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  1. Bob, I know you have been very busy - I need some advise, the github link https://github.com/ripple/ripple-client is like trying to read french. Am I playing in a pool that is too deep for me??
  2. Bob, so I have the concept, there is knowledgeable technology experience and a platform to educate others. How about an demo? Step by step, lets use off the self stuff to put it together. Would the below be an appropriate first 1st step? 1. create a wallet ( create the online identity ) I have chosen toast wallet for this example - Done
  3. So if want I really wanted as an end product was a math equation it would look like this. The currency exchange product ( A ) + software that connects to my bank ( B ) = having access to global value chains in real time ( C ). A + B = C Or could the ledger exchange wallet become my bank, with connectors/ plugin's / ??? that allow me access payment methods like online banking, visa mastercard etc. ??
  4. Bob, this demo is what has sparked my interest and has been the basis for the foundation of the business model I am exploring. My first question is this wallet / functionality still accessible??
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