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  1. Can I get an invite to The Zerpening? Life's been tough without it!
  2. 55 billion XRP were placed in escrow accounts with up to 1 billion released each month. The unused amount is then returned to escrow thus prolonging the escrow period. Per the Q2 market report in all of Q2 only $75.5 worth XRP was released or about 0.125% of total global volume for the time period.
  3. Fairly uninformative video but it's cool to see the playful banter from @JoelKatz. Would love to have had the opportunity to intern at Ripple
  4. Great post and very informative. I too have noticed a lot more products being developed that are aimed at Inst.
  5. Great for crypto overall even if XRP isn't listed on Coinbase at the moment
  6. Cash for sure because then I would have no doubt about HODLing my XRP
  7. That is a very interesting feature. Going to be sending out XRP via emails to friends to convince them to get into crypto
  8. Definitely the more likely of the two scenarios seeing as making the decision to use XRP as the base currency would have come long before writing the FAQs
  9. haha this probably had a great deal to do with the decision.
  10. I understand that. My comment was that if in the FAQs there was documentation on how to purchase BTC then DCEX must have intended to use BTC as the base currency originally. OR they lifted some of their FAQ's from another site and neglected to change BTC to XRP
  11. I feel like quite of a few of us lurkers have been converted in the past week
  12. Definitely seems like great news. I would love to know what caused the switch to occur
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