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  1. I don't think XRP being a Ponzi scheme like bitconnect is relevant. If an issue occurred it is about the sales of xrp and the relationship of those sales to the method of acquisition. the The fact the SEC was made aware of investor being hurt as a result was either personally motivated, or the problem with RIpple and its use of xrp are so bad that hurting investors now offered more protection than trying to fix the problem in another method. Personally I don't know, but timing is suspect.
  2. I apologize for the confusion. The article itself did not directly refer to xrp. However, it was a recent publication by a member of the SEC that lays out an argument about digital assets and there relationship to to being or not being a security in a particular time frame. I don't want to speculate. I do like the argument about how a token could be considered a security if no working network exists, but once a functional network exists then a token should not be a security as it would halt the expansion of the network.
  3. https://www.sec.gov/news/public-statement/peirce-concurrence-wireline-011521 Not directly related to xrp, but a very good read. "Treating a token as a security is akin (no pun intended) to saying that if in Howey investors were permitted to take their profits in kind by taking delivery of the oranges produced by their strip of trees, those oranges would be securities and subsequent sales of these oranges by the investors to citrus-lovers would be securities"
  4. Hi chm2463. I would ignore that. I heard someone else getting the same email either on this forum or another they are praying on emotion and fear and looking for someone to fall for it and statistically someone will. I hope you do not.
  5. https://thecryptobasic.com/2021/01/14/sec-investigator-behind-1-3-billion-xrp-lawsuit-resigns/ Not a great article, but I find it interesting how short of a time that Marc P. Berger held the job. I know with the jobs I have held in the past it takes well over a year to just figure out how to consistently do a decent job and by no means without mistakes and sometimes ones that are huge. Maybe that is why this entire SEC scheme seems rather FUBAR, when in comes to its purpose.
  6. A concern I have is that the U.S. just printed about 1/5 of all U.S. currency and they need that currency to be valuable as people don't have that much in reserve as a result the USD needs value and that value can be derived from the usage of international liquidity (unless the fed decides to take USD out of circulation). This usage to prop up the value of the dollar is competition with xrp. However due to poor international relationships with the U.S. and weaponization of the USD many countries would like to remove themselves from external influence. So I think it is a complicated and delicat
  7. They may be halting trading in the U.S., but historically when you can't buy or sell a coin the price goes up. However this case may be different.
  8. Here is something similiar: https://ledger.exposed/rich-stats # Accounts Balance from - To Sum (XRP) 2,398,578 In accounts (excl. escrows): 51,892,055,009 XRP Total coins (ledger): 99,990,803,472 XRP 5
  9. I have a feeling there will be scrutiny put on everything his administration did. A mess is a mess. One of the issues at least in the financial market was with the lack of transparency with the PPE money during the first COVID relief package. Whether or not that will lead to something deeper who knows. If something is turned over on corruption with financials within the Trump administration then one stone will be turned after the other, it just depends on whether the SEC comes under scrutiny as a result.
  10. The thorn in elephant's foot regarding Ripple's share of xrp. It has been a thorn and will be until a viable solution is formulated and carried out. There was a distribution problem. There still is a distribution problem. Suggestions from burning them to allowing another entity to hold and distribute, give them to current holders. All are suggestions and none of them right. I don't have a good way. Maybe it is a combination of all of them. If you want a level playing field then it has to include everyone involved and no one can be slighted. For distribution to take place it must done in a meth
  11. Tetragon filed suit in Delaware under seal. So we do not know what the contract was/is. All we can do is either say Ripple is bad stupid and messed up scam or Tetragon is trying to get its money back because it took to large of a risk an is scared. From there portfolio out of the 2.3 billion in assets they maintain around 4% cash.
  12. Looking at tetragon's history they seem to file suit. By no means am I saying that Ripple hasn't seemed to drop the ball somewhere along the line. With the legal team they had maybe they choose not to listen or the legal team thought maybe they could get by with what they were doing. I would think there was some sort of risk vs reward and long-term strategy, but then again we have corporations that can maintain a business from going bankrupt if the economy stops for two weeks. So it leaves a bunch of large ?????? we will need to see what suit was filed in order to understand what contractual o
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