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  1. I know that most of us are frustrated in the time frame of xrp to take off. It is beginning, but I thought it would be interesting to consider the time frame of when the idea of digital type of money was first considered or at least written down as far as I can tell from a quick search. The first instance of "credits" is in the 1888 novel "Looking Backward 2000-1887" by Edward Bellamy. This is both the first time money is referred to as "credits" in scifi (though they are called both "credits" and "dollars") and the first time an abstract "digital" currency is described in scifi. Specifically, the story features the first scifi description of what we would now call a "debit card", though they are actually called "credit cards" in the novel. Describing a Marxist utopia, all citizens receive an equal amount of credits from the state, represented on a punch card. No physical money is in circulation. https://scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/40279/what-was-the-first-science-fiction-work-to-use-credits-as-currency
  2. Hey delphus, I'm not a technical person but I like to learn so reading this thread was fun. The other day I couldn't find my wallet. 20minutes later I found it. It was in my pocket to the pants I was wearing. Just remember you are not alone.
  3. I think this would be best. Android is great, linux is now a functional operating system with ease of use, and open source systems seem to work better over time as anyone can propose code to fix problems. Microsoft O.S., disaster after disaster except for XP, Car companies early infotainment systems failed, now they all use android or carplay because it works. I hope they look at the industry and ask the question, "what exists today that is near bulletproof, what functions and is excepted by people, and how to do we integrate a payments system into types of foundations." If anything this is not reinventing the wheel since an internet payments system never really existed. The wheel never existed and as a result the utilization of data mining and privacy exploits to pay for it.
  4. I got off of a link on cryptocompare. IDK who posted it as I already closed the page. I'm lazy.
  5. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1RoICYIZYXfKTX6Pn9mxHIAQqYz0IQEWWJ417667Q6F8/edit I didn't the whole thing, but pretty good.
  6. I kind of look at the same way I look at cash. More than likely every piece of cash I touch has trace amounts of cocaine on it. So far it hasn't been a problem, but it is a talking point.
  7. My favorite thing to do is order parts from another country.
  8. He will be missed. I hope we all will retire soon.
  9. Hello, and welcome to xrpchat. If you would like to read up on xrp keys this is what I found. https://xrpl.org/cryptographic-keys.html . If you are searching for technical information ask there. I am not a tech person, just someone who had extra cash and thought xrp might end up being worthwhile. Now I'm sucked in.
  10. I think the metric system would make it easier for kids get interested in science and math. It's easier and less confusing. IDK if there was an increase in science and engineers being produced post conversion in England, but I think it would interesting to see if there was a correlation to an increase in understanding in math a science as a result since less time would be used dealing with an archaic system.
  11. The brits get things wrong every now and then. They invented the British Imperial System of measure. Then converted to the metric system. I will assume that the lack of quality reporting will be corrected as well. I'm proud to say that as an American we are still on the British system of measure. Us, Liberia, and Burma.
  12. Thanks lucky. I was curious if there were any negative affects due to a possible spam attack. If it was a spam attack at least they lost money to no effect on the network, while validating previous load testing. So works as designed is a good thing.
  13. Sorry I should have said a digital asset, since there is a grey area of the definition of what xrp is. I would assume that if it is utilized as a form of international exchange then there would vested interest by all nations, businesses, and people involved to protect the asset. I think that most governments understand that today it would be difficult to feed your people without international trade. If people go hungry then there is usually revolution. If the world's businesses choose to utilize a nation neutral asset to conduct trade I'm sure that there are plenty of companies willing to make weapons for armies to fight for security. XRP can help facilitate the trade of value to construct your weapons.
  14. I'll just throw this in their for sake of argument. An asset controlled by a worldwide community will better suit worldwide needs than a currency controlled by a single nation. (trying to simplify Tiny's statement).
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