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  1. ukkomies

    CasinoCoin Talk

    Waiting for BTC arrive to Bitflip. Gotta collect some and hope for good profits ✔️
  2. Did they change that at some point? I only received about 0.4 ALV for every 1 XRP. I claimed them 2 weeks ago.
  3. I decided to buy ALV with XRP after receiving free ones. Do i even own these coins? I'm asking because Allvor's address shows next to my ALV balance in Toast Wallet's Trustlines section, so it confuses me...
  4. ukkomies

    Poll: Bull run or Bull trap?

    Also check this out... Bull run is close my dudes
  5. ukkomies

    Asheesh Birla at Fortune Brainstorm Tech 2018

    Can you tell time mark for that thanks
  6. ---
  7. Market itself https://imgur.com/obxobWW OT: Is it good to leave money on exchange after withdrawing on top of market peak, to just wait the prices come down again and buy back?
  8. 17 , feeling lucky to be part of this at this age, but at the same time little bit worried about my zerp stack. I mean, cant afford such amounts as you older people.
  9. ukkomies

    Buzzword Bingo

  10. I have been using it for months now. Deposits and withdrawals always on time, support answers within few hours. I have heard bad experiences, but i can recommend Kraken ?
  11. Is there any estimated time when Cobalt is being launched?