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  1. When your a kid time moves slow. As I got old time flew by. I bought crypto, time slowed back down, my hair fell out, and my stress level increased. Worth IT?
  2. Yes there will be abuse. Like people getting seeds in the mail, so that an online seller can upvote their own services. It is however an interesting option to get coil moving, although slightly dirty and not pure in spirit. I would assume that coil will look at ways to curb abuses.
  3. https://www.ledger.com/addressing-the-july-2020-e-commerce-and-marketing-data-breach Your crypto is safe according to the article. Please look out for e-mails asking for keys and Never Give Them To Anyone
  4. It is not good for Ripple as California has more laws that benefit the consumer. An example are the lemon laws for auto-mobiles. That said please don't forget that both Republicans and Democrats are corrupt and that at this time it depends on the type of corruption that is in ones perceived best interests that sways opinions. The best option is for the people to not put up with corruption itself. As far as California as a State the eastern section of California is at its core republican while the western side is democratic. There have been attempts although possibly futile to divide California into two or three separate states so that people have better representation within their governments. All in all the lawsuit will most likely be, if Ripple is convicted, based on the position of the company and the cryptocurrency market at the time of the incident and may very well have little affect with Ripple and XRP moving forward since as mentioned in previous post by the OP that banks can hold custody of D.A. and we also have a pro-crypto person moving into the SEC.
  5. I hear great things about kraken, but I could never get verified. My signatures didn't match. I tried to explain that I've had multiple skull fractures and my hand writing is always different as a result and never heard back, so I went with uphold. I may give kraken another shot in the future since their fees are better. This was back in 2017 and I missed the bull run as a result. I started to try to sign up during thanksgiving. Long story short I missed on on around $600,000 and now I've been nothing but down for years. Anyway life goes on.
  6. Not being mean here. Thanks for asking first so others can learn. If you ask yourself is this a scam? It is probably a scam.
  7. Oh the fading fading patience. Nah, this is cool. It is nice to see things begging to grow.
  8. With a hack the first people who will know, besides the hackers, would be within twitter itself. The reality is that hacking a twitter account is not new for crypto currency scams. It has happened in the past and it is happening now. The difference is that it was done to accounts that public views as an important person.
  9. I find it funny that it is now receiving public attention. I'm assuming it is because of Biden, Musk, Gates, and Bezos, since such scams have been going on for years. As most things in life it is not the number of people that are affected it is who in power is in affected. Case and point Brain Damage to vets and citizens but Gabrielle Giffords shot to the head got congress moving. Maybe something will come of it when those individuals loose their cryptocurrency if they have any.
  10. Honestly I think it is still in priming compression stage where stuff is being consistently tinkered with, while the torch is still on warming everything up.
  11. This is how I view you ODL getting into motion. In the form of evolution. Here is about where we are at. It is a video of a Ruston Hornsby Engine start.
  12. Yeah I looked through the article for Steve's last name. I'm all for having confirmation about this person. If they were truly a part of the MIT blackjack group, a gambler, and an M.D. I would listen and be comfortable with adjusting my position towards the article and its ideas about xrp growth, but as it stands there just isn't any credibility to the article. I've got nothing against the O.P. It was at least a read.
  13. Thank you King23Maine, this is why I enjoy the community. Helping people like myself to learn little tid-bits of information.
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