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  1. XRP mentioned in the Federal Register :: Remittance Transfers Under the Electronic Fund Transfer Act (Regulation E) https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2019/12/06/2019-25944/remittance-transfers-under-the-electronic-fund-transfer-act-regulation-e https://www.govinfo.gov/content/pkg/FR-2019-12-06/pdf/2019-25944.pdf (page 11) Defines XRP as a virtual currency, Not as a security. This is directly from the Government of USA, dated December 6th 2019.
  2. Only weeks into the alliance between Ripple and a16z-backed, blockchain gaming startup Forte, and game developers are already enlisting in the XRP Army. https://decryptmedia.com/6663/forte-ripple-blockchain-gaming-metaverse
  3. Its confirmed by various sources: https://tokenpost.com/Siam-Commercial-Bank-PTTEP-complete-cross-border-transactions-using-Ripples-technology-1727 https://bitcoinexchangeguide.com/scb-pttep-announce-success-of-live-pilot-payment-on-blockchain-powered-by-ripple/
  4. Note: SCB is a multihop and xRapid user. Now petro dollar will flow through that bank.
  5. Ripple’s existence in the payment industry is beginning to bring about more collaborations and partnerships as the Sans Francisco-based blockchain firm partnered with the largest corporation in Thailand. PTT Exploration and Production (PTTEP), a petroleum exploration company said to be the largest firm, is partnering with blockchain startup, Ripple to make use of its payment infrastructure in cross-border remitting. As confirmed on the PTTEP website, the firm and Siam Commercial Bank (SCB), a Thailand based financial institution that already deployed Ripple cross-border payment infrastr
  6. This is what I call progress! The first traditional and crypto bank in one and its on Ripplenet!!!! News from last year: https://www.wallstreet-online.de/nachricht/10942527-eqibank-on-track-to-secure-50bn-custody-assets-by-mid-2019/all Now they are the newest Ripplenet member and a fully functioning bank! From 2018: EQIBank, the world's first licenced and regulated bank for national currencies, crypto and digital assets, has announced that it expects to secure €50bn in custody assets by July 2019 and hold €10bn under deposit by the end of 2019. Founded by former HSBC,
  7. You can open an account right now on EQIbank and use Ripplenet, use thier crypto(xrp) custody service and exchange and get their debit card to spend. And its all insured. From their website: Current Account EQIBank’s current account is available to individuals, trustees and personal representatives from your personal computer or via your mobile device,puts you in charge of your money when you need it. You can pay people or organizations via SWIFT, SEPA euro Credit Transfers or Ripplenet to over 180 countries with over 100 major currency options. The accompanying EQIBank Credit and Debi
  8. Not only that its possible for anyone to build a Western Union like company from scratch using xrp and its ledger. Its open source and free.
  9. Mind you its for only the digits to show up on your account, actual settlement takes far far longer. xRapid settles in seconds lol.
  10. https://thexrpdaily.com/index.php/2019/01/29/idt-corporation-states-xrapid-trial-exceeded-our-expectations/ Note the trial took place during the rapid timely xrp price rise in September. The trials were extensive as noted in the news article with high volume. Transactions were being settled in 1 minute and 53 seconds, starting at the time of customer initiation of transfer.
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