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  1. I have read two galgitron blogs now. I really enjoyed the one about Bitcoin not being good for anything and comparing it to tuplip mania, and storage like a shoe or something. I did not enjoy this one, each to their own I guess. Hope the next one is better. Thanks anyway.
  2. Much respect for AB and I will always remember the time He said the f word. lol
  3. in just under 4 hours time from now ripplenet goes into full production. its 4:25pm Oct 1st here in North Queensland
  4. Hi Cryptogirl, whats up with your profile background picture?
  5. Hehe major fu##en volume! Sbi vc for forex. Last big test is my theory.
  6. Yes they are definitely still off, I thought it was meant to be for 30 days as well. Man there is some major **** brewing in the background
  7. Not if they turn off tge charts. Oh wait they already did that for japan hahha
  8. face palm Swift might be plugging into ILP in November, I base that on their API update tweet from months ago. I wouldn't put any weight ZERO! on any ripple riddler puzzles. Long tooth October. 1/10/18 first day of financial year in USA. Riddler is imposter...an attention seeker! Only BearableGuy123 is legitimate. (in my opinion)
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