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  1. It is, but I don't like to have faith in Jed's lack of ability to come up with a similar method that skirts the patent but still accomplishes the goal. It's theoretically possible that Bob came up with the only possible method, but not guaranteed. It could be a Coke/Pepsi thing - different enough to get by, but similar enough to steal half the market. Bob's point about the banks is the big one though, I think. You can have all the great product you want, if people are already happily using something else they're unlikely to switch. It's the same inertia problem we're fighting against now. In time it will work in our favor.
  2. This is the part I was missing, thank you! I was wrong when I said the issue couldn't be lack of a network - that's the exact issue, it just uses a different definition of the word "network". Stellar (and anyone else) can use the electronic network all they want, but if they don't have the network of partnerships and bank buy-in that Ripple has so carefully cultivated all over the world, it does them no good. This is what brought me to XRP in the first place! Getting all rowdy and trying to storm the castle rarely gets you anywhere. Change most often comes from within, and this is the only coin I saw heading in that direction.
  3. Not to be a wet blanket or anything, but doesn't the Stellar Foundation own something like 80% of their tokens? What's to stop them from doing the same thing, in terms of distributing/bootstrapping? All of the rails are currency agnostic, so it can't be the lack of a network. The Internet of Value is all about everything being able to use the network just like everything can use the internet today.
  4. Account = Where your crypto lives. Like your house. Address = the reference that the system uses to find your account, just like your home address. You don't live in the string of numbers and letters used to spell out "123 Main St, Anycity, Anycountry" but that string is how your mail and anything else finds the right place to go. Wallet = the way you get into and out of your account, and interact with your funds. People like to call it the front door of the house, but that's not really accurate. It's more like what those Smart Home systems want you to picture in your mind when you think of their product (not what their product ACTUALLY does, but what they want you to think of). You tell it what you want, and it takes the necessary steps to make that result happen. (Please delete if I'm wrong so this doesn't clutter up the thread)
  5. Liagala

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Lulu > Janna Slightly more on topic edit: I've been staying quiet, but now that I'm in here I'd like to thank you Bob for coming in. With something as potentially huge as Ripple and XRP can be, the more information people can get the better. Your insight and experiences are great, and I appreciate the effort to come in here and share with us. Back to off-topic edit: WTF @JannaOneTrick! Your avatar is Lux. I just noticed that. Cheater!
  6. It's never too big to manipulate. It just becomes regulated and then governments do it instead of people. That's what rising/falling interest rates and such are about.
  7. We know this. The 589 was meant both as that and a price prediction. There's a possibility of other meanings as well. Bearableguy123 also made other (straight out, non-riddle) comments around that time saying that a $400+ price prediction was too low, etc. He definitely meant it as a price prediction AS WELL AS the Cobalt thing - whether he was right or not we'll find out in a couple months. I personally think he was overly ambitious with it, but I certainly wouldn't mind if he turned out to be right.
  8. If you're using a bank account to buy, it's a 1.4% transaction fee. On the high end of reasonable. Add another 2.9% or 3.9% on top of that if you're using a credit card. Not even close. You're limited to $500 USD/GBP/Euro/Fiat of Choice per day, unless you apply to have your limits raised and jump through several additional KYC/AML hoops. On the topics of things you didn't mention, Uphold's other drawback is the long wait for your newly-purchased crypto to become available to move or trade. It takes them 5-7 business days to fully credit your account. The price is locked in the instant you click buy, but the assets aren't actually available for quite some time. The benefits of Uphold include said reasonable transaction fees, a wide range of options (you can buy other fiat currencies as well as precious metals), excellent security, a very easy-to-use interface, and quick identity verification. I love them, but I'm the type that buys a little on a regular basis and holds it long term. They're perfect for me. If you want to buy a lot and trade frequently, look elsewhere.
  9. Your only concern is that if this explodes spectacularly, the entire crypto market (XRP included) would probably take a nosedive. Your XRP holdings themselves will not be affected by any exchange collapses if they're not on an exchange. On the plus side, if the market collapses en masse, XRP has an actual use case to bring it out on the far side. As long as we can ride out the carnage we'll be fine (unlike most other coins that are still years away from mass adoption and will have to sink or swim on investor sentiment alone).
  10. They said full details will be released on October 15. I assume we'll find out most of these answers then.
  11. How is XRP infinite? It started at 100B and gradually decreases over time as fees burn small amounts. I think it will eventually be considered a currency, since that's what its use case is. Right now we use it like gold or stocks as an investment, but its actual purpose is to help move currency around. Once that becomes the dominant use, its tax situation should follow suit.
  12. I agree with the rest of your post, but isn't the EU considering alternate payment rails right now because the US is using SWIFT to enforce sanctions against Iran? Or do I have that situation mixed up?
  13. I keep going back and forth on whether the "big news" of Swell was yesterday's xRapid launch, or whether they're going to outdo it with something even bigger today. If the Amazon/Uber rumors were true and they unveiled that today, it would be amazing! But there's a part of me that really doesn't believe that's ready to go live yet, if it really even is a thing. I'll be checking twitter all day whenever I can get people out of my office, that's for sure!
  14. XRP is 100% not a security in Thailand. That was established clearly and legally quite some time ago. They have already passed laws regulating it, and they consider Digital Assets to be their own class. They are not securities, commodities, or anything else in Thailand, so this gentleman can't offer us any further information than we already have. The "Is it a security" debate is for the US only. Everybody else has either passed regulation covering the matter, or has indicated willingness to go along with other countries who have already done so.
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