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  1. More like $7,589, but seriously at some point xrp is going to break this cycle with the amount of adoption taking place.
  2. There is always a need for a bridge currency. I think we must look at the fact that if you remove the borders of an asset for trade you remove the liabilities of nations. I'm fascinated by the idea of an "in the wild asset" that at some point will not be controlled.
  3. This morning on CNBC, I believe, a gentleman with more knowledge about libre than myself stated that libre will be a decentralized network in which facebook will not control or can not control. So it sounds like a decentralized sudo-esk stable coin. I think this is a wait and see. Facebook is powerful with a lot of revenue and a lot of users. Facebook may or may not be a threat to xrp.
  4. T800. I got google. The issue is the last time I filled out something with one of those sites, I had telemarketers bothering me for two years, three to four times a day. I was just curious if someone had personal experience.
  5. Yes I know this is the wrong forum. I saw all of the zero replies in the off-topic section, and thought i might get in a little trouble, but I also increase the probability, of decent recommendation by asking in the technical section.
  6. I'm looking for an online school for a computer science degree. I thought I'd ask since the last time I put in information for an online school I was harassed by telemarketers for a year. If anyone has any recommendations it would be really cool.
  7. So you're saying the one place we might find dr_ed dead is on twitter. BTW the previous statement is a joke, and I'm sorry for the dark humour. I would trade, but without regulation in the U.S. it comes down to I'd rather be patient where I'm at than be patient in jail.
  8. It is good to see someone with the capability to possibly get something done to do so. At the same time hopefully institutions provide the push for regulation (not just banks), this way we would probably get the lowest tax rates. I amstill unsure of how to do taxes for the IRS. I haven't sold anything and turbotax asked the question "have you made any money with cryptocurrencies," I said no because it is the truth. I hope that is right and that is the problem. I do not know if it is right, but I hope a tax company got it right. I wound up paying an extra hundred bucks for insurance for the just in case scenerio due to my holdings in digital assets. Anyway anything is better that nothing and I hope that regulation that allows for positive growth to occur. I think one the highly complicated issues comes down to using xrp as a liquidity asset. I guess the "like-kind exchange" would work, and then tweaked for cross boarder transactions. Again I do not understand why the U.S. does not want transparency in cross border payments unless the government itself has an issue with shady workings. Who knows maybe the CIA is selling opioids this time to fund a secret war. Last time it was crack Bye the way O.P. good find and thank you.
  9. Another aspect and I am sorry for being pessimistic, certain contracts for time of holding from original OTC sales could be coming to end and this is a way to curb dumping. IDK anything is possible.
  10. Use fake volume to pump out all the coins you can then use fake volume to stop selling coins due to fake volume. Liquidity Increaed, price goes up, ripple gets greater publicity, xrapid looks more attractive to everyone, then becomes adopted. Works for me. By the way I have no idea if that was an internal strategy. I just happen to be a somewhat pessimistic conspiracy theorist, who can also acknowledge that sure Ripple could have be acting in good faith with the market until it was proven that fake volume exists at a level that would be considered illegal in normal markets forcing them to take appropriate action in order to preserve the legitimacy of the crypto market despite bad actors that exist due to the lack of regulation.
  11. peanut56


    I'm glad you got the joke
  12. peanut56


    Idk if I'd go as far as them concluding that crypto exist. I think they might realize that something exist, but also that it may not exist.
  13. peanut56


    It is better than nothing.
  14. I think it is inevitable. I love the idea of self driving cars, but I would want anonymity.
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