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  1. ImTheRippler

    Who bought XRP at $3.84?

    I have a friend who bought his position of 1000XRP at $2.70 - I even bought some at that price, though my average is basically $.75 - Lets be honest pretty much everyone is in the red right now, but $2.70 or $3.84 are drops in the bucket compared to whatever future has in store. We're all playing the same waiting game no matter what price we bought in.
  2. Its not its just a poor attempt at FUD
  3. This guy is kind of a douche, he doesn't seem to have a strong grip on what the relationship to XRP is, or he cant explain it clearly, and he got somewhat flustered and emotional in this forum. Bad look.
  4. ImTheRippler

    Interesting read; Federal Reserve looking at XRP

    Ripple is not the same entity as XRP, but why wouldn't they hire people familiar with XRP if they were indeed considering using it? How is that illegal?
  5. They need FI to run nodes also
  6. Got to look at the forest, not the trees. If every country creates a silo'ed ledger for their national-crypto-currency how can they trade and send money to other countries without using slow legacy systems at some point? ILP. What does ILP use to transport value fastest? XRP. XRP doesn't have to become THE "world currency" or anything like that to moon if the countries all use it behind the scenes to facilitate global trade between their ledgers and those of other entities. Ripple is actually working at solving multiple problems, including ones which don't yet exist, namely the conundrum about connecting silo'ed ledgers of proposed national crypto-currencies which haven't yet arrived.
  7. If/when SEC clarifies that XRP isn't a security you will see xRapid provide some volume. Nobody can use it the way its intended if XRP cant be traded at high speed and liquid 24/7/365. I consider xCurrent a trojan horse, and also a way to adopt ripple tech without the risk of SEC torpedoing your company/savings.
  8. This is what Western Union doesn't seem to care about. He "Blah blah blah"ed his own customers. "American Express noticed clients being happy about the faster payments thanks to Ripplenet technology. There were much fewer queries about the payment status which highlights the speed of Ripple." https://xrpworld.com/american-express-amex-ripple/
  9. ImTheRippler

    J.P. Morgan Chase

    First of all, if Bank of America is jumping in you better believe Chase will. Second of all, theres no way they use "ripple" twice without some reason. This is the institutional FOMO we've talked about.
  10. ImTheRippler

    The new XRP symbol is horrible

    Exactly this its the only one that looks legit in any way.
  11. He literally said they used a 10 digit transaction number so they've "Had cryptocurrency for 30 years" - The guy has no idea what he's doing, he's gonna drive his company straight into the ground, watch for the board to remove him.
  12. ImTheRippler

    The new XRP symbol is horrible

    Looks cool on Livecoinwatch, I dig it with the black square surrounding.
  13. ImTheRippler

    What is this? Ripple Token, good? bad?

    I can see someone like Polymath running into the scaling issues on ETH blockchain and jumping over to Codius, especially if Ripple has existing inroads with liquidity providers.
  14. ImTheRippler

    Trading and Taxes

    Exactly. I'm just relaying my understanding here as a poster, Bitcoin.tax is a good option for professional tax advice.
  15. ImTheRippler

    Barclays and capital requirements

    Awesome post. Anti-bank blockchain followers have a lot of good points, but blockchain doesn't have to destroy banks to save us all from their corruption, it can also force them to act with good faith and offer public ledger alternatives to smoky room manipulations that gave huge banks their deservedly terrible reputation.