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  1. I think people are looking way to hard into why XRP is not moving. Suggesting things like FUD, Speculators, Whales, ect? The answer is pretty simple, BTC Dominance. It's almost at like 72% right now.
  2. While I don't disagree with anything you are saying, but he did call the MG and Ripple news. I always take things with a grain of salt, so I don't count what this guy says as the gospel either. However, calling something like he did yesterday with words like "100x bigger than MG" ect ect ect is a bit different. Now you are putting your credibility on the line which is different. He isn't saying things like well XRP is going to be doing big things like you have put it, he is naming specifics. You lose credibility, you lose followers and people remember when you make direct accusations like this. This isn't one of those "Ripple is talking with some big names right now." People get away with that stuff. You don't get away from things like this.
  3. Hard to say. This guy has some credibility. He hit the news a few days before about Ripple and MG. People claiming the whole "but they didn't buy MG" is suspect. Ripple bought a 10% stake, enough for a board seat. This guy is laying some credibility on the line with the SWIFT news. He has alot to lose IMO.
  4. Twitter is blowing up right now on Ripple. NDA about to be unsealed on a company 100x the size of MoneyGram. ***People saying it has to do with SWIFT.
  5. WU be like, "yeah brah we sent another 100 transactions totaling $100 and really didn't see the savings again. We are back to charging our customers $50 a transaction, and waiting 3-5 business days. Thank You."
  6. I don't think time frame is important this time. I think people are just extremely suspect right now on what is going on. Just riding the dragon and seeing what happens. The sell off wasn't enough to scare anyone into mass selling. Pumped right back. People are holding and buying and I think other countries are watching and continuing. We aren't here yet as BTC dominance is 60%. We need a bigger pump for FOMO as you said, maybe 20K will kick it off. But when it comes.....it's going to be epic.
  7. Maybe. I just think the Libra announcement kicked off a bit of buying action coupled with pump news going mainstream. Maybe some anticipation to something in the G20 too? Crypto is completely unpredictable. It was unpredictable in 2014 when I entered and still is. But people are becoming impatient and I have no idea why. BTC ALWAYS pumps first. Alts are coming soon, just not sure if the pump will be like 2017.
  8. I wish people would stop pretending "XRP is being manipulated." It's not being manipulated, no whale is "holding the price down." All the money is flowing into BTC, and it's simple as that. You guys act like XRP is the only thing not moving right now. People are riding the dragon right now through this pump. BTC is king and will always be #1 King. Alts will have it's day soon for sure. And when they do, it's going to epic.
  9. Coinmarketcap is 100% fake volume. Always has been. How about we just check the ledger? https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/xrp-markets UpBit Volume is NOTHING compared to Binance. Doesn't even do a fraction of Binance who was only open a few hours today.
  10. Well agree to disagree. This is 100% from Binance and other countries waking up. Binance has been opened for only 12 hours or so today and is amounting for 16% of the volume. Upbit in 24hrs is 11%. That's just XRP alone. We won't even talk about the entire market. **And your claim is false. Binance also did 3x the volume Upbit did in the last 3 hours.
  11. Hence the "Binance will be opening pretty shortly here. I expect a huge pump in alts today. " It literally effected the entire market today. And other countries have JUST woken up. We are going to pump bigly for awhile.
  12. Binance will be opening pretty shortly here. I expect a huge pump in alts today. People are excited about XRP .30 to .45. We haven't seen anything yet. Not saying Binance is going to cause this thing to explode, I just stating in general. Minds will be blown the first pump to .80 cents followed by an additional to 1.30 days after. We were in a slight bull market before, but we are about to enter a full bore bull market.
  13. This is by far the absolute BIGGEST problem of Crypto right now. You have people who want to enter Crypto hard, but at the same time are being told "make sure you keep your Crypto off the exchanges." Then they go ahead and google how to get _____ off the exchanges and see hardware wallets, paper wallets, app wallets, secret keys, passwords, public addresses and have 0 clue on how any of this works. We will enter a new parabolic boom when the first bank/investment company (Etrade/TDAmeritrade/ect) offers the ability to keep there Crypto on them. Until then, tons of people will continue to wait on the sideline. How many people do we read about every day who sent XRP without a memo and got screwed?
  14. Pretty insane all the panic going on right now because BTC is rising. Besides a few, none of the Alts are moving either. VeChain, Stellar, IOTA, ect have all been tanking the last 2 weeks. Patience is key. It will funny to talk about it later on when we wake up and find mounds of cash flowing into Alts.
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