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  1. https://u.today/ripple-to-make-odl-metrics-available-for-institutions-and-individual-clients This will be good to see in the future. As much as I commend weiste for utility scan having actual data from the company that provides ODL will give everyone a true idea to the actual utility.
  2. Honestly, I believe that there is a lot of hate towards xrp from some cryptocurrency platforms. Coinbase back in 2017 to today, CMC, and others. Why IDK. Either Ripple is extremely aggressive when dealing with these groups or the groups are heavily invested in other tokens, which allows for the manipulation to occur, and if xrp were to succeed they would loose their stronghold of the market.
  3. I was just about to post this same article. So don't feel bad, there at least two of us. :)
  4. Reaching into thin air here, but I would assume it is attempt to limit the possibility of xrp being a security to only that held by founders or in escrow at Ripple and therefore freeing up all holders of xrp from any burden along with exchanges of the threat of xrp being deemed a security and allowing the market to continue. Edit: By no means was I implying that the SEC should seize or otherwise force Ripple to burn xrp. More of a point to where if a judge decides the SEC and the courts can only go after those coins being currently held by Ripple or founders. To be treated in the future
  5. Maybe someone with a greater knowledge of law will elloborate. The link below has a second page. It would upload. https://twitter.com/boy_xrp/status/1369472507208740868
  6. Ripple founders selling tokens gifted=shady stuff SEC= Shady stuff I agree that Brad seems to outlived his need as it seems his personal wealth was more important than the ecosystem he was in-trusted to build. It is hard to deny that the SEC's actions were more than shady, it is also hard to deny that founder's holdings gifted have been nothing, but a huge problem for years. Jed, Brad, The blond haired guy (I'm drawing a blank). I can't say David Schwartz is in the wrong because he choose to buy his on the open market. Regarding the halt with MGI, I doubt Ripple had much of a s
  7. Ripple Pilots a Private Ledger for Central Banks Launching CBDCs https://ripple.com/insights/ripple-pilots-a-private-ledger-for-central-banks-launching-cbdcs/
  8. I will agree with the above that Gensler is intelligent however intelligence doesn't not mean immune to mistake or lacking in needed qualities. The best example I have is in my own family statistically a genius from testing, but when it comes navigating something as simple walking up some stairs this person will trip from not paying attention. Anyway what I'm saying the hope is that the academic will behave academically and not be pressured or swayed by those in power. As far as the court case is concerned the hope is that the presiding judge will have both intelligence and foresight to see a
  9. What exchanges did who de-listed or halted trading within the U.S. was nothing more than mitigating risk. In the event xrp is considered a security they bought themselves security from litigation from the SEC. If xrp is not considered a security then exchanges will carry on and they only people that will remember are those that were in xrp prior to the filing. When or if xrp is no longer under a securities threat designation then more than likely a new ATH will begin new money will flow in exchanges will by that time already re-engaged in xrp trading and the small amount of money they did not
  10. https://www.natlawreview.com/article/congress-extending-sec-statute-limitations-to-10-years the NDAA does include a provision that gives the SEC, for the first time ever, statutory authority to seek disgorgement in federal court for securities enforcement matters. Further, the NDAA also provides for a 10-year statute of limitations for the SEC to seek such disgorgement for scienter-based violations, extending and doubling the current 5-year statute of limitations. Something that could be considered or lawyered around is whether that particular act is from the time of enactment forwar
  11. Currently from my understanding John McAFee was arrested in spain by U.S. authorities and is awaiting extradition if Spain gives the go ahead. So yeah probably trying to find a way to get him.
  12. I think Mr. McAfee has been on the radar of federal agents for quit some time probably before crypto ever existed. That thing in Belize didin't do him any favors. I guess anyone trying to sell something in the future can not promote it. All sorts of companies promoting IPO's and business performance should be investigated. Now if there is something. It was public knowledge to how much the founders received in xrp. However, to my knowledge they did not tell us how much they sold or when they sold. David Schwartz did disclose to the public. However, from my understanding he choose
  13. Gensler's comment of "not shooting the rabbit were it was." Seems an important. He hits that mark after the 1:45 time in closing. I am curious if anyone is aware of what bill the gentleman (blue shirt, red tie with white boxes 1:50ish time) was refering to about insiders gaming the system? I think that would nice know. As Gensler seemed a little guarded in any direct answer.
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