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  1. So, if it is like construction sometime between tomorrow and next year. Joke aside, It looks like the recent petition to the SEC reached 30,000 signatures, which is on top of the last one, on top of the suit seemingly an inside job, on top of a government that is in an overall precarious spot do to recent events. I hope that the current leadership wishes to have a steady fair hand in an attempt to set precedence for the remainder of the current administration. In other words "do what is right" since currently the U.S. looks like corrupt FUBAR regime parading as a democracy.
  2. I always look at politicians as aspiring dictators not because all of them are aspiring to be a dictator, but in order preserve what freedom is left. It seems the desire of some is to inflict harm as for one reason or another that is what brings some people joy. So yes, there are people within the U.S. power structure that actively seek to harm civilians. Seoulite I do not find you're comments crazy nor cynical. I remember two weeks before my skull was shattered in sixteen places with a maglite, by a gangster, there was a cop sitting on a bench starring me down slapping a maglite in his hand.
  3. Polysign is that thing that seems to be huge, but there is so little information about it. On its web page is literally two pages long then a get in touch button. Where it asks for you're name, company, ect.
  4. I'm assuming you mean the SEC is threatening you, me, and every other person who invested in xrp. I take it as a threat as well, and yes it causes fear, nervousness, and anger about the situation. There is little we can do and I'm sure this is on the radar of the judge presiding over the case at this point. Maybe deaton will bring this up as the SEC is pivoting form Ripple to investors. If by any chance that you thought I was threatening you or anyone else please know that I am not and if it came across as such please explain so that I can be more careful in the future.
  5. Farts are always funny, thank you for editing. I keep forgetting about polysign and then every now and then they pop up again. Glad to know they have a banking license that could allow banks to hold custody of crypto through polysign. Making a long reach here polysign could be given third party custody of escrow or something throw spaghetti at the wall, even though the validator network "not owned by ripple" actually controls the xrp.
  6. “Movants are essentially seeking to compel the SEC to bring an enforcement action against individual secondary market XRP investors.” They're threatening to come after us because they keep slapping themselves in the face? With all due respect if the SEC is watching this forum. Have respect for yourself and the public office you represent. The SEC is powerful and there is little to no reason to go after small time folks that have done nothing more than invest in a product they believed would be successful knowing full well all projects involved with the xrp ledger could fail.
  7. I hope it does and it will be a good day. As a person who has been on the receiving end of law enforcement corruption any win against corruption of those in power who willfully abuse that power is a good day.
  8. 2. "I've never liked the XRP token because you've got one group that owns so much of it. Let alone you've got the SEC breathing down the necks of the CEO, the founder, and the company." - On Ripple's token being a 'painful trade.' I agree with him. I don't like Ripple owning so much. The SEC thing well it is a shite show. It will be interesting what he has to say when both of these issues are settled. Bitcoin being insurance. Sure, it is popular and has performed well. Once businesses truly begin to use bitcoin, it will be the "this is expensive" and look for other options. Long sto
  9. I do not know this, but I would assume that the banks involved with ripplenet are holding off of using ODL until there is clarity in the U.S. out of respect, because there is some time. That said as China makes moves into Fincen along with military jockeying in the South China Sea they give the U.S. regulatory body the Middle finger and start using ODL in order slow down Chinese influence.
  10. If bitcoin does replace gold, then in the future the whales that own will also own the programmers who can modify it.
  11. I just came here to post this. It's saddens me to hear someone say how easy it is to work with x,y,z and then politely say the U.S. regulators are essentially not doing there job and have a cluster f',k of regulatory entities that can't come to consensus. I hope that we do not loose to China. If someone here is Chinese please know I have nothing against the Chinese the people, but the CCP just like the United States has done historically when on top begins to abuse its power. Little rant here, I loved the idea of having an intermediary currency that was not bound to the politics of a nation an
  12. https://www.reddit.com/r/pcmasterrace/comments/mzl4qf/trigger_warning/ I found the comment section rather interesting. Maybe someone with greater technical knowledge could estimate the actual hardware usage comparision between POW and POS/other non-mining apparatuses. I understand the problem in terms of actual electricity usage, but never really though about in terms of chips, gpu's, and overall waste produced as a result of the hardware's end of life.
  13. Sure governments are a threat to cryptocurrencies because cryptocurrencies are a threat to the government. If you consider the power wielded by a nation upon its citizens by the control of money then the one of the greatest threats of that control is the inability to control the money and flow of it. Very few people, myself included have the capability to transfer money from where I live to another country without using someone who charges a fee to do so. Crypto is a threat to those that control the flow of money. For example I recently purchased a sawmill made in china, it was about $3,000 le
  14. Well Little update to Ripple vs SEC courtlistener is the link to official file. Coindesk is in reference to Clayton's relation ship to the firm. https://www.courtlistener.com/recap/gov.uscourts.nysd.551082/gov.uscourts.nysd.551082.126.5.pdf https://www.coindesk.com/former-sec-chairman-jay-clayton-to-advise-one-river-asset-management-on-crypto
  15. Most news organizations have or will not mention xrp. When they show the top cryptocurrencies on a business network like CNBC xrp is not on the list. It is being purposely avoided. I can only speculate why they would do this, but seems like someone or a group of someones' from up top is telling them not to mention Ripple or xrp.
  16. https://u.today/ripple-to-make-odl-metrics-available-for-institutions-and-individual-clients This will be good to see in the future. As much as I commend weiste for utility scan having actual data from the company that provides ODL will give everyone a true idea to the actual utility.
  17. Honestly, I believe that there is a lot of hate towards xrp from some cryptocurrency platforms. Coinbase back in 2017 to today, CMC, and others. Why IDK. Either Ripple is extremely aggressive when dealing with these groups or the groups are heavily invested in other tokens, which allows for the manipulation to occur, and if xrp were to succeed they would loose their stronghold of the market.
  18. I was just about to post this same article. So don't feel bad, there at least two of us. :)
  19. Reaching into thin air here, but I would assume it is attempt to limit the possibility of xrp being a security to only that held by founders or in escrow at Ripple and therefore freeing up all holders of xrp from any burden along with exchanges of the threat of xrp being deemed a security and allowing the market to continue. Edit: By no means was I implying that the SEC should seize or otherwise force Ripple to burn xrp. More of a point to where if a judge decides the SEC and the courts can only go after those coins being currently held by Ripple or founders. To be treated in the future
  20. Maybe someone with a greater knowledge of law will elloborate. The link below has a second page. It would upload. https://twitter.com/boy_xrp/status/1369472507208740868
  21. Ripple founders selling tokens gifted=shady stuff SEC= Shady stuff I agree that Brad seems to outlived his need as it seems his personal wealth was more important than the ecosystem he was in-trusted to build. It is hard to deny that the SEC's actions were more than shady, it is also hard to deny that founder's holdings gifted have been nothing, but a huge problem for years. Jed, Brad, The blond haired guy (I'm drawing a blank). I can't say David Schwartz is in the wrong because he choose to buy his on the open market. Regarding the halt with MGI, I doubt Ripple had much of a s
  22. Ripple Pilots a Private Ledger for Central Banks Launching CBDCs https://ripple.com/insights/ripple-pilots-a-private-ledger-for-central-banks-launching-cbdcs/
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