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  1. I haven't seen you here for quite a while. I wonder what is your estimate of the total market cap at the peak of the bull market. When do you see this market could reach its peak?
  2. Or not at all... Where do you see in this chart the causal principle which implies a rapid XRP evaluation? XRPBTC can fall down and down and never bounce...
  3. In short thank you for the post! I value very much having this kind of discussion here and I respect your approach full of research. (Although, I think that I have to painfully admint that this bull run doesn't have much to do with long term fundamentals of coins.) I felt tempted to comment on some details and interesting information about other projects you missed in your review (which you IMHO selectively constructed to show XRP as the most professional project), but I think it would just lead to an endless discussion and I would miss the main point. I wish not to fall into a discussion w
  4. Personal attachment? Friends I have here in private clubs? Valuable source of information about the crypto market in general? Very smart and educated users whose frequent insights I like to follow? It wasn't my goal to make you upset. I apologise for that. I used to be a big XRP supporter who almost never commented anything here. Now, I am quite convinced that XRP simply didn't fulfill its bold statements over last few years. The SEC case is on the other hand pointing to its inherent design flaws. Isn't it actually very healthy to allow XRP criticism to appear in this forum? Do yo
  5. In Dec 2017, XRP was perceived as the best tech around (with flawed mechanism of coin distribution) and everyone believed Brad's promises about future applications. Now? Where are the facts about Xrapid and other bullshit after 3 years? Look at DOT, ADA and similar projects. They are the hot stuff now. XRP is perceived as failed coin with corrupted execs. If it moves upwards, then it moves only on the basis of speculation like DOGE. I doubt there are many willing to hold XRP long term now - maybe only the users of XRPchat are left
  6. And this is something one could disagree with. The top of the cycle may not be determined solely by its relative position to the BTC halving events. If every investor expects the top of the cycle to appear in November then investors are trying to buy early enough thus moving the top of the cycle to earlier date. What do you think?
  7. @Eric123 I have no proper analysis to share, but it is interesting to see that BTC grows steadily with a lot of power - although I wouldn't call it parabolic yet - and many alts are mooning in sharp spikes already. It brings me to the idea that this bull run may be different from the previous, because: 1) BTC won't make such crazy spike like some alts anymore; 2) The spike comes sooner than in October, because everyone expects it in October. What are your current thoughts about the mid-term future?
  8. It will do $0.589. But imagine what DOGE ETF will do to the price...
  9. Intelligent critical comment. Many thanks for that!!
  10. Actually, do you truly find this pump as a real appreciation? Or is it just an artificial move created by early birds to the hyped Monday pump? Monday or Tuesday may be brutally red and closely similar to the current Doge behavior.
  11. Total capitalization of crypto markets is around $1T for a month or so. It seems like significant flow of cash into the space has weakened now. As a result coins are just pumping and dumping without any real trend. Do you agree? https://coinmarketcap.com/charts/
  12. Brutal pump of XRP. It seems very artificial to me. I'd say that it will be followed by equally brutal dump soon which will leave us around 0.28 again.
  13. I regret not being in LINK. I will take some good position in it after it undergoes (I hope) some correction. It shows very nice appreciation long term. I am becoming more and more negative about XRP. It spiked once in 2017 and it hadn't shown anything on its own ever since. Yet, the members here still believe in some Moon to come.
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