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    teletubi reacted to Hodlezerper in Why would it be bad for XRP value if it was deemed a security   
    It would put it in such tight legal framework that it would make Ripple incapable of performing its job as a private software company selling enterprise solutions to banks. It would all of a sudden become a publicly traded company and would have to adhere to those rules. XRP would now be common stock instead of a settlement asset. It'd be like trading Apple stock as a settlement asset. It doesn't make any sense and the red tape around the buying and selling of stocks from a consumer protection standpoint are far too convoluted. 
    It would be like classifying a locomotive as an airplane. You wouldn't be able to use the train because it wouldn't pass the regulatory hurdles required to be an airplane. Because it isn't one. It's a train...
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    teletubi reacted to Mercury in **RAFFLE** in Support of XRPChat   
    The site is now official live!
    Orders submitted via the temp site will be merged
    There is also a coupon for those that placed a first batch order
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    teletubi reacted to Mercury in **RAFFLE** in Support of XRPChat   
    I have been asked how auto bridging works. In short it goes like this- Ripple automatically does all the conversion between order books and allows you to send a payment in an asset you may not own as long as you hold equal value in another asset and there is a market for it.
    You can use this via Gatehub for example:
    You open send enter the destination wallet the amount you want to send  and the type and if your wallet has more than one asset is will search the best rate and you select the option you like! In the example to the right the wallet does not have any USD but does have XRP that could be sent, converted and received as $5 USD for 7.6224 XRP
    I may have made a hash of the explanation- comment on a better illustration if you like
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