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  1. A few months ago when utility scan started to operate and a few new corridors where being opened transaction amounts were increasing at regular increments each week. It was by around $5,000-$10,000 each week. Then it jumped up to $100,000 USD worth of xrp. The next week it went back down to around where it is today. I agree that with both the folks above. I'm assuming that somehow what they are doing now is the most efficient.
  2. I understand lawsuits in extreme circumstances of purposeful manipulation that causes harm that will be lifelong. This on the other hand burdens our court systems (U.S.) and takes away resources to solve real problems (Our nation is literally being set on fire due legal system abuses). It kind of makes me sick. Off the soap box now. Great pictures.
  3. Sure. You lost it, but you trade it with someone else's ledger for the same amount that resides in another country. You save up enough money to buy a citizenship in another nation. Change your name. Then with a new name and new citizenship you extract the crypto you got from person z that you traded with. Just make sure to transfer persons z's crypto to a new ledger and vice versa. That is the best I could come up with. I'm am not doing this as I have no reason.
  4. https://cointelegraph.com/news/hacker-sells-tens-of-thousands-of-ledger-tezor-and-keepkey-users-info I just thought I should post this. Hacking has been pretty quiet for a while when in comes to crypto. Just a reminder to keep your information safe along with your keys. If another parabolic increase occurs hackers will come out of the wood work to profit on the excitement.
  5. https://equityzen.com/company/ripplelabs/ I came across this this today and thought it was interesting to see who invested in Ripple and what other companies the individuals or groups have invested in.
  6. https://www.coinspeaker.com/ripple-xrp-approval-transfers/amp/?__twitter_impression=true https://www.consumerfinance.gov/ I couldn't find information on the government site, maybe someone with better navigation skills can pull it off.
  7. Scamming is terrible. I guess a crypto scam is easy for people to fall into due to the fact that standards of practice are not well established and each coin can be different in the way it functions. Some coins due giveaways others do not which isn't a help. As bad as crypto scams are there are scams out there which can cause a lot more damage such as identity theft, insurance, my personal pet peeve that keeps me up at night, human trafficking. As much as I think it would be great for there to be attention put on crypto scams I would much rather resources be spent on things that lead to modern slavery than some crypto scam. Anyway, I think we will be on our own to inform new comers about scams, especially when the market picks up again, and if we are honest the probability of crypto picking up again during our current economic situation is low. However, that does buy time for discussions and strategies to be developed to prevent scammers success. This tends to happen to people who are new to the environment.
  8. Thank you, for your post. Please don't be discouraged by remarks of folks that have been here for a while that say we already knew that. A lot of us have been here a while and have lost our sensibility to new comers that have excitement. I hope for all of us that the news you presented is implemented as quickly and as safely possible and that you may for go a brutal bear market that has drained myself and others of all civility. Again thanks and this is great. We need Katio to blink.
  9. First time snow skiing black diamond. I fell down the mountain with grace. Second time surfing a break called Stockton in Santa Cruz, held under for 8 over head waves and washed up on the beach. Lets see neck still hurts, back problems, limp in my left knee, and not quite forty. Invested in Xrp. Jokes aside: There is nothing small to what ripple is trying to accomplish. I think a slow a steady pace is ideal, at the same time they must stay in front of the competition.
  10. https://www.thecryptoassociate.com/sbi-ceo-speaks-about-ripple-during-earnings-presentation-call/ "This is what I wanted to tell them is that, up until now, we have been focusing only on remittance and tying up with banks or money transfer brokers or agents because they wanted to — their mission was to create revolution in international remittance. But large trading firms have bases around the world, and that’s probably true with all the multinationals. Why don’t you move the money around there? You don’t have to work with just the finance sector. You can invite the multinational network into Ripple, and you can accelerate commercialization." Yoshitaka Kitao (CEO of SBI Holdings) Damn!!! Yoshitaka Kitao just told Ripple. I'm not upset about it, I like it. I would hope and believe that the folks at ripple would be thinking "I wish I had thought of that." Head down, smile, and a new mission.
  11. I think a lot of us don't understand how coil is to be implemented long term and it is defiantly in its infancy. I really do like the idea of micropayments and implementation somehow is a good thing. If coil becomes a large part of the online industry then it will more than likely fade into the background and become implemented as a back-end option for a larger subscription service, like from your internet provider. If you pay an extra x amount per month then we will not spy on you. I'm sure someone has mentioned the idea on this forum. At the same time it is kind of cool to watch how a company is trying to get into a complex environment that has for the majority of its life relied on ads and information mining in order to raise revenue in order to survive. That is what is cool about it. It offers an option to change a long time pain point on the monetization of the internet. Anyway coil is like a piece of a puzzle. You know it fits, but their is no picture to figure out how it fits with the rest of the pieces.
  12. So somewhere between 1 person out of everyone on earth and 1 out of every 25.313 people on earth depending on the number of people who have a duplicate account if the population of earth is 7.594 billion as stated on google search. Also it could represent zero people if only bots use imgur then no peson uses it. Now that is a lot of people (or zero), but I will say I see coil as a great idea that I hope stays long enough for someone with the vision to monetize it finds a way. I don't know how or I'd let them know. Coil's business model has perplexed me to how it would be profitable, however it is a curiosity on how it could monetize itself while providing micropayments while protecting privacy. Maybe something like duckduckgo or another privacy oriented method. However that would not make it better, just the as good as we got now. Sorry for the tangent. It is good news, but the money seems to come from Ripple donating xrp which comes from speculators which makes it, as of now, a non-profitable network. However, if enough usage occurs then a profitable network may become self sufficient.
  13. Ripple Labs, Inc. et al vs. YouTube, LLC This is a lawsuit filed by Ripple against Youtube. Unless youtube is counter suing in that case please elaborate.
  14. It is exciting because I am desperate. sarcasm. If they don't want to use were established relations exist then that is fine, but if they look into for places were they do not currently function efficiently then why not. It would be like we have this train and works great. It has been there for years. Then you need to go set up a train somewhere else, but there is a different type train that will cost a lot less to build than the one you have. If the one you got works use it until it breaks and build the new one for the other place you have to work.
  15. Bitcoin Manipulation Abatement, LLC, US Court Dismisses $150M Lawsuit Against Cryptocurrency Derivatives Exchange https://cryptopotato.com/us-court-dismisses-150m-lawsuit-against-cryptocurrency-derivatives-exchange/ Bitcoin Manipulation Abatement, LLC, Here is their registration in Puerto Rico https://prcorpfiling.f1hst.com/CorpInfo/CorporationInfo.aspx?c=424234-1511 Nothing Like a lawsuit being filed out of a condominium in Peurto Rico They seem to be going around suing crypto companies. Possible a company once called TRANSPACIFIC IP GROUP LLC, 5245 AVE ISLA VERDE UNIT 302. I would assume this had to changed due to the fact there is an actual company called this out of China that works on internet stuff. (yes I called it that). There were also various registrations of trademarks from clothing apparel to website names like mymall.com There was mention of stuff from cyprus. So basically it seems like a few people shacked up in a condo trying to scam corporations.
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