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  1. As much as the strike for "fair notice" provides precendence for cases concerning stocks does it provide precendence for digital assets? The issue as I see it for the SEC is the lack of clarity regarding what a digital asset is and how does the law itself classify such an asset class. Penny stocks are that penny stocks, they have a history and precendence set over the years. Digital Assets have near zero precedence and the precise legal definition of what they are still do not exists. As much as this is a precedence for penny stocks which represents a company, like for like when it is compared to any digital asset like xrp, btc, eth, ltc, and so on? Its like saying my dog is black, and a black bear is black, and therefore dogs and bears are the same animal.
  2. In their defense I'm sure not all businesses have been reporting revenue being recieved through these apps. At the same time they could also just automatically collect taxes since they know how much a person or businesses owes instead of the "we know how much you owe, but we will not tell you, and if you get it wrong straight to jail" approach they've utilized for since my entire life. By no means and I'm defending the IRS for its predatory behavior towards small businesses and the poor over taxes since the small business and the poor don't have the money to out litigate the IRS like wealthy companies and people.
  3. https://www.crypto-law.us/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/FOIA-12092020-Grundfest-Ltr-to-SEC-Commsnrs-Copy.pdf This is the letter written by Grundfest (former SEC commisioner) to Jay Clayton prior to the xrp lawsuit.
  4. So sell at $100 to build house debt free. Then hold for or sell x% per year for the remainder of life. Honestly price prediction are either hopium, desperation for confermational bias, or just a guess. I don't know how much xrp will be worth in six months or four years. I decided when I bought in that I would hold until 2023, unless something drastic happened. Since the SEC suite didn't seem drastic, but expected, I think it would be better to decide on a strategy and stick to it, but be flexible. With xrp in particular I loose hope then think, but then imagine it taking off. In the end if you think the product will be profitable, then hold and wait and try not to be emotionaly envolved. The last part I do not know how to do, but hey maybe it is fun.
  5. Jay Clayton's decision probably has to do with money along with hinman both documenented. As far as the government not stepping in. If you think someone can't do a worse job than yourself give it to the government.
  6. When people accept digital assets as a way to secure U.S. financial freedom instead of giving it to China then something will be done. As far as the media. It has and always will be a half truth driven by adds. If you read historic news papers it's the same stuff different day. If anyone has sold out the country it has been the representatives. That includes local, state, and federal. I'm personally a big believer in the macro mimics the micro. IS you're county, city, state, behaving in a currupt manner. If so, then so are the federal representatives.
  7. Is it just me or does the SEC letter sound like someone yelling their point and not making a clear point? Also, now it is up to the judge, as far as DPP is concerned.
  8. Yes people have lost their minds, or never had one to begin with. The problem is they don't know it. As stated by another member russia has been looking to de-dollarize their economy for a long time. They have this neighbor china, who is moving into a reserve currency position by default of poor economic leadership on the U.S. side, along with the weaponization of the dollar itself. U.S. arrogance stems from being on top for so long that they believe they are number one and therefore have taken things for granted. It is unfortunate, but now the weaknesses are prevalent.
  9. Nothing will come of it, but it as least shines a light on discontent.
  10. The U.S. needs to look at this as an arms race. Swift is the prop job biplane and D.A. acting on a DL is the jet engine. In the end the jet engine took over. That said, there is nothing as satisfing and terrifying as starting an old prop plane by hand.
  11. I wish I could share, but I can't. I truly think the U.S. leaders are technically idiots. People do not mind the truth and would welcome it. The majority of people are coherent and can reason in most cases accept the best outcome for all argument. We in the U.S. have been pigeon holed in conversation and purpose due to single voting stance politicians being elected and running the show. It allows for impunity in office as long as single voting stances are made. Examples: abortion, guns, immigration. Depending on the state as long as you reside on the the side of the argument of the gerrymandered majority you will be re-elected with almost certainty and everything else does not matter. China: Will do what is best for China if another country is dumb enough to take the bad side of a deal then that is fault of that nation. From what I understand about China and its culture, which is not much, is they are apparently the hardest bargaining folks around when cutting a deal. I remember this being discussed regarding the jewelry industry and if I quote this correctly "if you can make it trading in the Chinese jewelry industry you can make it anywhere." I hope that the people in the U.S. on the right and on left realize they are pitted against one another for the benefit of a few and realize the common enemy.
  12. The media is aware of the corruption. However the media is now a gaint monopoly. I fear and that fear has been confirmed over the years not just with crytpo, but in various other side projects that the government itself is no long interested in serving the people. To stifle U.S. inovation is a tradegy. There are two main players destabalizing the west. China and Russia. The U.S relies on Chinese manufacturing, which is what gave rise to a powerful china, just like the end of world war II did for the U.S. Now the U.S. has outsourced all of its manufacturing and can no longer be self sufficient. On the other side Europe relies on Russia for fuel. By maintaing the resources of fuel and manufacturing you have two nations with extreme leverage on the west. What the U.S. does not realize or if they do the folks making the decisions are currupted to the point where they do not care, or believe their own BS about American greastness.
  13. I personally have never had anything against banks. I do think the the deregulation of banks and the lack of decent interest in savings accounts while loaning out that money for profit is not good for the people. I've always felt that the fed could back up savings accounts to match inflation which would allow people to actually save money which would help stabalize the middle class. To the point of decentralization. I look at less from the perspective of an anarchist standpoint and more from the fact that there wouldn't be a centeral athority. That does not mean that ability to provide custody could not be insured at some level whether that is by private insurance companies olear if a gov't is willing by those custody "banks, services, or another" to be insured by the FDIC if whatever asset is considered a currency. Regarding tech revolution. The reality is it's operating like anyother capatilistic enterprise with lobbying for the lack of regulation with rule makers being paid off by them unwilling to set bondries that benifit the people or at the very least minmilize harm. Examples: facebook promoting ads that promote genocide in mynmar.
  14. As a person who lacks the technical knowledge to run a node or contribute in any tehcnical way, this at least allows me to provide some sort of contribution, rather than just free loading off the work of others.
  15. https://www.change.org/p/retail-investors-fire-gary-gensler-as-sec-chairman-for-obstruction-of-justice Fire Gary Gensler as SEC Chairman for obstruction of justice Al From Boston started this petition to Retail Investors SEC Chairman Gary Gensler is complicit in criminal activities perpetrated by Citadel Securities, Citadel the Market Maker in naked short selling and dark pool abuse. Mr. Gensler is guilty of obstruction of justice due to his lack of enforcement of the laws pertaining to naked short selling and lack of competent oversight of market maker activities. Due to Mr. Gensler's crimes, millions of retail investors were defrauded of countless MILLIONS of dollars. I'm referring to working class, middle class and poor folks as well as institutional investors. Mr. Gensler needs to step down as the chairman, and a thorough, detailed , forensic analysis and investigation into Citadel Securities and Citadel Market Maker. This cannot go unpunished. Rise up and sign!
  16. I feel bad for Weiste I hope he and his team can take a deep breath and calmly approach the problem without letting the pressure mess with their head. As a vietnam vet once said. "Don't let people rent space in your head." Conspiracy Below: Since no one is throwing the conspiracy I will (I do not know nor believe the following). Jed made a tweet a little while ago about how xrp devs or something like that are going to be really annoyed at him or something like that.
  17. I think this is a great idea. It is done for linux devs, which I is great, since the other options are windows or apple.
  18. Long article that sums up the past year. Concerning U.S. politics. It doesn't matter what is important for the nation concerning the matter. It depends on whether or not it is presented as a long term fix for those living from day to day. Ripple and xrp is good for migrant workers sending money home, it is good for businesses that purchase products over seas or ship products over seas. It is bad for large banks, who happen to have a lot of money and a lot influence. The only way I see "politics" getting involved on a larger scale is if America sees it as a fix for world influence becuase another Nation (China or Russia) will adopt and implement the tech that will cause U.S. influence to significantly deminish.
  19. This particular situation is both mentaly frustrating and the optics are less than upstanding in the view of a xrp holder. That said it does seem the tech works, which should bring some cofidence. Also this could be a weapon used by Ripple against the SEC in terms of realative positioning and be used to show the harm done to both xrp holders and Ripple the company. So as annoying as it is considering that Jed sold xrp to fund xlm and the took a Ripple client due to the SEC lawsuit and brings xrp closer to being a non-security or at least puts the SEC in a position along with other regulators where the legal definition and rules of crypto must be made clear in order to keep a fair and clean market.
  20. In “The People’s Ledger How to Democratize Money and Finance the Economy” Omarova calls to eliminate all community banks and to transfer all bank deposits to “FedAccounts” at the Federal Reserve. Scary individual that should be aposed. I do not trust governments, because I do not trust people. Governments are people with power that should not be trusted. All in all it sounds like she would like for the government to absolute control of all money. Essentially a very dangerous proposistion.
  21. Fools be low-ballen, it's 589.9 In all seriousness to O.P. No IDEA.
  22. I do like the idea of no single entity controling the metaverse. And yes we are going there. I fear that true A.I. will be deravative from nueron mapping/ self-writing code to map the pathways of human/animal minds to better understand how the brain works and the implementation under medicine will be a catalyst for true A.I. Which will then have all of the faults and behaviors pocessed by living organisms. At first it will probably be some sort of Gov't control thing like the patriot act's algo, pakistans survalience (set up by the CIA), and China's A.I. watching everyone all of the time.
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