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  1. I clearly see ILP as long term vision of Ripple. XRP as being bridge asset between most connectors. RippleNet is just to ramp up the system (like Compuserve/AOL at the time)
  2. I'm Michael, the guy whom thinks about XRP requiring crazy high prices. I come to this rather through market consideration than through technical analysis. I am more into ILP than RippleNet. I see RippleNet as ramp up to ILP (kind of like Compuserv/AOL at the early internet). Unfortunately I cannot find information on existing ILP connectors or some usage statistics at least...
  3. iPinky7

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Hi Bob. Like most, reading this thread I am most thankful for some insights you give us. There used to be a guy called "Shane Ellis", purportedly working for UK government. He commented on a video on YouTube and I had gathered his comments/replies to questions in this document (which I named Shane Ellis theory): https://drive.google.com/open?id=1lqNRyD_0p78p1byoLmd2O7C3WAuZNJVS Summary: he proposed XRP to have a very rapid and steep price increase once there's requirement for high value txs, through eating through the ask order books of a preferred xRapid partner exchange. Those hig
  4. how exactly should that help with my question? I want a list with existing ILP connectors worldwide. The page you linked does not help unless i'm stupid
  5. anyone knows to check what ILP Connectors there are available? or where to start doing some programming to find out?
  6. here's a list http://gtgox.com/partners-of-ripple/ I did a research on only a few of them and my result is here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1O-_B7q-AVWaGaNOX77-n147N3NNzgbbK/view
  7. the latest Ripple video seems to support the "hedging" in FX market theorie!!!! at 0:40 :-)
  8. Did you happen to translate it? They bought technology! For me it’s crystal clear they they use Ripple technologies
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