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  1. With lightning network isn't there a trust line that has to be open? Is the true with xrp tip bot? I am not 100% sure, so the previous is a hesitant "I believe so?"
  2. peanut56

    If XRP was a security (good outcome)

    yes and people would have bought unregistered securities and people not qualified to buy securities would have bough securities. I think we should just hope for it to be a dead issue.
  3. Great. Maybe. I don't trust the Idea of a stable coin. Just seems scammish.
  4. I'm going to use a quote by the late Anthony Bourdain, "people don't hate other people, governments hate other governments." Back to OP. I hope the XRP usage by Corda which then puts the asset usage in many dissociated originations will allow clarity on XRP not being a security.
  5. peanut56

    “Amazon” for properties

    "Experience Corda Test Network with Instant Property Network’s Trial" Corda announced yesterday the optional usage of XRP on the platform.
  6. peanut56

    “Amazon” for properties

    https://marketplace.r3.com/stories/instant-property-network This would be, according to corda $217 trillion dollar market.
  7. I'm a U.S. citizen, and don't totally agree with you. I think the United States has allowed itself to look way beyond its borders for true manipulation and influence by the use of force. I think the power has gotten to their heads. After the last world conflict terrorism, it shows the nature the United States willingness to lie and mislead their people even with the consequence of killing and displacing millions. Don't get me wrong terrorist are awful human beings at the same time if you look at it from an information perspective the united states is a terrorist nation. The government allowed themselves to become what they said they fight. Anyway I have always felt the if the U.S. truely wanted to spread democracy to better the world then when dealing with nations they must extend the protection of the United States Constitution to the people the deal with in the international community. I was a boy scout and I was in the military for a short time (injury caused me to be discharged). I am believer that the U.S. should never put in place dictators (always turns out bad for the people), start wars, or use economics as a weapon to depress economies in other nations (textile industry in africa).
  8. I don't think there will ever be the most important news announcement. There will just be good news after good news if xrp is successful as a liquidity tool. Some bad news here and there, it is going to happen. As far as what happen if when xrp reaches 15 dollars. It all comes down to how much have you lost in percentages. 5 cents now is 30% or so. 5 cents at a $10 is 2% so how much you loose or gain depends on entry point. Alot of people are upset because a lot of people are severely in the red. I am and it gets me stressed out. So most people have only lost money in this. I am not trying to vent I'm use to it. Anyway I vent everyday after a pot of coffee.
  9. peanut56

    Stamping on Corruption

    I am not disputing that money will get from point A (donators) to point B (recipient). That will happen, I was just thinking of Point B to where the money is suppose to go. Ethiopia has all they need to secure food, water, shelter. The problem wasn't the supply it was getting the supply to the farmers that needed it. It had to do with their road systems and factions with in the country. This was years ago. I don't remember the specific conflict. The conflict itself, not the supply of goods, caused major famine..
  10. So this is the only thing I saw. From the above article that could be a concern. Than the question is, what is the implementation process? "Next year, the gpi pre-validation service will be complemented by a new investigation and reconciliation service that will facilitate the settlement of any remaining payment inquiries and investigations." Sounds the old horse is being juiced. Once that happens it's only a matter of time until it wakes up one day and can't walk. Then it must be put down for humane reason. I say when its time, put in a pasture and let graze so it can enjoy its retirement.
  11. peanut56

    Stamping on Corruption

    unfortunately, I don't think it will be much better than today. As long as the paperwork looks right then it must be right. It may be harder for a while, but criminals will adjust.
  12. I don't know if you were referring to me or not. In a way everything involved with payments can be competition, however it can also be complementary.
  13. peanut56

    We're About to Hit the 1000 Node Milestone

    We are at 1000 nodes. (internet time for every second on earth the internet has moved one day). Thanks for the post.
  14. Sounds like an Xcurrent competitor. I heard they were working on this, however it still does not free Nastro accounts. It also doesn't seem to have a plan for a neutral international liquidity asset. So yes it is competition. Will it out perform ripple? It is a possibility in the sense that if it works so much better than Xcurrent then ripple as a company could go bankrupt. However, it may be to late. This scenario is why ripple holds so much XRP; a way to weather the storm.
  15. Hey more good news. Price drop expected. It is a good thing the two companies could come to an agreement, move forward, and make a decision that can better both companies along with the xrp environment.