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  1. Is it possible to auto reject XRP deposits to your wallet, say, “over x amount” or “under y amount”? I know you can reject payments from unknown addresses and believe this to be quite similar but couldn’t find anything on google or ripple api documentation.
  2. I thought as much, I couldn't find anything on the big 'G' having looked for hours. I suppose we'll have to wait until we're hopefully contacted
  3. So I've started to accept XRP as a payment method for an online store and its working great apart from yesterday when I had to issue a refund. The payment I received was from a wallet address with over 1m XRP in - obviously an exchange of some sort. But I cannot find the destination tag on the XRPL transaction ID. ANYWHERE. Without it I'm unable to issue the refund as we don't insist on email addresses or even contact details and none were left. Is there a way to trace the originating wallet and destination tag? All help appreciated
  4. nice site! you have gained an extra visitor at least, hopefully more than just myself. theres some really good stuff on there - i had a brief look at the reports section amongst others and was really impressed how detailed it was. It's sure to go into my favourites folder - some may find it a bit overwhelming but it's on the shortlist for the publication because of the sheer amount of detailed data you have on there
  5. As the title suggest I’ve been tasked with compiling 10 must-have XRP sites for beginners and hodlers alike to have in their favourites. They want an eclectic mix that covers all niches. Each site that makes the list will have a short review (~60-100 words). Any and all suggestions welcome :) so far on the shortlist I have ripple.com (of course), xrpchat, bithomp and xrpcommunity.blog. All help greatly appreciated and of course, once the page is uploaded I’ll post the link here.
  6. My bad, it’s working now but was down earlier this morning. Now to find out how to delete a thread
  7. At least not for me, can anybody else confirm?
  8. We may be waiting with baited breath but I’d be surprised Ripple are. As you say, they have been working with government agencies for years and besides, being classified a security or not first is not the end game. Not by a long stretch
  9. I agree. The X actually denotes an index as such, so XRP literally means “Ripple Index”
  10. It is extremely bullish for XRP in my opinion. Although he clearly states the views expressed are his own, he repeatedly refers to “we” - believe, “we” -think etc. If these are the views held by the broader commission, there is absolutely nothing to worry about and explains the gains we’ve seen across crypto today.
  11. https://youtu.be/EO3qYW9DF-A I know it’s old but I think it compliments this thread perfectly. Interesting, although hardly surprising, that the SEC has been working with firms which believe their token is not a security to navigate regulation and ensure compliance with the SEC at such an early stage
  12. Whilst I agree to an extent, some of your comments are tinfoil hat conspiracies at best. Of course there are people that do not believe in the credibility of a certain coin or cryptography in general but they are not paid footsoldiers under the command of a greater power. They are fellow PEOPLE with a different opinion than yours and would like to express it. Dismissing every negative comment as FUD and every poster as a troll is very simplistic and dangerous. You can search the web for comments that called the top of the gold market some years ago and the amount of abuse they got was incredible. Of course they were right but I don’t remember a single soul receiving an apology. BE OPEN TO OTHERS IDEAS
  13. Objectivity is a trait we should all aspire to. To be truly objective is very difficult especially when you are invested and emotions start to taint your thought process. Thanks for your contribution to this discussion, your ideas are great
  14. Who would be penalised if a corporation or any firm for that matter utilised an asset that goes on to become classed a security? I would assume the scope of prosecution goes far beyond the issuer
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