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  1. 6inch floppy disk anyone? I was young then, my dad worked for a PC company so I remember the first PC's. Tron yes, but do you remember the labyrinth with billy idol. Also, we may be hopelessly biased since I would assume most people on this forum have xrp, but if I scrub as much of the confirmation biases away I still look at this case and say, "SEC I think you know, you overstepped a little." Oh, since everyone is old if you like go here. You can buy fun dip!!!! https://www.oldtimecandy.com
  2. Nothing like a not for profit foundation trying to buy a for profit corporation. IDK seems a little shady. Or maybe Stellar is just like will do what ever ripple is doing, but six months to a year, but before that say we will not.
  3. There are countries in the world that are looking to use something besides swift which is under the control of the United States. Actors such as Russia, Iran, China, and other nations that are not favored or considered a threat to The United States, Europe, Japan, and other allies. Access to world trade for economies that aren't hindered by politics is a valuable proposition. I think and have thought for some time that a nation neutral asset will be the best option. It has been argued that the cold war started due to the USD being pegged as the international liquidity currency. Long story short China wants to take the U.S. position of world influence. This has been going on since 1990's. Time is running out and the recent pandemic has just up'ed the time frame.
  4. I think everyone has a price in mind depending on their goals and strategy in which they would like it to be to begin the process of cashing out. Are they short term and looking to sell 5% gains through out the week and buy back in on the dips. Are they long term holders and holding bags waiting to cash out at $5 or $500. In the end it is all a guess. There was a video posted by someone talking about a million USD per xrp. I think it comes down to how big you're bag is and how long do you want to hold and what is you're appetite for risk. Can you hold for 20 years or only 6 months? Do you have 100xrp or 500,000. In the end if someone knows what the actual price per xrp, they aren't telling. What we do know is it will lie somewhere between zero and infinity.
  5. The biggest threat to security with you're xrp or any other asset on uphold or other sites as long as they are truely legit. Would probably a SIM jacking. So a hacker would need two things enough information email/password to change you're password and then also would need to sim jack you're phone or any other device that would have a 2FA in place. Uphold uses google authenticator I think. So for example my Username/Passwords are stored on a piece of paper and the other is on an unused device. Safest to my knowledge is still a hardware wallet and safer than that is a paper wallet however, Stephan at coil has something like 245 million dollars worth of bitcoin on a paper wallet he lost/can't find. Long story short it depends on what type of person you are. Kraken is known for its security, but are no longer trading xrp (In the US). Uphold has had a few hacks over the years. In the end what I hear time and again and believe to be true is if you are going to trade have a trading stash on an exchange, but also have a holding stash in a hardware wallet. Again this is my view and the end decision is yours.
  6. So what I got from here. https://www.legalmatch.com/law-library/article/what-is-a-motion-to-quash.html Apparently the motion to quash is common. The SEC does not want Ripple to have access to Jay Clayton or Hinman and ask the question why XRP and not Ethereum, Bitcoin and others? What makes XRP explicitly considered a security in the view of the SEC. I think they don't want Someone under oath to answer questions that they can not answer without completely ruining the SEC's case since they don't even know what is a and what is not a security when it comes to digital assets.
  7. Who wants to make a bet that the SEC nor politicians ever read the white paper or the goal in mind?
  8. It was founded to create a cross-border settlement framework among participating banks that will utilize a fiat-pegged cryptocurrency. Another xrp killer pegged to fiat. Same story as the last, I don't remember how many xrp killers, over the years. I would take that idea with a grain of salt.
  9. After years of listening politicians and government officials. People talk of conspiracies and some grand plan. I'm coming to a horrible conclusion of it is actually just gross manipulation, abuse of power, and hidden agendas for personal gain. In the end I think the idea of a great plan, or 4d chess, and others are all just coping mechanisms for people so that we can live our day to day lives without having our brains explode. Good find OP. I read through it and I agree that the SEC came in using its status to push the case, not the evidence to the case itself.
  10. It is still working. It probably is you're browser or browser settings. It works with chromium. Here is a screen shot from today.
  11. IT's all good Hal. You have provided a lot to the forum recently. I honestly was hoping by me posting just his name someone who knew about this guy might chirp in on why he left ect. I'm lazy to.
  12. The attorney that left was Dugan Bliss. I didn't listen past that because I don't like youtube. No offense to the creator, poster, or those that do enjoy the vidoes.
  13. I love how they have had eight years to investigate and now the need to do more investigation by attempting to compel Ripple employees. Or how Ryan said XRP differs from Ethereum. Why yes XRP is different it has a completely different mechanism for securing transactions. Anyway it looks like the SEC is running out of information to produce that would cause xrp to be a security. And they are digging and will continue to dig until they no longer have the resources to do so.
  14. Best guess. It depends on the SEC case. Ripple wins price goes up. Ripple loses xrp price tanks.
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