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  1. Bro, that is reaching deep into the pit of slander. You're like that former prosecutor on dateline. Holdup your name is codiusrex. Maybe I should rename myself to to something ripple or xrp related so people will believe what I say. Peanutxrp "proof please of brad blowing coke." Jesus, codiusrex are you suffering from hallucinations? It is about rude as one can be to insinuate illicit activities of another person for personal gain. I've been through it, and that crap can snowball a persons life into a sh!te show like no other. I'll stop now but come on don't be a D!#k.
  2. The only problem with turning over engineers is the knowledge of the product. When you bring in someone new they have to figure out a bunch of stuff that was second nature to the previous. It slows down development which slows down progress. It sounds like management isn't listening to its workers. That is not a good thing if the management can't do the job themselves. I've quite jobs before due to the fact that those over me would not listen, were unwilling to waiver. Two went out of business shortly after. The same thing happened with engineers on the ford infotainment system. They said it wouldn't work properly. Ford pushed. It was a disaster. Ford now uses android auto. Windows 8/9. If the startup is run by that of finance point of view, then the engineering part is blown as if anyone can do it. We will see. Hopefully R3 will limp along until Codius is ready. Maybe get those engineers to funded by Xspring to develop Codius.
  3. This space will be adopted and so will cryptocurrency's. I think the question is which ones and why. Henry Ford created the assembly line which increased the efficiency and decreased the cost to both the manufacturer and the end customer. If revolutionized manufacturing. I drive a Ford today. It's a great car, besides the windows based infotainment system, which was later scrapped for android. I think Ripple, who utilized XRP, is in prime position to do the same, and as long as they stay relevant then they should succeed. I also believe that as nations look to individualize themselves during a time of globalization a non-state transitional asset can allow for less compromise for nations while maintaining a global footprint. In the end an asset that allows the transfer of monies without gov't influence is a good thing.
  4. Wouldn't swell be more of a networking event rather than a stunt for price increase in xrp. I don't think it is meant for us.
  5. I was thinking the same thing. On top of that since xrp is opensource a person could do the same thing with xrp as its domestic transactional currency. I guess my curiosity with that is how it will deal with crypto as a taxable event for every transfer while paying people in their cryptocurrency MTL. How will the company make money? I guess regulatoin would have to written in the form of if a transfer takes place from one person to the next where the same amount of cash is recieved that was sent then it is non-taxable event on money transfers, but then if a transaction takes place where more cash is made from the cryptocurrency then it is a taxable event. Then I guess the operators of MTL coin would be liable for the tax event.
  6. Look Sparticus one of two things will happen. The SEC will either declare xrp a security and you will be on here with the I told you so why everyone weeps of their loses and tries to figure out the next move in order to not be fined for the improper purchases of securities or you will be wrong in which case we will more than likely never here from you again. I guess since you are so damn sure it is a security I would suggest working with legislation to layout laws that govern the distribution methods of tokens in order for there to be absolute clarity. Once that occurs Ripple Labs can adhere to those rules. Then Ripple can either buyback every single unregistered security that they sold or they can follow the distribution method laid out by legislation in which xrp would not be deemed a security.
  7. Also what TKJ was offering was a token of value like that of an arcade. I think with that in general it is useful to look at use case. I think you also must look at agenda and complexity of international transfer of multiple currencies. Due to continuous fluctuations within international currencies xrp could not function if pegged to a single currency. In that mindset go ahead a have USD digitalized and get rid of cash. Do not forget that if you peg any coin to a currency as its represented value then you have essentially created another liability. If XRP remains in an open network it allows for dynamic change in accordance to the environment that is functioning in. Anyway long story short you and another buddy are tag teaming with an agenda.
  8. I feel like we have an attorney representing the plaintiff suing Ripple. I guess your looking for ammunition for you're case.
  9. I like Bob Way's solution. Unfortunately I think we are waiting on regulation. The interesting thing/big ole this is going to take a while is that market makers have to meet regulation in country A with country B. So liquidity maybe great from Brazil to Philippines, but then if either of those country's reg's are not in place a black of hole of waiting commences.
  10. A good thing from physically having to settle in BTC is the fact that the network could break down due to usage causing people to actually look at functionality.
  11. Well I guess I'll post the entire Turnkey Jet, INC page. Why did you leave out important information? (What was left out was underlined) Securities Act of 1933 Section 2(a)(1) April 3, 2019 Response of the Division of Corporation Finance Re: TurnKey Jet, Inc. Incoming letter dated April 2, 2019 Based on the facts presented, the Division will not recommend enforcement action to the Commission if, in reliance on your opinion as counsel that the Tokens are not securities, TKJ offers and sells the Tokens without registration under the Securities Act and the Exchange Act. Capitalized terms have the same meanings as defined in your letter. In reaching this position, we particularly note that: TKJ will not use any funds from Token sales to develop the TKJ Platform, Network, or App, and each of these will be fully developed and operational at the time any Tokens are sold; the Tokens will be immediately usable for their intended functionality (purchasing air charter services) at the time they are sold; TKJ will restrict transfers of Tokens to TKJ Wallets only, and not to wallets external to the Platform; TKJ will sell Tokens at a price of one USD per Token throughout the life of the Program, and each Token will represent a TKJ obligation to supply air charter services at a value of one USD per Token; If TKJ offers to repurchase Tokens, it will only do so at a discount to the face value of the Tokens (one USD per Token) that the holder seeks to resell to TKJ, unless a court within the United States orders TKJ to liquidate the Tokens; and The Token is marketed in a manner that emphasizes the functionality of the Token, and not the potential for the increase in the market value of the Token. This position is based on the representations made to the Division in your letter. Any different facts or conditions might require the Division to reach a different conclusion. Further, this response expresses the Division's position on enforcement action only and does not express any legal conclusion on the question presented. Sincerely,
  12. Maybe by the time futures come to fruition some of the forum members may have grown pubes.
  13. Since accredited investors can buy shares of Ripple Labs then it seems an illegal sale of Ripple Labs shares would have been a breach in security laws. I don't see how that doesn't differentiate xrp and private shares of a company, which would fall under the securities laws of accredited investment. I wonder if the plantiff understands that if they had not followed through with a class action suit they would probably be seeing profit as that hit xrp like damn brick. It would be interesting to know more about Xspring and how it affects the business model of those granted money for tech advancements. Does Ripple give money to Xspring companies in return for shares/board seats/royalties and so on. Can companies that are developing on the XRP ledger exist and function without Ripple Labs. This would differentiate Ripple Labs from XRP. If the the Law does define XRP as a security, but no longer considers it to be one, then Ripple may have to pay a fine, but then be declared as of now not to be a security. Long story short, The article is bias. I think most of us agree that the securities issue is a thorn in the side of Ripple and anyone who speculates on the rise of XRP as use cases increase.
  14. "I can’t see a majority of nodes agreeing to any change that means the FED controls the ledger." (tinyaccount) The beauty of decentralization is the difficulty for a single body to control the network.
  15. I hope this is explored by someone with more knowledge than myself or the majority of folks. If it was a user error then that can be corrected. If it is a software glitch then it is better now than when than when the system is up and running at full commercial scale, so that the exploit can be corrected. Either way it sheds light on an issue of either user friendliness and or technical.
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