position I see very little risk. If you find it works out let us know after the 3 month period. I’d really like to hear your experience
  8. I don’t think this is anyone’s concern. Ripple knows there is a level of risk associated with each investment and yeah some fail and a small portion succeed. That’s just how it works. Why should any of us care what ripple does with their money. All they are doing is finding good companies/projects to invest in. It’s like an athlete, just because a team drafts a first round pick. It doesn’t mean they will succeed, it just means they are more willing to pay out larger sums of money as there is supposed to be less risk in the early rounds. My point is who the eff cares!
  9. Once the liquidity of xrp increases through these corridors it will be a lot cheaper. And the moneygram partnership will definitely speed up the liquidity issue.
  10. Ok while libra is taking its time to create this token which will be sometime in 2020. Ripple is already building liquidity for xrp right now. So guess who’s gonna have a head start before libra even exists, XRP. Besides from what I’m seeing it’s used in its own network like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. So yeah it’s not gonna happen.
  11. More like libra vs bitcoin. Both of them are going after the consumer market whereas Xrp is going after the enterprise market. Xrp right now has zero competition besides stellar and stellar isn’t doing well right now
  12. I’m pretty sure it stands for Ripple Protocol with the x meaning a non government currency
  13. This SCB account seems kind of sketchy. I don't know if I can believe anything they say. It feels like a kid is controlling that account
  14. I saw the whole video. It was amazing I even learned a little bit myself. I just wish that more of his litecoin crew took the time to watch this. It would really help them out
  15. I agree I hope he is sending it to the charity but we don't know for sure. Sam I am is onto this as he should be. Let's hope that this isn't true
  16. I feel like I remember this article from like 2018 or so. Like maybe it’s being rehashed as new news. It was when xrp wasn’t very liquid. But the same can’t be said today Xrp is almost as liquid as eth and that’s amazing
  17. Yep there’s nothing wrong with questioning something. Everyone is entitled to that. But as a community we help each other to figure out questions we may have
  18. So FUD right after golden cross. Trying to get people to sell wow nice try. I’m aiming this at the article not the person who posted it. Remember the last time xrp had a golden cross...yeah I thought so.
  19. Anyone notice that this thread came out right after we had a golden cross on the on the xrp chart. I believe he wants people to sell xrp before it comes to fruition. Of course I could be wrong. But if I can address the “problems”. Here’s my take first amount the 20xrp reserve amount. We know it can be changed. Most likely won’t happen until a much higher price but still. Now think about something for me who exactly is supposed to be using xrp: companies and banks right. ok now take all that into consideration do banks or companies care about a current 8$ cost for a wallet..the answer is no. Now about the validator situation let me say this, if for some reason validators are being compensated for this..who cares! I see absolutely nobody complaining about bitcoin miners getting compensated. In fact I for one hope that they are being paid. I mean why not miners get paid. So yeah that’s my thoughts. But if for some reason the people telling us that they are not getting paid are lying that to me would raise concerns for me and this thread would be justified by such.
  20. Literally the exact words I was thinking when I saw this
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