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  1. Coinmarketcap is 100% fake volume. Always has been. How about we just check the ledger? https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/xrp-markets UpBit Volume is NOTHING compared to Binance. Doesn't even do a fraction of Binance who was only open a few hours today.
  2. Well agree to disagree. This is 100% from Binance and other countries waking up. Binance has been opened for only 12 hours or so today and is amounting for 16% of the volume. Upbit in 24hrs is 11%. That's just XRP alone. We won't even talk about the entire market. **And your claim is false. Binance also did 3x the volume Upbit did in the last 3 hours.
  3. Hence the "Binance will be opening pretty shortly here. I expect a huge pump in alts today. " It literally effected the entire market today. And other countries have JUST woken up. We are going to pump bigly for awhile.
  4. Binance will be opening pretty shortly here. I expect a huge pump in alts today. People are excited about XRP .30 to .45. We haven't seen anything yet. Not saying Binance is going to cause this thing to explode, I just stating in general. Minds will be blown the first pump to .80 cents followed by an additional to 1.30 days after. We were in a slight bull market before, but we are about to enter a full bore bull market.
  5. This is by far the absolute BIGGEST problem of Crypto right now. You have people who want to enter Crypto hard, but at the same time are being told "make sure you keep your Crypto off the exchanges." Then they go ahead and google how to get _____ off the exchanges and see hardware wallets, paper wallets, app wallets, secret keys, passwords, public addresses and have 0 clue on how any of this works. We will enter a new parabolic boom when the first bank/investment company (Etrade/TDAmeritrade/ect) offers the ability to keep there Crypto on them. Until then, tons of people will continue to wait on the sideline. How many people do we read about every day who sent XRP without a memo and got screwed?
  6. I think we will get a decent size pump of maybe 7-10% but nothing crazy. Alt's aren't going to see anything drastic until the market stabilizes again. People are going to ride BTC hard until she loses steam for a few days. Why would anyone go to Alts when BTC has risen almost 2500 the last week? When everyone expects a retrace, it just pumps 2x harder. Our time will come everyone, patience is key.....it's coming. Keep what I say with a grain of salt though. I am no expert and Crypto doesn't follow any sort of rationality ever. The only thing I can say is, I've been in the game long enough (Since 2014, but not XRP) to see the trends over and over and over. And one thing that wasn't around back then was the utility portion and actual use case as well as coming mainstream (Fidelity, TDAmeritrade, Etrade, E-commerce places, banks, ect)
  7. I would love to see an example of all these other coins pumping? Every single one of my coins (XLM, BAT, IOTA, Cardano, VET) have not pumped either. Ether had a small pump but in correlation to BTC and 2017, it's an extremely weak pump. Binance opens back tomorrow. I will hold my thoughts until then. Historically XRP has always been the last to pump.
  8. Pretty insane all the panic going on right now because BTC is rising. Besides a few, none of the Alts are moving either. VeChain, Stellar, IOTA, ect have all been tanking the last 2 weeks. Patience is key. It will funny to talk about it later on when we wake up and find mounds of cash flowing into Alts.
  9. Yeah, I highly doubt that. Nobody is selling anymore at these prices unless they need money. The rich are playing these mini pumps and dumps from BTC 3500-4000 for now. I don't know what 2019 will bring, but I am accumulating heavy. If the 2017 run taught us anything, you don't want to blink when this space starts pumping.
  10. December 30th, 2017?????? Yeah I'm pretty sure the authenticity is 100% fake.
  11. Lol, whatever makes you sleep at night. I suggest you take some time to learn for yourself as you think you know everything about XRP/Ripple but in tune it appears you are either confused or you don't know anything about the differences.
  12. You don't need to. It's obvious you can't even understand the difference between Ripple and XRP in order to even have a conversation about it.
  13. Except your not investing in Ripple, your investing in XRP. Ripple would survive without XRP. This could go to ZERO in 2 years and Ripple could be reporting record profits.
  14. Meanwhile to the right of the Ripple article, is an article talking about TAS being with Swift for 10 years.....? I hope in side by side testing, these banks are seeing quite the benefits....
  15. What? This thing pumped to like .65 on basically nothing? The market as a whole has the feeling of catapultation is about to happen. Not saying it's going to happen anytime soon. Maybe tomorrow, maybe next week, maybe not for 6 months. But when it does, it's going to be epic.
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