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  1. peanut56

    The end of Ripple?

    It's not the end or Ripple, but hopefully it will be the end of $ 0.30, when people see that JPM, Swift, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and lets not forget stellar can't' compete.
  2. peanut56

    JP Morgan to launch its own cryptocurrency

    So JPM created a private currency. It will probably be better than alot of the "wildcat" cryptocurrencies that went belly up and more will go belly up. I think the goal for an XRP ecosystem is a digital asset that is not pegged to a currency, but a neutral trade asset that can securely hold value in a relationship that relies on it being used. If it is continuously used as a bridge asset or micropayments then it is use creates its value. The difference is in the way it is designed to be used to create value. JPM coin sounds like it will be great for book keeping. XRP is looking to be a "in the wild asset." What I mean by that is without being pegged to a dollar it is free from the constraints of another system. If it is free from a defined system then evolution of its use can take place. JPM coin will never be anything other than JPM= 1USD (subject to inflation deflation). XRP=.30 USD, but it can change, since the only thing that defines its value is speculation and a little bit usage. If a little bit of usage is already scaring the faecal material and moving large orginizations to try to compete this is good. Personally I think JPM is looking to make money by creating something that seems great, but in the end what value does JPM coin generate and what problem does it solve? Can it be used by anyone? No. Can XRP be used by anyone? Yes. Which has the greater capability to create value with in a society.
  3. peanut56

    JP Morgan to launch its own cryptocurrency

    I believe there was a comment from Brad Garlinghouse dealing with stablecoins. It was something like they will try and in the end the risk and liability will increase causing them to fail. I guess J.P Morgan is going to have to add an additional dollar to every coin it issues tying up even more funds. Maybe it can turn a quick buck or two on implementation. It will also be on a private ledger. Maybe J.P Morgan will just trade the coin between its own accounts. This could in a sense increase the security of their own personal ledgers. It can not unless accepted by masses (trust issue) be utilized as an international liquidity tool.
  4. I don't know about ya'll but I think I would rather have my money secured in the hands of sixteen year olds and chinese miners run by a communist government. That seems a lot better than in the hands of financial institutions around the world who's actual job is to store and distribute monies.
  5. peanut56

    XRP wikipedia

    I was looking at Wikipedia and decided to look up XRP. I was wondering if anyone, including myself would like to do research and write about XRP specifically. The reason for this is that if you look up XRP on Wikipedia it comes up under Ripple (payment protocol), which is a mishmash of XRP/Ripple Labs/remittance protocol. I thought it might be a good place for research of others to take place. I am not literate enough in technicals to do the job with the precision needed. AKA I have zero and I mean zero programming skills. Just found this: Still not exact. https://en.bitcoinwiki.org/wiki/Ripple
  6. Fantastic news. It is true that Wieste has been one of the most publicly known developers within he XRP community. I am glad to see him receiving support for the development of projects.
  7. Some folks asked for a ripple employee to respond, and they did. Credit to- crashtestdummy
  8. I went out and gotten me sum xrp's down in da messes of the dat xchange yell'n bitstamp . I think it is a good thing that xrp is being fought on such a level. I wouldn't discount it as a threat, I mean look at the use of propaganda throughout history and its impact. What it does mean is that there is a real effort to counter progress for a particular asset. The real question is to figure out who or what organization is behind it. To know who is responsible would allow actual counter. I hope it is being organized by swift or Citi.
  9. http://fortune.com/2018/05/21/bank-japan-mitsubishi-blockchain-akamai/ "Akamai, a U.S. tech company, to design a blockchain that can handle 1 million transactions per second at latencies of less than 2 seconds, meaning the time it takes to confirm a batch of transactions on the ledger, the companies said. They expect the service to be capable of handling 10 million transactions per second as they continue to improve the technology, they said." "MUFG and Akamai’s is “permissioned,” meaning that only verified computers can join the network" It's permissioned so so a closed system. Also what is a "batch of transactions?" https://www.finextra.com/newsarticle/33379/akamai-and-mufg-to-roll-out-blockchain-based-payment-network-in-2020/retail The network will likely undergo its first live test with the introduction of MUFG's digital currency asset MUFG Coin. The currency, which is pegged 1:1 to the Japanese Yen, can be downloaded to smartphones and used for micropayments, P2P funds transfers and for online shopping. So it sounds like a stable coin (added liability) it is also a permissioned network, so not everyone can use it. Also how would solve International money transfers? Sounds like a domestic payment system.
  10. peanut56

    dotcom bubble

    I understand it is a different scenario as far as it being a new asset class without normal regulations. It does leave a huge unknown + a few ????. I guess I look at it as a reference to human behaviour over how it plays out. Hopefully due to the talk and recognition of a bubble + regulation along with usage in a commercial market will allow people to be comfortable investing native currencies into the market and shorten a recovery time and add to capitulation. I guess I posted because I'm tired and venting while also trying to provide myself reassurance or something. IDK it will be fun one day.
  11. peanut56

    dotcom bubble

    I though this is an interesting I found on the dot-com bubble. https://www.investopedia.com/terms/d/dotcom-bubble.asp The NASDAQ index peaked on March 10, 2000, at 5048, nearly double over the prior year. Right at the market’s peak, several of the leading high-tech companies, such as Dell and Cisco placed huge sell orders on their stocks, sparking panic selling among investors. Within a few weeks, the stock market lost 10% of its value. As investment capital began to dry up, so did the lifeblood of cash-strapped dotcom companies. Dotcom companies that had reached market capitalization in the hundreds of millions of dollars became worthless within a matter of months. By the end of 2001, a majority of publicly traded dotcom companies folded, and trillions of dollars of investment capital evaporated.e The mania is over as far as society is concerned. Now its the knock down drag out slug fest for the next five to ten years. Good luck. I'm holding my bags.
  12. peanut56

    Has Corey Johnson left Ripple?

    Are we writing a script for Etv?
  13. peanut56

    Has Corey Johnson left Ripple?

    He seemed more like a salesman. Ripple needs someone who could sway policy makers.
  14. peanut56

    FinTech: Will Blockchain Enable Better Banking?

    It just might work
  15. I guess that was a large chunk. https://data.ripple.com/v2/network/xrp_distribution 136 date"2019-02-03T00:00:00Z" total"99991698361" distributed"41208093050" undistributed"6483605298" escrowed"52300000013" I don't know can someone more knowledgeable than myself explain the importance. Could be twitter junk ( . I am sorry for wasting your time. If it is Cr@p just delete it.