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  1. Not only that its possible for anyone to build a Western Union like company from scratch using xrp and its ledger. Its open source and free.
  2. Mind you its for only the digits to show up on your account, actual settlement takes far far longer. xRapid settles in seconds lol.
  3. https://thexrpdaily.com/index.php/2019/01/29/idt-corporation-states-xrapid-trial-exceeded-our-expectations/ Note the trial took place during the rapid timely xrp price rise in September. The trials were extensive as noted in the news article with high volume. Transactions were being settled in 1 minute and 53 seconds, starting at the time of customer initiation of transfer.
  4. If this was a bull market news like this would have sky rocketed xrp.
  5. 48 min onwards in the video from Davos 2019, Brad himself confirms that a few games using XRP are in the making and 2019 is the year to look out for:
  6. I believe Coinfield has GBP pairing to XRP.
  7. xRapid went live officially on October and the documents claims xRapid as live.
  8. If you zoom on the dates, its this coming sunday the 23 to Tuesday the 25. Three upcoming dates next week.
  9. Thanks makes sense. But it starts on a Sunday?
  10. Check out the following Presentation on Ripple and XRP on IMF website and the 3 dayes starting this Sunday on page 6. What do you all make of it? https://www.imf.org/~/media/Files/Conferences/2018/cbs-imf-adb-joint-seminar/samoa-session2-sagar-sarbhai.ashx?la=en
  11. The huge amount of XRP moved today could (maybe) be for LCX ?? The got their licence today... https://twitter.com/lcx/status/1067400426243411968
  12. https://mobile.twitter.com/XRPL_Monitor/status/1067496449624158208
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