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  1. Damn illuminati, I always knew they'd make me rich.
  2. Banks were sort of late to the internet party anyway so I get where he’s coming from.
  3. ImTheRippler

    Any truth to Ripple / Trump rumors?

    Let’s be honest it’s not always a good idea in the end to have our currency USD as world reserve. Trump wants a level playing field, XRPL is a level playing field, and it truthfully can’t be manipulated by any one entity for their own gain at others expense. Trump is a nationalist he might go back to gold USD domestically and then use XRP as world reserve.
  4. ImTheRippler

    Ripple's UNL was updated again

    This is great more universities should have validators it makes sense since they’re international
  5. Fascinated by the comparisons to 2000, I could be misremembering but I thought the Internet was much more widely used in 2000 than crypto is now. I don’t think we’re nearly at 2000 level of adoption are we?
  6. Also riddles are a way of insulating oneself if indeed their identity is found out. I don’t think it’s by design except whoever created them is clearly a smart person involved with cryptography. Interesting times.
  7. He didn't say to turn off your jets, just turn them down.
  8. The name implies some method more secure and distributed than multi-signature cant wait to see what they've got. "Poly" = "Many"
  9. It doesn’t matter what he says on Twitter, the global financial system is adopting new standards for interoperability in the next few months so if people want to use Swift and Ripple for their competitive benefits neither side can stop them (and why would they?!)
  10. ImTheRippler

    Swift GPI Plug-in and Ripple

    Yeah wait til the market crashes and there’s no liquidity, a system like xrapid or an asset like XRP for settlement would be a godsend in that situation. I think all sides realize the benefit here, Swift still has the messaging on record and Ripple settles the payment.
  11. ImTheRippler

    Get Paid Interest For Holding XRP on Uphold

    Also if the coins are held this way they can be accounted for and removed from circulating supply when it’s calculated. Very interesting.
  12. ImTheRippler

    a swift / ripple solution will be the answer

    An aspect of Swift that is under discussed is the expense involved. Yeah maybe GPI solves messaging but the transaction takes 2 days (might be acceptable) and costs a large percentage (not going to fly). Even if banks would stick with Swift wait times to maintain "control" the cost comparison is a no-brainer.
  13. ImTheRippler

    Ripple Article (Forbes is a complete joke)

    Is this a real person his profile is like that of a bot