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  1. It would be funny if this was xrapid testing. Which if that were the case it would answer the would xrapid increase the price question. But we will see soon enough. Let's enjoy this moment for now
  2. Kpuff

    Bitcoin Ben (XRP related)

    I found the comment man that was so funny I even thought about giving it a like hahaha. That's some straight comedy
  3. Ok yeah I wasn't exactly sure where Arthur was. I do remember hearing he was at polysign
  4. Kpuff

    Bitcoin Ben (XRP related)

    I would be shocked if he didn't load up on xrp before that video. He claims to have not bought any but come on you don't post a video like that unless you have already filled your bag
  5. Excellent information sir. I never knew that the x stood for not country ownership. And it was called ripple at it's inception but the term is not used very often now. I love learning thanks
  6. Reading that document it does say that the virtual currency is called ripple. Very interesting maybe it really was called ripple. And the fact that it was created before ripple labs does make sense. That's why they started a company called ripple labs because they use the currency. If anybody has any insight on this. This could be a real good conversation starter
  7. XRP was created by David Swartz, Arthur Britto, and Jed McCaleb. Before Ripple the company was formed. Jed of course is no longer a part of the ripple team. But David and I believe Arthur are still there
  8. Finally good news affecting price upwards it's a damn good day
  9. That's exactly right and it seems people can't get this thru their head
  10. Oh yeah luckily from what they have said they don't plan on "living on their xrp until the price is much higher". Which really is telling as to how far away xrp is from it's full potential
  11. Some crazy **** is about to go down. So much news coming out recently. Im looking forward to Swell. I'm also looking at the ICE conference that's happening this month,BTC ETFS, Xrapid launch soon, Bakkt opening in November. I can't even describe my anticipation for all this
  12. Kpuff


    Not world currency but world bridge. We don't build walls we build bridges™️