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  1. Siam bank, will hopefully one day use xrp. I would assume that once or if asia begins utilizing xrp it will have to first be cleared for usage in Japan. So as much as it would be nice to see ASEAN nations using XRP I have the feeling that once Japan gives the ok for usage then the rest will follow. This has to do purely with the fact that Japan is a large HUB for transfers and has a large immigrant population.
  2. The best thing I've come up with is ??????? As I see it, the digitized dollar is already exists and has for quite some time. When or if one of us sends money to, lets say Germany, cash is not loaded on a ship and transferred in a crate. The debits and credits are transferred through messages sent via electrons or waves (maybe photons) by wire or satellite. Long story short the digitized dollar already exists on the back end, but what people are not comfortable with yet is the idea of there cash existing on a ledger. In a lot of ways I agree with the fear as far as theft. The U.S. lost nearly half of all Americans social security numbers. There have been countless breaches in electronic security. Anyway I doubt it will replace cash. It sure will not replace an international liquidity asset that is not bound by nation and politics.
  3. I agree with the idea that invested money back into society will be of benefit. It is a way to not hoard monies, but invest them back into the economy. My personal problem is not one to benefit society by investment, but that of the concentration of power. Again this is a personal rift not one of theoretical economic viability. The other issue I have is the fact that banks themselves loan out money placed in savings for profit so I see no reason for them to have the need to charge to hold if when in fact they are loaning savings for interest. So it is less of a pure economic principle and more of a scratch my head and consider decisions being made behind closed doors for the long term outcome of a few.
  4. Negative interest rates may be good in thought, but in production it just seems that with those that can barley save money have to reason to.
  5. I think you're right. It is exciting that they are looking to test ODL for their new corridors.
  6. It is actually not that bad of article. Since they are focusing on possibly utilizing ODL with new corridors it isn't that big of a deal. I think it is interesting that two executives have different visions for the utilisation of xrp.
  7. Waiting to buy a big dip. Just an opinion, and not a popular one at that.
  8. Personally, I think the idea of crypto being gold was and still is today grasping at straws for some pump and dump schemers. I doubt there are major institutions looking at crypto to pull them out of this particular type of economic crisis. I truly believe that the fundamentals will be looked at closely. People aren't making money to spend, they can't go to work even if they would like to. It is a medical crisis that is causing an economic crisis. The only way crypto will be looked at in all seriousness is if the banks run into a liquidity crisis and need a way to withdraw the money tied up into Nostro accounts due to an extended duration of quarantine. I think this would only occur if the threat of printing any more money would result in hyper inflation that had to be curbed. Long story short any digital asset that would be deemed suitable would have to be agreed upon by a lot of nations, systems updated, and so on. So there is a chance in hell that xrp could literally move parabolic because of financial crisis causes by a medical crises, where a digital asset is utilized to free up monies trapped in accounts over seas. So, maybe someone is looking at as a viable option. Ask them if you can.
  9. Ripple is creating some type of IOV by allowing the transfer of one nation's currency to the other. That is value being transferred using the internet. Coil is working on micropayments. To the last question could a hard fork of xrp be done and leave everyone behind. The answer is yes it could happen. At the same time, why would the?? They are the largest share holders of xrp. I believe that technically a hard fork with POS is more difficult than that of the likes of BTC, and so on. That said if you look at XLM which is somewhat like a hard fork, or at least a near copy as it was designed by one of the leading designers of xrp. Final note since XRP is open-source you could essentially copy and past the code, create your own coin and call it SITDC (shot in the dark coin), a better example would be casino coin. Anyway I don't see why would they scrap xrp if they could use what they have and are utilizing, improve the xrp protocol if that is what is needed, and third hold a butt load of the stuff that catapult them to become a trillion dollar company.
  10. Well, it is gone now, but it got me through the day.
  11. The is the first I've seen JPY and KRW.
  12. All I can say is if you FOMO'd in cryptocurrency, don't FOMO in the stock market. That said the entire world economy came off of an all time high. Retraction was going to happen, the coronavirus just seems to be the catalyst. How long the downturn last who knows? Thanks for the post OP. Insert confrontational comment: This could also be the catalyst that doesn't allow Donald Trump to be re-elected.
  13. ??? Good Dog ??? After all Dingos shouldn't be trusted.
  14. Look I don't 'know were I stand on being or not being a supplier of bad Intel. It seems the best Intel comes from Ripple or Institutions that are using RIpple products. Other sources are the few and far between government statements/cases/and other. Side Note: An IPO gets investors focused on the utilization xrp.
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