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  1. I saw some more tweets about him saying xrp is an IOU. I honestly don't know where he "discovers" his information. Unless he makes it up along the way. It's infuriating
  2. Does anybody else want to beat the **** out of Craig. This dude is a complete moron.
  3. Kpuff

    XRP to USD...how?

    Have you gone to bitstamp, kraken, bittrex. All have xrp to USD pairings
  4. Next time I see someone shilling bitcoin I'll say how much is Satoshi paying you??
  5. Sounds like someone is getting nervous
  6. Kpuff

    Ran NeuNer on XRP

    Damn right
  7. Kpuff

    Ran NeuNer on XRP

    Ran just owned the whole crypto space
  8. I think you misinterpreted what I said. I'm saying that WU to me feels like the type of company to not give away their business model. Because the way they run their system it is extremely profitable to them. Unless they were given a damn good deal.
  9. Yeah that was an EscrowCreate transaction not a payment
  10. That's good to know. I realized the high payment volume was due to the movement of wallets yesterday. And there were multiple hundred plus million dollar transfers yesterday. So that explains that
  11. Sorry man I've been busy all day. I found out that the high payment volumes were mostly consisted of wallet movements. During that span there was a wallet transfer of 760,000,000 xrp which at the price of xrp would have been about 357,200,000$ which was more than half of the 600,000,000$+ that we saw on the ledger and a bunch of other multi million dollar transactions and from the looks of if you take out all the wallet movements within that 24 hour span you are between 100,000,000 to 150,000,000 million dollars running thru which would most likely be your xrapid volume. Which is funny cause if you look at the payment volume now it is 119,335,086.91$ which is right in between what I mentioned earlier. So it seems xrapid volume is around the 100,000,000 dollar area. We will have to see if it ramps up or drops off more but im pretty sure it should not go much lower than where we are now. Thanks
  12. That could be a possibility I just feel like WU is too greedy to get rid of their current system. But hey I hope I'm wrong
  13. This is kind of interesting. I don't see how or why a big company like WU would sell off their payments operations. I guess we'll have to see if anything develops from this
  14. We really don't know for sure. I've heard from numerous people that if we wanted to check xrpaid volume it would most likely come from the payment volume. So I've kept my eye on it for that reason. Whether or not it has to do with xrpaid only time will tell. But the price of xrp has been fairly stable these past few days in opposition to other cryptos. And with that came lots of volume in the payment volume so it does seem to be correlated