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  1. I noticed the same on xrprichlist a few minutes ago. The CHADDING is strong!
  2. Sadly, I have to agree. He seems more and more unhinged and mentally unwell.
  3. I would also be super interested in understanding if Flare/Spark could not substitute XRP as the native token.
  4. I have taken your feeback on board and updated the title of the thread accordingly.
  5. Worst case scenario would be if the US government has a real hard one for Ripple and keeps piling up legal challenges from every corner.
  6. We are 1 or 2 cents away from a free fall to 0.13
  7. Don't sell. With a bit of luck there will be a recovery. TA below. Disclaimer: I am still sitting on my bags. I just can't get over the idea of parting with my zerps
  8. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/jay-clayton-steps-down-as-sec-chairman-11608754042 He just resigned effective immediately!? Did Brad bang his wife or something??
  9. Hypothesis, is there anything SPARK could not do that XRP can in case the asset became 'dead'. If find the timing of the drop really odd and suspect a huge hedge. A plan B so to speak. Any investor of Ripple would demand a Plan B.
  10. The silver lining is that if we were looking for a moon event in the - hopefully not too - distant future, then this could be it. If the SEC thing goes away through a settlement and XRP's regulatory status is sorted, we might be looking at a bull run for XRP only that dwarfs the previous frenzy. Who knows, we might even see a resurrection of the flippening threads. Until then, it's squeaky bum time.
  11. 6. Meanwhile, Larsen—Ripple’s initial chief executive officer (“CEO”) and current chairman of the Board—and Garlinghouse—Ripple’s current CEO—orchestrated these unlawful sales and personally profited by approximately $600 million from their unregistered sales of XRP. 7. Garlinghouse did so while repeatedly touting that he was “very long” XRP, meaning he held a significant position he expected to rise in value, without disclosing his sales of XRP 149. Ripple tried repeatedly and unsuccessfully to persuade that digital asset trading firm to “list XRP on [its] exchange” by offering to “cover implementation costs, paying rebates, [and] brokering intros to large XRP holders for custody.” Undaunted by these initial failures, Ripple Agent-3 emailed the two owners of the firm directly in July 2017, copying Garlinghouse, and asked: “Does a $1M cash payment move the needle for a Q3 listing?” 338. Since its launch, ODL has gained very little traction, in part due to certain costs of using the platform. From October 2018 through July 26, 2020, only fifteen money transmitters (none of which are banks) signed on to potentially use ODL, and ODL transactions comprised no more than 1.6% of XRP’s trading volume during any one quarter (and often substantially less). 339. Much of the onboarding onto ODL was not organic or market-driven. Rather, it was subsidized by Ripple. Though Ripple touts ODL as a cheaper alternative to traditional payment rails, at least one money transmitter (the “Money Transmitter”) found it to be much more expensive and therefore not a product it wished to use without significant compensation from Ripple. ... and it just goes on and on... scan it yourself.
  12. Have you even spent any time reading the filing found here?: https://www.sec.gov/litigation/complaints/2020/comp-pr2020-338.pdf Some of the stuff in there is Enron level shocking! Maybe be more careful with calling titles idiotic before doing your own due diligence.
  13. I don't think that this will harm us. Instead I think now that the SEC wants to at the very least stop Brad and Chris to dump their bags and perform what is basically insider trading. See here: https://www.sec.gov/litigation/complaints/2020/comp-pr2020-338.pdf
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