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  2. ImTheRippler

    The internet

    If Interledger can send data packets too (it can) then why do we need TCP/IP? Think further. Theres an opportunity for it be the Internet of Everything.
  3. Great post I think the Debit Card Rails are the key here. I heard the IBM lady mention them in one of her panels with Ripple and Coinbase, I’m going to do some searching but I believe the API for debit card rails could be available publically or through some outside organization.
  4. You and I agree that the biggest pain point in crypto is crypto>fiat>bank account. I was just inspired by Venmo’s ease of use in this area (putting fiat into bank accounts quick) and I thought if we created an app like Venmo where it used XRP ledger to turn any crypto into fiat then debit card rails to send the fiat to bank account in seconds. Even offering this for amounts up to like $400 or whatever would IMO net a lot of usage!
  5. ImTheRippler

    10 mil xrp dump

    I can think of an institution you could probably use
  6. Take your own advice you sound like you got some issues
  7. ImTheRippler

    Response from SEC

    They are a joke what the hell are they even doing by letting this drag on other than fostering an atmosphere of confusion and fear? This letter basically retracts the earlier statements they made about other coins, if they’re not going to classify these assets security/non then they need to **** and stay out of it.
  8. They’re working with world banks I wouldn’t be expecting to feel warm fuzzies about the institutions they partner with since apparently you invest like an emotional toddler
  9. Ripple borrowed from Apple already by donating to schools
  10. If not they’re continuing to let people buy an unlicensed security by not saying anything and they’re gonna get sued if they eventually do. IE they won’t.
  11. ImTheRippler


    They have a former President speaking at their yearly conference, I’m predicting they’re all over those circles of influence.
  12. I think a lot of people “in the know” are forbidden to buy XRP because of their positions. It’s a common thread with rumor mill and anonymous posters who claim to leave breadcrumbs for others.
  13. ImTheRippler

    SWIFTNet using RippleNet?

    The relationship between Swift and SAP is very interesting. SAP could be looking to compete and replace them or they could be working together. One thing that’s interesting is there is supposed to be a new standard whereby financial systems plug into one another, which will be adopted soon or has been already. Could be interesting to see how Swift/SAP/Ripple would connect through this system or if it can only be one so to speak.