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  1. Omg stop ******** up the thread with your nonsense good lord 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
  2. They can fight all they want, crypto is the end of lying (if we play it right)
  3. BZZZZZZ timer’s done Guess you’re just another’s blowhard (SHOCKED)
  4. Ok then tell us all about the decisions referenced by 1/CP.21 1/CP.24 1/CMA.1 1/CMA.2 6/CP.1 6/CP.2 25/CP.7 5/CP.13 12/CP.20 and the other 15 abbreviations? I’ll wait, since you know all about them shouldn’t take long.
  5. Like imagine being so full of yourself you read this PDF and conclude you know exactly what the **** it does or doesn’t mean 😂
  6. It has abstracted language and it’s mostly about financing. These tweets are the kind of thing I’m talking about and they may be referenced in the Paris doc but we don’t know because everything is referenced from another document.
  7. Also a lot of this has to do with the actual transfer of value and execution of the contract. That’s only one step of the process and I’ll be there’s agents looking forward to the final step executing faster with less chance to blow up at the last minute.
  8. This is some older stuff about the Corda SGX virtual machines. Its some pretty neat stuff. https://medium.com/corda/corda-and-sgx-a-privacy-update-c1a74354c156
  9. In my opinion corruption is rotting the entire planet, every problem stems from untrustworthy people making every decision. The true benefit of blockchain is decentralized trust, it could usher in a golden age as long as we don’t mess it up (which we’ll try to do I’m sure).
  10. So much of our world is built on mitigating risk because nobody trusts each other. Crypto is going to change the entire world because the 3rd ledger holds the objective truth whether the people are shady or not.
  11. It won’t say crypto it will talk about financial inclusion and maybe Fintech
  12. Would love to get a read of this report, considering the UN 589 connection to climate goals with ripple/interledger
  13. If you searched around a bit you might find leaders of countries like China are open to the idea of such a Supra-national settlement currency. If globalism is to succeed and competition to make a better world (if you believe that stuff) its almost a necessity. Not saying it will 100% be XRP but it stands a better chance than most.
  14. Corda is bigger than it seems. They already have a lot of clients and some neat software in the pipe with hardware encrypted private virtual machines.
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