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  1. So, discussing q3 reports went down hill quickly, myself included. Xpring invested in Coinme, a global leader in cryptocurrency ATMs and blockchain financial services, to advance the adoption of cryptocurrencies, such as XRP. If I remember correctly that when investment of Coinme occurred, their was not clarification that this came with the intentions of XRP utilization. The report seems to hint at the fact that this option is being pursued.
  2. Thank you so much. This helps everyone that has invested in xrp or those that are considering.
  3. Joe bloe got trump elected which in turn is currently causing the death of the kurds along the border with turkey. Unfortunatly, who you call Joe Bloe is important, every company whether it is Coca Cola or Boeing cares about public perception. In the end facts should speak for themselves and people including myself would be better off if all we did was look at actual facts and non-biased data while not being coerced into emotional opinion. It is also a fact that the human brain creates emotion and one that stems from millions of years of evolution so we are stuck with it. I think that in the coming months it will be interesting to see how turning down sales will effect the price as the oversold portion is slowly eaten up. I also think it will be big tell into the amount of manipulation with in the market. Anyway the q3 market report was boring, but I am thankful that Ripple chooses to publish each quarter. Also the market report is very informative unless you check price three times a day, get on xrp chat in the morning at 10:00 am which isn't morning, but activity picks up suggesting that the majority of people on here are from the western united states :).
  4. My bad freaky I guess I should say they are acknowledging the fact that it exists to an extent to where it has caused some trouble. Anyway I think FUD is a fact of life sometimes more so on the internet than in real life. There are some real twigs out there you know.
  5. I do find it interesting that Ripple has decided to directly confront purposeful misinformation. I believe this is a first in a report. Maybe they are finally tired of it, or the have found an option to combat it. IDK, maybe Schwartz figured out how to write an algorithm that is known as FUD bot, like funnybot from south park.
  6. I think the main thing to consider is that Libra does not exist. Right now it is an idea. The push against Libra stems from the behaviour of facebook regarding privacy, the mismanagement of Data, and being the go to site utilized by the KGB. In a way facebook is in trouble for having a lot of power and as a result being a target of a nation influencing another nation's election (so it seems). So, I think as a result the idea of trusting a company with a asset derived of a basket of currencies puts the independence of National currency at risk. Just my opinion, Facebook can't be trusted with information, they can't be trusted with data, why trust them with currency. Maybe Libra is a great idea, but should it be placed in the hands of a company that has come under a lot of scrutiny over the years. You can argue that facebook is protected under freedom of speech and that argument is fine. Personally I think that the intelligence community knew damn well what was going on and choose not to inform the people of election meddling for one reason or another. If they did not know then they suck at their jobs. That said Libra isn't independent, but it relies on the value of nations, which easily creates conflict of interest.
  7. I bought my first ledger off of amazon. Now I get it from ledger itself. It just makes sense to remove as many variables as possible. Also Great instinct. When I got the ledger I reset it, downloaded new firmware ect.
  8. If it is any small help to all of you at Ripple, it lets help people like me know that there are a lot smarter people than myself working on an extremely difficult problem.
  9. you can see crypto eri's face in a lot of her youtube videos. I've never looked for her actual name ect as I never though it to be that important, also I try to respect other people's privacy. It is a small way that I try to uphold the United States Constitution along with the Bill of Rights.
  10. Just to be clear. Peanut56 is not Hodor. The link to the coil site was found on reddit under the Ripple section of todays daily discussion.
  11. https://coil.com/p/Hodor/Cessation-of-the-Hodor-Blog/BBo_l6Yoo Goodbye, to an OG, and hello to who you are. If Hodor chooses not to reveal his identity in relationship to his blog, I'm sure some will try to decipher who the user is. Let the game begin. edit: I meant to say that, when Hodor begins to write under their real identity, as stated in the blog, that if he/she chooses to say "hey I was hodor," then great, if not I'm sure some people will try to figure it out through writing style, use of logic, and so on. O.G.= original gangster. In modern terminology it refers to someone who was at the beginning of something.
  12. I think I need to watch that again or maybe five more times. Is my understanding correct that the proposal is to utilize xrp as collateral to the value of a stable coin to create a capability to utilize the xrp ledger for transactions of the stablecoins? Also I would assume that this would be utilized in areas where xrp is not legal or accepted, but a stable coin would be ok? It also sounds like a creation of independent market makers using xrp as collateral to use stable coins within a specific area? A lot of information I've watched it twice and need to go over it again. You know I'm slow.
  13. This is the first I've seen from a company outside of Ripple hiring a person for implementing a Ripple product. So yes NICE!
  14. This is good. I guess they now have the capability to remain liquid for daily demands while keeping full reserves for their individuals. The previous statement is an assumption. Cold storage is key.
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