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  1. Technically speaking XRP and all other digital assets are non-intelligent entities. ar·ti·fi·cial in·tel·li·gence /ˌärdəˈfiSHəl inˈteləjəns/ noun noun: artificial intelligence; noun: AI the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages.
  2. Insert useless comment (here) ---------------------------------------- (Ronald Reagan)
  3. Or you can be in a partial f'd up situation and live with your folks until you have enough cash to not need a loan. I'm semi waiting for xrp to do what (?) Go up.
  4. Just a tidbit. Orient or of the East, as opposed to of the Occident or of the West. Also refers to geographical regions.
  5. I think when maturity is reached an IPO will be offered in order to make the original share holders very rich. Even though Ripple is a private company they still will have to answer to the people who originally invested in the company. With that strategy in mind I would speculate that Ripple would offer an IPO after near full XRP adoption, to bring public awareness to the product in order to cause full adoption, or when it is just time to establish Ripple as the next google, and so on. I hope Ripple will have an IPO after XRP is in the hundreds or thousands of dollars per xrp so we can all by shares prior to an IPO.
  6. damn plikk, I almost went to join the foreign legion in france.
  7. It could also be a decision based on seeing international remittance as a more profitable business than a crypto exchange, or its just easy to transfer form one place to another. I don't know, just speculating on a possible business strategy. It will be interesting if other crypto exchanges follow suite.
  8. Yes, it seems like X-rapid needs demand to outpace the available amount of xrp to increase price along with the time of transaction factor.
  9. I guess I am the only farmer (sort of line of best fit) here.
  10. David had mentioned quantum computers hacking blockchain. I believe the answer was that what exists today is in its infancy, and if they implement the measures now then they would essentially have to support protection forever. So they are going to wait until there is a real need for it or the design of quantum computer counter measures have the elegance that is worth supporting. Link to an article from jan, 8 2019 https://www.theverge.com/2019/1/8/18171732/ibm-quantum-computer-20-qubit-q-system-one-ces-2019 IBM’s new quantum computer is a symbol, not a breakthrough
  11. Thanks Baka. It has been boring lately, and you gave us something to do. On a serious note, I think they are written for people who want Ripple to be a scam. To get clicks and make money. The whole blockchain environment is plagued with hype and fud. It is probably why we are the way we are today and tomorrow and the next day. If we stick to legit announcements from Ripple, Ripple partnerships, and maybe one day SEC clarification then we might be better off. At the same time if there were not a bunch of quirky over enthusiastic xrp supporters then this forum would be dead.
  12. Hi ripplehero and welcome to the forum. I can't answer the question you are asking however, you may want to post your question in the technical discussion area. That is were people seem to discuss development ideas, along with coding, and running validators and so on.
  13. Less than a year ago after the bull run 24hr volume (according to coinmarketcap, yes I know but that is what I was using at the time) was hovering in 200,000,000 usd range for months. It went up in around sept and seems to have stayed in the low 450 million to the highs in 1 billion per day. So it seems in around six months the daily volume has doubled. We will see where it is at in jun-aug. As far as being time sensitive yes/maybe. Regulation is a big deal, but it seems the politicians have their hands full with a president who may have had used a foreign adversaries intelligent agency in order to win the election. I don't know what the truth, and that is not the discussion for here. However, politicians like job security and whatever you believe they will eat the political stuff everyday for re-election rather than running the country. Regulation will happen. If the U.S. is late to the party, which it seems like it is, then they will rush something through and we should hope for the best. Will better products be produced. Maybe. We have Cobalt, Codius, Xpring, and other projects to look forward to. Regulation is coming down hard on internet companies for privacy, If the "Right to Privacy" is upheld hard, then every internet company will need another way to monetize, this could push xrp along with other blockchains to the forefront of internet usage. For that they ILP, which may be the biggest weapon in the arsenal.
  14. It is also a maybe. Over the past year year the volume has increased substantially as far as consistency.
  15. There was interview where one of the IBM personnel said they could also use xrp. So seems an up in the air for IBM about if they will use a specific token. “It could be [...] XRP [...] it could be Bitcoin, but it would also probably include other instruments, like stablecoins, and even eventually soon — hopefully — central bank-issued digital currencies.”
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