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  1. https://www.crypto-law.us/the-ethereum-free-pass-fair-notice-and-the-fight-ahead/
  2. I honestly don't think people realize that purpose of a government is to make the lives of the people better, or at least in theory that is the point of a democracy. At what point does crypto harm the normal person. All of us who have invested should know damn well that where we placed our bets at this stage are exactly that bets. In this case I think that the fact the government went after Ripple as hard as they have is a good sign, because it means the people in control of wealth have enough fear to fight it. God knows they don't mind the people dying look at what happened for over forty in a Afghanistan, the homeless population in the cities of America, the lack of education in rural areas (I live in one, I've been homeless). From what I've seen they really do not care about the health or well-being of the populous they represent and the incapacity for empathy towards them as human beings. In the end I think a few people who are truly filled with greed choose power over all else. Personally I look at every politician or person in power as an individual that strives to be lone dictator.
  3. https://www.barrons.com/articles/iphone-13-preorders-china-demand-51632407223 As a person once said "If you think someone couldn't do a worse job, give it to the government."
  4. 10 Inventions No One Thought Would Be a Success https://theculturetrip.com/north-america/usa/articles/10-inventions-no-one-thought-would-be-a-success/ I know I'm still looking for the newest and fanciest horse and buggy.
  5. I don't think the first nation's to utilize Ripple for exploration into CBDC would be a large nation with large currency reserves. I'm pretty sure the nations with a large reserve currency (U.S.A) might actually fight against it since it allows for monetary leverage over smaller nations such as Bhutan, Portugal, Spain, basically all nations in Africa, ASEAN nations, and so on. I was more asking if there are specific countries that have been publicly announced. As far as interoperability being key, I wholly agree with this. Not every nation or business is going to be comfortable with DA's especially now in a pretty much untested territory.
  6. o Is this the first CBDC trial announced? As far as a specific country going into trials. MHO Bhutan seems like pretty chill nation.
  7. Although the judge did not give the data ripple was seeking she did however give a decent nod. This is I believe from the second link. "Because the preclearance process does not consider whether an asset is a security, Defendants have not shown that such individual trading decisions bear on the issues in the case. Although the SEC's policies (or absence of policies) may provide relevant evidence related to fair notice or recklessness, how an Ethics Counsel viewed a trading decision is more likely to cause confusing or create litigation disputes."
  8. I honestly don't know enough about what or what is not a security. I do agree that protection to investors and businesses is a must for adoption to occur. It opens up a big can of worms in the sense of who controls what and why and the rules for such things. IDK, but maybe there needs to be a framework were if you follow rules x,y,z then coin: insert name is then accredited and or sanctioned by the U.S. or some commercial regulation where then insurance/protections are then available to anyone who uses and/or invests in such a crypto. If not it coin:insert name has no protection is not sanctioned and take action at your own risks. There has to be way to both have protection/regulation/ the capability to tax profits from speculation/interests so that everyone even if not happy has the "I get it" and "fair enough."
  9. Here is Gasparino on FOX talking directly about Ripple vs Ethereum.
  10. https://www.dropbox.com/s/2espwt45m017aqo/SEC Letter Brief on DPP.pdf?dl=0 When a person or group refuses to produce information or tries to hide it then says there is nothing to see, there is a high probability that it contains what you are looking for. "Additionally, the documents are irrelevant to Defendants’ proposed defenses—even under Defendants’ relevance theory. Defendants seek the documents to put on a (wholly improper) defense that “the SEC staff...questioned whether XRP and other digital assets were securities” and therefore that Defendants are not liable. Motion at 4. But none of the documents on Appendix A, except for Entry 2, address whether transactions in XRP are securities. The Court should not pierce the SEC’s DPP and other privileges, particularly when the documents are irrelevant to Defendants’ proffered defense. As for Entry 2, it is an internal SEC staff email and memorandum, protected by all three applicable privileges and drafted in connection with the SEC’s then-pending investigation into XRP, which culminated in the filing of this action. "
  11. The link below was obtained by Jeremy Hogan's twitter feed. https://www.banking.senate.gov/imo/media/doc/Gensler Testimony 9-14-21.pdf Link to prepared speech by Gary Gensler for tomorrow the 14th. Essentially what I got from it is that all crypto will in one way or another be considered a security without regulation, without law, but strictly by enforcement. This approach is Rubbish.
  12. United States : Financial Sector Assessment Program-Technical Note-Supervision of Financial Market Infrastructures, Resilience of Central Counterparties and Innovative Technologies https://www.imf.org/en/Publications/CR/Issues/2020/08/07/United-States-Financial-Sector-Assessment-Program-Technical-Note-Supervision-of-Financial-49658 96. Only very few new players aim to challenge established payment infrastructures. Some new platforms aim to compete with payment systems such as TCH ACH, TCH RTP, and the Fedwire Funds Service, which are only accessible by banks. For example, RippleNet provides the software and the rulebook for a transfer mechanism, whereas financial intermediaries function as nodes and may partake in the consensus mechanism. These players offer a payment infrastructure outside the traditional U.S. payments system, both for US$ and other (virtual) currencies and may be using DLT as a platform.
  13. The good thing is that inquiries were made, and it plays into the fair notice defense. Since the SEC did not know if xrp was a security then a normal human being of reasonable intelligence would not be able to know if xrp was/is or was not a security.
  14. I enjoyed the because there isn't enough liquidity and then no fair market place, then its a security (comment) . How can there be liquidity if there is no marketplace for it to exist in. The argument being placed is an impossible mark for how to develop blockchain or a market in the first place.
  15. https://www.newsfilecorp.com/release/94145/SEC-Enforcement-Chief-Counsel-Joe-Brenner-Retires Well, another one gone that started this thing. I found this funny. (below) SEC @SECGov Job Alert The Division of Enforcement's is seeking to fill a Senior Officer- Chief Counsel position, located in Washington, D.C. For more information and to apply, click here: https://go.usa.gov/xF6Yf
  16. Governments around the world fleece their people all of the time. It is just that recently people who are affected across the country by such and institution can now work together and exchange information. I don't think governments have adapted to it yet. If there wasn't for the internet who in you're geographical area could you talk to about the SEC's behavior toward xrp. I literally do not know a single person. Yes we are getting screwed right now. Sure Ripple has probably pulled some shite, but at the same time they have been very open about the need for regulation so they know their boundaries and can work with in the law. The reality is that there aren't laws to follow when it come to digital assets, so what does one do?????????
  17. Since OP is a UFC fighter take into account the amount of brain damage one received during the career. I myself have sustained multi-skull fractures and it takes a while to recover. Yes xrp could plummet. As mentioned above tether, a poor outcome of the SEC trail, or a some major bitcoin hack that scares the " insert explecitive" out of the market. Do I think that will happen no. If it does I will buy more and if we go that far down I'll hope for another 10 cent range load the f up. If SEC case goes well or is settled then dare I say it, never see 40 cents again. Now time to find out who is superstitious.
  18. What poly network did was simple yet intelligent. They essentially said they have some type of identifying information which may or may not have been true. If you were a thief then one would began to question if any mistakes were made. A thief then could or would become paranoid which then could in the hopes of no longer being pursued return the money. All that said they kept the tether because it is just a derivative of the dollar that seems to be involved in shady business anyway. So that's like a criminal turning on another criminal with nothing to gain.
  19. It's interesting that they no longer even hide it. The good thing about a large group of people in power that are lets say getting up in age and still fail to understand how quickly information moves and can be shared is that the next generation that comes to power will hopefully avoid be so put off by such insider crap due to the destruction of their own future that such behavior will not be tolerated and instant retirement will occur. All I'll say is I miss the absolute honesty that I felt around every WWII veteran. They built the country to be sustainable for a good life after a horrific affair, then their kids took over.
  20. "these smart contracts would provide an unbiased interpretation of the law. Commercial smart contracts can then use existing compliance code to enforce legal behavior within their business activities." I can see the benefits in theory. In reality this scares the every lov'in shite out of me. The law is not written by those who are non-biased nor have the best interests for the people within the country. I think if someone romanticizes with the idea of law or its enforcement as the great equalizer that takes society to a peaceful end stands in a position that ignores history where the law itself is a determining factor for the genocide of millions. IDK. Like A.I. in time it will go very, very wrong when someone figures out how to game it.
  21. Hal you've basically been the lone poster in the general discussion for some time now. Which means you're bringing a large majority of info to people who, may have just started looking into xrp. With that good job. To the OP of this thread, no worries. I'm watching you're video instead of Hal's because it was on top. :)
  22. "This is Ripple’s first On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) service implementation in Japan, setting the stage to drive more adoption of crypto-enabled services in the region. By leveraging the digital asset XRP to eliminate pre-funding, the two companies can also free up capital and accelerate the expansion of their own payments businesses. " .https://ripple.com/insights/first-live-on-demand-liquidity-offering-in-japan/
  23. 6inch floppy disk anyone? I was young then, my dad worked for a PC company so I remember the first PC's. Tron yes, but do you remember the labyrinth with billy idol. Also, we may be hopelessly biased since I would assume most people on this forum have xrp, but if I scrub as much of the confirmation biases away I still look at this case and say, "SEC I think you know, you overstepped a little." Oh, since everyone is old if you like go here. You can buy fun dip!!!! https://www.oldtimecandy.com
  24. Nothing like a not for profit foundation trying to buy a for profit corporation. IDK seems a little shady. Or maybe Stellar is just like will do what ever ripple is doing, but six months to a year, but before that say we will not.
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