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  1. Dude that made me laugh 😆. It’s number 116 rank in cones.used to be around rank 80 on cmc
  2. The W Twins are bitcoin shills. At least CB came around eventually
  3. I know one couple that invested 11000$ into electronieum in November 2017. I don’t know if they are still in the space or not.
  4. Why would Ripple want to drive the price down. Literally you and others are making up conspiracy theories to justify why the price isn’t moving. Price is driven by demand. If there is no demand the price goes down. If there is enough buyers than there are sellers the prices stays stable. And when there is an increase in demand the price increases. It’s not rocket science!
  5. Very cool yeah you might be able to get away with putting it in tether. As long as they dont consider that fiat
  6. That’s literally the point if there is a reason to use xrp like say it’s cheaper than the other route that’s an actual reason to use it. As far as liquidity goes, well that’s part of why Ripple holds that massive war chest of xrp. They use that xrp to boost liquidity worldwide. And of course the more exchanges that hold xrp the more liquidity it has to do what it’s intended to do
  7. Ripple has the plan of making sure that the xrp bridge path is the cheapest path. So let’s say you want to go from usd to jpy. That transaction can be costly, Ripple’s goal is to make sure that if you wanted to go from usd to jpy using xrp as the bridge that the xrp path is the cheapest. At that point why would anyone go the old fashioned way if going thru Xrp is cheaper. That increases the demand for xrp as it makes that corridor more efficient. I hope this helps
  8. A bit of a long read but I tried to read as much as I could. Anyways I remember a couple months or so ago hearing them say if the token is part of a functioning network it is not a security. When I heard that I was like ok there’s nothing to worry about with xrp. But we really gotta get a statement from these guys that blatantly says it. I hope that is their plan
  9. Talk about no volume it’s no wonder the price went so high. Good luck to anyone that tried to sell on that exchange they sure as hell wouldn’t get market price for it
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