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  1. From what I could tell, they are allowing to fund your paypal account. So it seems that paypal would take the cryptocurrency, sell it on the market, charge a fee and fund your personal account with it. So, it may be a thing under the disguise of "look we are making progress into digital payments," while they really are trying to reap some fees.
  2. You need a group with a clean enough financial history to allow blockchain to be regulated.
  3. https://www.xrparcade.com/news/ripple-lawsuit-fraud-allegations-dropped-brad-garlinghouse-still-not-out-of-the-woods/ Credit: Copied from XRPsnoopy.
  4. Lets see how the update goes to ethereum 2.0. I guess, ethereum will become more like xrp since it will move to P.O.S, but lets no look at a vatalik sleeping on a couch. By the way I do dislike Ethereum.
  5. https://cointelegraph.com/news/japanese-esports-company-to-pay-its-players-in-xrp
  6. https://www.coindesk.com/ripple-wins-us-patent-for-new-oracle-based-smart-contract-design
  7. Gravity batteries are cool. Liquid metal batteries, Liquid salt, iron flow. So at least there are some options.
  8. I would agree that the current xrp performance can be considered a flop. It does however seem that RIpplenet seems to be adopted quit well. One of the issues that seems to overlooked is for xrp to work various regulations from multiple countries have to begin to work together with regulatory clarity for businesses. That said xrp is being utilized and seems to be integrating into various x-border payments, as seen on utility scan (if it is accurate).
  9. How I feel about xrp and other cryptocurrencies being fudded about. The drama of wrestling. Seems like the energy stuff is important, but it is some more spaghetti on the wall. If you look at something like Tesla, they make a lot of their money by receiving carbon credits from other auto makers. What I don't see is how bitcoin mining would help with electricity, because they are not going to mine bitcoin to drain the electric grid only when needed. Second there are these things called batteries. Yes, we are a ways off from grid level storage, but a cheap thing is something like a salt wat
  10. Well, It wasn't dead this morning. Now that it is dead you may delete this thread, or leave it up to see if it comes back online. There were I believe 536 indexed links with endings such as ppyl, bancosand, and some others.
  11. https://ripple.com/organization-sitemap.xml https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1P0Ca8JwaPq_RlnPakQufyuskrc8o7RG_RlEgzDxxWNI/edit#gid=0 This was posted by crashtestdummy at https://www.cryptocompare.com/coins/xrp/forum/BTC. Considering it is just a bunch of links someone with better knowledge may be able to decipher all of the info.
  12. If you consider much of the U.S power is derived today from providing international liquidity, it should wake them up, but at the same time the leadership may not be able to or they just might not care. Hopefully the desire for not losing power will result in progress. Yes the U.S. and the rest of the West needs to wake up if they would like to maintain in position. China: -Global leader in manufacturing -The new silk road project, projecting power by inlfuence to developing nations by constructing ports for trade routes -creating financial opportunities for developing nati
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