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    teletubi reacted to Hodor in The Digital Asset Adoption Marathon   
    A marathon runner knows what it takes to go the distance - much like the stakeholder organizations championing XRP adoption.
    In my latest blog entry, I describe the latest progress & news items in the XRP ecosystem, including a new Canadian exchange listing, my perspective on the AMA with David Schwartz and Asheesh Birla, and news about XRP Community developments.  
    I hope you enjoy this latest article: Feel free to share my blog with a friend - or on any other social media platform or venue - and thank you for doing so! 
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    teletubi reacted to KarmaCoverage in European Central Bank publication   
    I just want to say that I have casually studied financial history, the history of banking & insurance, the history of monetary theory, yada yada...
    and for what it's worth, it really looks & smells to me like we are entering a new chapter in human history, regarding our Accounting systems (distributed ledgers), and deploying that new accounting tool for monetary infrastructure on a global scale.
    Back when I first found Ripple, I called them not expecting an answer. Some lady answered, and I didnt know what to say, so I quickly said, "what you guys are working on is very important, keep up the good work", and hung up.
    To this day, assuming some of the monetary ideas discussed in this thread come to fruition... then I think humanity will be improved in our ability for coordination, which is the crux of what makes us stand apart from other animals.
    "Money" is a fiction of communal imagination... making it merely shared Information. 
    Enter... XRPLedger + ILP + CBDC + Codius/smart contracts... and this will have a significant impact on how humanity's communal imagination functions. This should increase money flow & velocity = good.
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    teletubi reacted to retryW in Codius Test Contract Upload Tool   
    Hey guys,
    Created my first codius/ilp related tool. Hope it helps! https://upload.host1.codius.live
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    teletubi reacted to Hodor in XRP & the Building Blocks of the Internet of Value   
    Crypto is still at its beginning stages, but a series of companies are moving forward with standards-based architecture, using blockchain technology to build the infrastructure for a new version of the Internet, where value can move as fast as light.  
    In this latest blog, I cover progress by a series of companies and Venture Capital Firms connected to the XRP Ecosystem: Ripple, Coil, Polysign, and Andreessen Horowitz.  
    Included is news about a new Japanese crypto exchange that may have tens of millions of customers when they go live, the speaker list from Disrupt 2018, and Google's plans to include the new Payment Handler API in Chrome.  At the end, I tie it all together and explain the master plan across all these endeavors: The creation of the IOV!
    I hope you enjoy the read: Please leave any feedback below.  Feel free to share my blog with a friend - or on any other forum or platform - and thank you for doing so! 
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    teletubi reacted to Hodor in XRP: The Digital Asset with Vast Upside Potential   
    In my latest blog, find out why strategic thinking leads us directly to XRP!
    Does XRP compare to Bitcoin or Ethereum when crypto investors are making their portfolio choices?  I don't think so.
    With the latest developments from Ripple & Coil, and xRapid's status as the only digital asset with a comprehensive liquidity solution for financial institutions, it's tough to find much upside in the competition.  
    I hope you enjoy the read & please leave any feedback below. Also, feel free to share my blog with a friend or on any other platform - and of course thank you for doing so!  
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    teletubi reacted to CodiusHosts in CodiusHosts.com - Live Network Monitoring   
    Hey all.  Just wanted to drop by and tell those of you who haven't checked us out yet about our service.  We've built a live monitoring service of the Codius network.
    We'd love to hear your feedback and suggestions.
    Follow us on Twitter and retweet our stats to help spread the word about our service and Codius.

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    teletubi reacted to Ripple-Stiltskin in 100% chance at least one bank will use XRP this year   
    Yeeezzz. Don’t you get tired of yourself? Honestly, do you have a family? Kids? Do you teach them to always look at things from the perspective of the worst case scenario?  There is a point where realism is turning into pessimism. You’re way beyond that point. And I tell you this as one of the most rational and realistic posters on this forum. 
    Please tell me about the 100% certain use cases of the other 1385 coins in crypto. What’s the point of all your posts anyway? Convince us that crypto was a bubble, is going nowhere, we must sell and go into gardening instead? You want to protect us? You want to be known as the great prophet? The only one that saw the signs? 
    What’s your goal in life and on this forum? 
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    teletubi reacted to Hodor in XRP: Mapping the Future Path of Digital Assets   
    XRP Continues to set the standard.   In today's blog, I cover an enormous amount of recent news and high-profile media coverage of Ripple, XRP, and Codius.  
    Included are several videos you won't want to miss, along with the latest news that impacts XRP.  There is also a bit of analysis about the future direction of XRP given recent developments like the founding of Coil.
    I hope you enjoy the read!
    Please leave any feedback below - and feel free to share my blog with a friend or on any other platform - and thank you for doing so! 
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    teletubi reacted to mars75 in Ripple - The Dawn of Central Bank Blockchain Corridors   
    (please check my profile for prior threads: this post builds off my country threads)
    ***"this is all speculation"***
    The Monetary Authority of Singapore
    For several years now, the Monetary Authority of Singapore has taken a proactive approach in exploring and trailing blockchain technology for it’s possible application into their financial system. Since 2016, MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore) has established a regulatory sandbox allowing Fintech companies to experiment within regulatory parameters.¹
    MAS has also collaborated with Deloitte, R3, and a consortium consisting of HSBC, J.P. Morgan,Bank of America Merrill Lynch, and etc. on Project Ubin. Project Ubin is a proof-of-concept (PoC) of interbank payments being facilitated by distributed ledger technology (DLT). The blockchain also introduced the concept of a digital SGD (Singapore Dollar) within the ledgers that is distinct from all current existing forms of digital central bank money. With Project Ubin’s ultimate goal is to explore and help reduce risks and costs for cross border payments and securities.²
    MAS has even taken a step further in nurturing the FinTech environment by signing multiple FinTech cooperation agreements with overseas financial regulators including Financial
    Conduct Authority, UK (May 2016), Australian Securities and Investments Commission (June 2016), Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (September 2016), Korean Financial Services Commission (October 2016), Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Résolution and the Autorité des Marchés Financiers of France (March 2017), Financial Services of Agency, Japan (March 2017) and the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority (June 2017). In a CNBC interview this past October, Sopnendu Mohanty (chief fintech officer of the Monetary Authority of Singapore ) stated that
    in regards to Project Ubin’s collaboration between MAS and the consortium of banks.³
    With the successful conclusion of Project Ubin last March, MAS stated that it was “in the early stages of discussions to develop links from Singapore to other countries using DLT to allow cross-border payments to settle directly using central bank accounts.”⁴ Which exactly aligns to implied future explorations on Project Ubin, cross border payments.⁵
    The innovation occurring in the environment of Singapore has caught the attention of several nations due to it’s potential disruption in the current financial system. One nation being Bahrain, a country that has ambitions to be completely integrated in blockchain technology by 2020.⁶ The Economic Development Board (EDB) of Bahrain being tasked with this goal, has been observing MAS and their progress. Eventually leading to Bahrain having discussions with Singapore’s central bank to devise plans for a pilot blockchain project in the Gulf state.⁷ Potentially being a foreign partner in foreign currency transactions that Ravi Menon (the managing director of the central bank of Singapore) had hinted Project Uben wanted to explore in future phases of the project.
    And this further developed this past November when MAS disclosed that “a collaboration on cross-border payments with the Bank of Canada using blockchain technology” had been reached.⁸ The collaboration intends to expand Project Ubin beyond Singapore’s borders to Canada’s counterpart, Project Jasper. An interbank payment system developed by Canada’s central bank based off of distributed ledger technology.⁹
    Gradually overtime, Singapore’s central bank has been able to negotiate and form partnerships with other central banks to explore the utilization of distributed ledger technology into the financial system and possibly build corridors based off the technology with one another.
    Enter Ripple
    When MAS was forming the FinTech regulatory sandbox in 2016, Ripple was sought out as a consultant for the establishment of the project.¹⁰ Not only did this demonstrate that Ripple is viewed as a leader in the FinTech space but that the company has expertise in understanding the importance of regulatory compliance between companies and regulators. Along with that, Ravi Menon (Managing Director of MAS) praised Ripple for having a solution to real-time gross settlement, currency exchange, and remittance thru DLT. Menon also stated that,
    MAS reaching out to Ripple also revealed that government institutions such central banks and financial regulatory authorities have been consulted and in discussions with Ripple for cooperation in the development of projects. Which is evident by the number of proof-of-concepts Ripple has participated with both central banks and regional banks. In latter reports on Project Ubin progress released by MAS, the central authority revealed that a prototype integrating the Ripple blockchain for Peer-to-Peer (P2P) transactions across geographies would be trialed.¹² While in Singapore these past few weeks, multiple news outlets are reporting that Ripple is in discussions for its technology to be part of the MAS's blockchain experiment in cross-border payments.¹³ ¹⁴
    The Bank of England also held it’s own proof-of-concept (PoC), selecting Ripple to help to demonstrate cross-border payments and settlement using two different Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) systems.¹⁵ The PoC intention was to demonstrate synchronisation of cash movements made using two simulated RTGS systems utilizing the open-source Interledger Protocol (RippleNet). The results of the PoC were ultimately shared later last year with words of encouragement for Ripple’s technology.¹⁶ The Bank of England sharing thru a report,
    The report ended by disclosing that
    Implying that the Bank of England and Ripple’s discourse has yet to end and leaving an open question on the possible utilization of XRP as a liquidity solution.
    And we know that Ripple has been holding discussions with several central banks and authorities thru social media. Notable examples such as Ryan Zagone (Director of Regulatory Relations at Ripple) with the central bank of Indonesia and Dilip Rao (Global Head, Infrastructure Innovation at Ripple) with Bahrain EDB’s Khalid Saad.
    Interestingly enough, this past December EDB’s Khalid Saad gave an insightful interview to Singapore Business Review on Bahrain and Singapore’s relationship in the financial technology space. When asked about Singapore’s innovation in FinTech, Saad replied by saying
    Also elaborating to a question regarding both country’s collaborations,
    With Saad’s photo with Dilip Rao, Bahrain’s intentions to build a corridor between themselves and Singapore, and MAS wanting to expand Project Ubin to partner countries utilizing RippleNet for cross-border payments, it certainly leaves the strong possibility that Ripple will more than likely be involved. And there is one other subtle but odd coincidence in regards to Bahrain and Ripple. There is, and appears to be an increasing an amount of nodes within Ripple’s network displaying conflicting time zones that are intended for the Bahrain region. One other noteworthy point, Khalid was appointed as CEO of Bahrain FinTech Bay (“BFB”).¹⁹ Saad will oversee the implementation of BFB’s long and short-term objectives which will certainly align with the nations goal to have country wide adoption on blockchain technology by 2020.
    Returning to the previously mentioned collaboration between the central banks of Canada and Singapore on cross-border payments based on the utilization of DLT, unveils subtle connections to Ripple.²⁰ MAS is not the only participant with ties to Ripple but the majority of the participants in Project Jasper have individually trialed Ripple technology or collaborated with the company.²¹ Banks and collaborators consisting of the Bank of Montreal, CIBC, Royal Bank of Canada, Scotiabank, TD Bank, and R3 have all direct trials and collaborations with Ripple at some point in time.²² ²³ Essentially if not all, almost all Project Jasper participants are cooperating with Ripple already. In the latest report released on Project Jasper, future exploration on central bank to central bank digital cross-border currency exchange is a priority. Specifically on how might a single-currency DLT zone best be connected with other currencies .²⁴ The report puts the central banks collaboration into perspective while Ripple blockchain technology seems to be the next logical step to be trialed.
    Ripple’s prominence in the finance world has grown so much that just this past November, Ripple alongside the IMF, held a Central Bank Summit in New York City. The summit was able to gather more than two dozen central banks from around the world. The summit provide the right environment to provide
    Both the IMF and Ripple also went in depth on the current financial system’s structure and shortcomings in cross-border payments. Proceeding with the advantages of adopting distributed ledger technology and the issuing of central bank digital currencies.²⁶ The collaboration between Ripple and central banks is just at the beginning as Ripple now has a Infrastructure Innovation team geared towards central banks and market infrastructures that will focus on
    What the Future Holds
    It is safe to say that Ripple has not only positioned itself excellent in regards to central banks and regulators, but Ripple’s technology including it’s network and XRP, will also be compliant to however central authorities will want to impose regulations on cryptocurrencies. Implying that XRP will meet KYC, AML, and CTF standards in order for the digital asset to be adopted for both institutional and commercial applications. And because of the familiarity with RippleNet and understanding of XRP, central banks will be less likely to ban the digital asset outright considering it’s potential utilization as a liquidity solution for the markets. Both scenarios alluded to by MAS just this week,
    With Ravi Menon speaking on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies,
    and mentioning that
    Currently regulators are beginning to cooperate with one another with the intentions to how properly regulate and address the growing cryptocurrency market.³⁰ Luckily both Ripple and XRP will probably be spared of any outright prohibitions of cryptocurrencies in the future, as most regulators will have at least been in discussions with the company in the past. An example being both Chinese³¹ and Japanese authorities being joined by South Korea for the regulations on cryptocurrencies in the region when the former group has held discussions with Ripple.
    One thing is certain though: in regards to central banks, authorities and regulators, both Ripple and XRP are in the perfect position to be potentially adopted for global application soon.
    1. http://www.mas.gov.sg/Singapore-Financial-Centre/Smart-Financial-Centre/FinTech-Regulatory-Sandbox.aspx
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    31. https://cointelegraph.com/news/ripple-talks-with-peoples-bank-of-china-key-to-chinese-blockchain-market
    EDIT 3-16-2018
    EDIT 6-22-2018
    "The Governor also mentioned that the bank has begun working together with the Bank of Canada, the Monetary Authority of Singapore, and some private-sector organizations to upgrade inter-bank cross-border payments, including initiatives based on DLT."
    EDIT 10-30-2018
    (PAGE 28-32)
    BoC is working with MAS and BoE on blockchain cross border payments)
    EDIT 11-15-2018
    EDIT 12-5-2018

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    teletubi reacted to KarmaCoverage in Mark Carney says the Bank of England are collaborating with several private-sector firms to improve inter-bank cross-border payments, including initiatives based on distributed ledger   
    This reminded me of this paper I am not done reading yet. If I am reading between the lines correctly, I think what they are setting up is the option graphed out on the page 51 of the paper. and explained in more depth on page 28, but here is an except from the summary

    What I see happening, is that the Central banks are going to host their own ledgers for their own digital domestic fiat currencies "CBDC"...
    Then these CBDC ledgers can ILP connect (maybe using Ripple Inc products) to each other directly at first, or not (sort of how RippleNet mocked the pre-existing correspondent relationships) and then...
    Through intermediaries (Banks, Exchanges, Non-Bank FIs) which provide both a layer of protection (tech, legal, cust service, etc), and also a new business opportunity to sit in between the big international XRPLedger, and the domestic CBDC ledger and Commercial Bank money system. Watch the Bank of International Settlements, they are sort of like a SWIFT for Central Banks.
    I recommend the full paper to anyone who enjoys monetary system stuff, there is some new (at least to me) thinking that goes into pretty good detail about entirely new tools (in addition to moving interest rates, or conducting Open Market trading) CBDC very well may better enable Central Banks to manage an economy's money supply, and CBDC may reduce the influence Commercial Banks can exert onto the economy, but without removing Commercial Banks from the system, or reducing what they do for the economy (provide leverage).
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    teletubi reacted to retryW in Setting up multiple codius/moneyd instances with single wallet   
    Hey guys,
    Just finished writing up a tutorial on how to setup multiple moneyd instances with the same xrp wallet.
    This will come in handy if you have multiple codius hosts, or have one host and a machine at home you want to use for moneyd or codius CLI functionality (such as uploading pods)
    Feel free to leave feedback.
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    teletubi reacted to Tehol_Beddict in Bank of International Settlements Annual Economic Report: Cryptocurrency chapter - (Basically says bitcoin very bad, Ripple great)   
    Unfortunately I’m out of space for uploading photos to XRPChat so you will have to read yourself. I recommend the massive sections on why permissionless is bad and permission is good (specifically mentions ripple in footnotes but it’s obvious anyway).
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    teletubi reacted to mandelbaum in The SEC's Big Cryptocurrency Speech: 5 Things to Know   
    Richard Holland and Jason Fox just brought these litte gems out of their cave.
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    teletubi reacted to josepi90 in Codius hosting - cost model for Amazon AWS - Googlesheet link   
    Following on from the Codius hosting cost model I'd created for Packet.net, i've now completed a similar exercise for Amazon AWS EC services,..zoom out to 50% on load (google bug)
    EDIT - V1.3 linked corrects an error with the % utlisation calculations. Thanks to steffenmanden for spotting this. Apologies to all.
    This one is more complex as there are so many variables ( 10 services all included).. use the pink drop down box to change the contract type, change XRP price and the monthly server charge.
    note - i could not lock/protect this version and keep the dropdown menu working, so it is not protected, please dont change any other variables than those detailed above , also clear in the sheet.
    Please see the notes at bottom -eg-  no allocation for system resources has been allocated, so all memory is assigned to codius. This would need to be changed for a more accurate figure. 
    disclaimer.. i've checked this a few times, and think its correct, but please don't use this to make decisions on starting up without doing your own calculations. Bear in mind you need to have traffic on your server to hit the targets - this is not a given and needs you to be trusted and secure, marketing etc.
    Send a pm if you want the original excel version.
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    teletubi reacted to Hodor in Codius: Smart Contracts Done Right   
    Smart contracts are an innovation that is at the start of its adoption cycle; eventually, you will see smart contracts being used all over the world and by a multitude of businesses and even governments.  I describe how Ripple's Codius smart contract platform fits into this trend, and just how it compares to Ethereum's smart contract model.
    Hope you enjoy the read & please leave any feedback below:  Please feel welcome to share my blog with a friend or on any other platform - and thank you for doing so! 
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    teletubi reacted to josepi90 in Codius hosting - cost model for packet.net - Googlesheet link.   
    I was curious to see how hosting costs would compare to potential revenues at different server builds & utilisations with changing XRP values / CODIUS_XRP_PER_MONTH fees, so knocked up a spreadsheet (google link below) using the charges for bare metal server hosting at packet.net..( hint: zoom out the view to 50% on load)
    There are only 2 cells to change,  the CODIUS_XRP_PER_MONTH and the price of XRP in USD. These shown in black in rows 7 & 8 The next table in the sheet shows each of the services offered by packet.net (t1.small.x86, c1.small.x86, x1.small.x86, c2.medium.x86 etc, and their details (amount of memory etc), with hourly costs converted to monthly, and the number of 512MB contracts supported.  Next table shows the profit in USD for each server type, based on the figures entered, all cells auto-calculating new usd values, and auto-highlighting  in green where profit is up, red when the server is losing $$ against return. This is shown in steps of 10% utilisation so a 50% utilised server would earn half as a fully used one, etc. These USD values include deduction of server rental. The last table shows the profit in pure XRP also in 10% increments, no conversion to usd , but also no calculation for removing server costs.  
     Please see the notes at bottom -eg-  no allocation for system resources has been allocated, so all memory is assigned to codius. This would need to be changed for a more accurate figure. 
    disclaimer.. i've checked this a few times, and think its correct, but please don't use this to make decisions on starting up without doing your own calculations. Bear in mind you need to have traffic on your server to hit the targets - this is not a given and needs you to be trusted and secure, marketing etc.
    If you play with XRP price and codius_xrp per month values it's quite interesting as things change
    hint - the "m2.xlarge.x86" server, 28 Cores @ 2.2 GHz costing $1460 per month, if 100% utilized would turn a profit of $3640 per month ( very rough), this based on 10 XRP per month, and XRP value at 0.68 USD.
    UPDATE 15 June 2018 - I will be working to add AWS bare metal pricing today, If you know of other bare metal service providers please link them in the comment and I will try to add to the sheet as time permits.
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    teletubi reacted to Storm in AMEX Job Listing accidentally mentions Ripple / Santander solution coming 2018   
    Nah, it's legit. Read it as well earlier today. Interesting that they have edited out the mention of Ripple.
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    teletubi reacted to Hodor in XRP, Ripple & The Color of Money   
    Do you have one of those friends that always yells at the television when a professional sports match is on?  Maybe they think they could do better, judging from the sidelines.  But what your friend might not realize is the real professionals always make it look easy; but it is not.  They've put in the hours of hard work to get where they are.
    Likewise Ripple has put in a tremendous amount of consistent work to get where they're at; at the cusp of a global takeover in banking communications and cross-border value transfer.  Ripple specializes in streamlining payments, and XRP is the best digital asset for bridging currencies.  
    In this blog entry, I detail the events of the last few days, including their phenomenal philanthropic effort with university education.  
    Hope you enjoy the read!  Please leave any feedback below & feel free to share my blog with a friend or on any other platform - and thank you for doing so! 
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    teletubi reacted to Ripple-Stiltskin in When does everyone admit they were wrong?   
    fudsters everywhere.
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    teletubi reacted to brjXRP17 in Ripple Lawsuit Tracker   
    Not sure about you, but it feels like every other day a new lawsuit is filed against Ripple.
    So, in the interest of keeping everything straight and knowing where Ripple (company) is with each court or legal case, avoiding the FUD, below is a list of every lawsuit Ripple Labs, Inc. has been involved with in the U.S. court system, all in chronological order since the company's inception in 2012. The open or active cases are in bold. 
    1.) 2014 - Ripple vs. LaCore Enterprises    (closed or not active)
    2.) 2015 - Ripple vs. Kefi Labs   (closed or not active)
    3.) 2015 - Arthur Britto vs. Jed McCaleb  (closed or not active)**
    4.) 2016 - Bitstamp vs. Ripple, Jed McCaleb, Stellar   (closed or not active)
    5.) 2016 - Ripple vs. Pixel Labs   (closed or not active)
    6.) 2017 - R3 vs. Ripple (Delaware)   (closed or not active)
    7.) 2017 - Ripple and XRP II vs. R3 (California)   (open or active; on appeal)
    8.) 2017 - R3 vs. Ripple (New York)   (open or active)
    9.) 2017 - Tony Petrucci vs. Ripple   (closed or not active)
    10.) 2018 - Ryan Coffey vs. Ripple, XRP II and Bradley Garlinghouse (California)   (open or active)
    11.) 2018 - Ryan Coffey vs. Ripple, XRP II and Bradley Garlinghouse (U.S. Federal Court)  (open or active)
    12.) 2018 - Vladi Zakinov vs. Ripple, XRP II and Bradley Garlinghouse (California)   (open or active)
    * Case did not involve Ripple Labs, Inc. per se, but it was a dispute involving the technology, the creation of the Stellar, etc. 

    Lastly, here are a few fun facts for you today.
    1.) Google was founded in 1998. A little over 6 years after Google was formed, it appears the company was involved in over 40+ federal court or legal cases. This does not include any lawsuits filed against Google in any state courts.**
    2.) Airbnb was founded in 2008. A little over 6 years after Airbnb formed, it appears company was involved in over 20+ federal court or legal cases. This does not include any lawsuits filed against Airbnb in any state courts.**
    3.) Uber was founded in 2009. A little over 6 years after Uber was formed, it appears company was involved in over 100+ federal court or legal cases. This does not include any lawsuits filed against Uber in any state courts.**
    ** data is from https://www.pacer.gov/
    Hang in there. Disruption breeds legal challenges.  More lawsuits to come.

    cc: @Pablo @Snoopy @zerpdigger @vlad_got_it @Mrsrippley @Sebastian @xrpisking
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    teletubi reacted to Hodor in Why Consensus is better than Proof of Work   
    Consensus is better than Proof of Work.
    When it comes to all categories of strengths for a decentralized cryptographic network, XRP is stronger than Bitcoin in every category:  Double-spend prevention, security, censorship-resistance, dependability, scalability, and settlement speed. 
    The fact that we're even still talking about Bitcoin in 2018 is a testament to how effective protectionist market interference can be; but XRP doesn't care - it is being adopted at scale by real businesses for real global commerce.  There are a myriad of reasons for this, but in this blog, I focus in on one specific aspect of XRP: its transaction validation model and how it compares to Bitcoin.  
    I hope you enjoy!  Please leave any feedback below.  Feel free to share my blog with a friend, or on any other platform!  (and thanks for doing so!)
    Twitter Reddit r/Ripple Reddit r/CryptoCurrency Reddit r/CryptoMarkets Reddit r/xrp Reddit r/RippleTalk Reddit r/alternativecoin Bitcointalk - alt coin sub forum Bitcointalk - XRP speculation thread
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    teletubi reacted to Hodlezerper in Why would it be bad for XRP value if it was deemed a security   
    It would put it in such tight legal framework that it would make Ripple incapable of performing its job as a private software company selling enterprise solutions to banks. It would all of a sudden become a publicly traded company and would have to adhere to those rules. XRP would now be common stock instead of a settlement asset. It'd be like trading Apple stock as a settlement asset. It doesn't make any sense and the red tape around the buying and selling of stocks from a consumer protection standpoint are far too convoluted. 
    It would be like classifying a locomotive as an airplane. You wouldn't be able to use the train because it wouldn't pass the regulatory hurdles required to be an airplane. Because it isn't one. It's a train...
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    teletubi reacted to Mercury in **RAFFLE** in Support of XRPChat   
    The site is now official live!
    Orders submitted via the temp site will be merged
    There is also a coupon for those that placed a first batch order
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