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  1. it will create a larger awareness of ripple/ xrp. it is every politicians dream....... to have THIS effect on the education system. it's soooooo good for PR i tip my hat to them. all that said, it IS such a beautiful event and in such a worthy cause. Kudos Ripple ( and by ripple i mean those that conceived this idea, and those that adopted it, though maybe not for the same reasons). pretty sure coinbase are about to get get more enquiries. edit: you guys just brought so much joy to both students and staff....
  2. appologies, missed that one, hmmmm how to delete post ?
  3. google translation says : Bitcoin futures were launched with a huge fanfare, while futures for the Ripple XRP token did not receive the same attention. The British startup Crypto Facilities provides the work of the futures market for the world's third largest digital currency, developed by Ripple Inc. approximately 18 months. back. CEO of the company T. Schleifer believes that ahead of the market is waiting for a wide adaptation of XRP futures. "We have a good volume of orders, and we are in the process of working with some of the largest market makers," Schleifer said. In fact, months before the CFTC approved the first bitcoin derivatives, Schleifer's company entered into partnership with Ripple without fuss and launched XRP futures, the 2nd product after bitcoin, which is regulated by the FCA. Later, when CBOE and CME Group launched their first bitcoin futures in December, XRP futures for Crypto Facilities already traded with a volume of $ 14.2 million a month. At the time of the launch of the first CBOE futures with the expiration of the contract in January, XRP futures have already doubled in volume to $ 24.6 million. However, until now, few know that XRP futures exist, especially with such volumes. Now the situation seems to be changing, while the company can show another month of positive statistics. ........ i thought it was coming, I didn't know it had already started.
  4. personally, as far fetched as it seems, it could potentially reach and exceed $100. no rush though, it's a hodl.
  5. i think it can only beckon well for xrp. new entries go to marketcap and see bitcoin > 10k and see xrp around $2 and think " what if xrp gets that high ? " ...........
  6. a word of caution regarding the disclosure of xrp you own....... you paint a big target on your back . Not having a go, just a precautionary word
  7. i recall telling my old man " i'm not buying anymore at this price" , he asked " if you were hearing about this for the first time would you buy ? " to which i replied " **** yeah " lol
  8. nothing to see here, buy bitcoin, all is well, move along lol https://www.ccn.com/bitcoin-price-rings-new-year-13500-ripple-stumbles/
  9. love the fact that you guys seem so transparent, it's very reassuring to the community as a whole. kudos.
  10. love it. she does like the term " garbology " but makes a very interesting point about how long until the others jump on board before losing business, thanks for sharing.
  11. depending on one's view, it's not neccessarily a bad reputation. you know what they say, no such thing as bad publicity. dodgy b@#$ards though lol
  12. convinced, in the next couple of weeks we're going to see a major shift in price ( personally think it's between now and 48 hours but i know FA ). the price has become " stagnant" whilst other cryptos ( most of them ) have seen big climbs, i think this shows more volatility in other " alt" coins, i think june is pencilled in to be a big month and there's one day left in may. the last time xrp went sideways was prior to may 15. i could be/ probably am, wrong. it's happened before, just thinking this is the calm before the next storm / pump.
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