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    teletubi reacted to WillIAMRich in Short Story Contest: Psychedelics   
    Everything started by taking that one drug.
    Back in 2017, i wanted to test psychedelics. I knew people who did them safely and had experience.
    I asked them, could I test something that really expands my mind and gives another perspective to see this world.
    Couple of days pass by. My friends comes to visit me. They show the stuff and promise to watch my back.
    So it begins. Within few minutes after taking the blotter, I begin to feel good.
    Things are starting to feel new, weird, like I haven't even been in this world before.
    Trip starts to expand so much that i feel like i'm going to be dead.
    I think I will be OK, I just need to relax.
    But no. I hear my buddy saying that they messed the amount for beginner. Its too much. 
    Panic attack kicks in, I'm trying to get out of the trip, i want to be in normal state.
    15 minutes goes by, panic fades away, I feel like I'm just air.
    I feel like I'm not here anymore.

    After the scary trip, I finally begin to be sober. My friends are worried.
    I tell them I'm OK now. It was just very bad trip. Totally never again. "I need my own time now", I said.
    They understand and leave.
    My mind was full of thoughts about XP...XR...XRP. Yeah XRP...What is it?
    I took my laptop and spend hours, days, weeks, just researching about XRP.
    So interesting. Ripple and Coil are genius with these solutions and use cases. They really need to take part of those cross-boarder payments and the way how monetizing works in internet.
    This must be successful.
    I have been gambler before. I didn't fear losing. I just saw win, so I put a lot of money in XRP. 
    Now I just have to wait...

    No one couldn't wait this from Ripple... XRP is dominating cryptomarkets... Buy XRP TODAY...
    Bitcoin crashing, what happened... This is the future... Payment flows like information today...
    XRP reaching four digit values...Governments are planning using XRP as supranational currency...

    Those news titles are unbelievable. But yeah, it's 2030 now.
    I made my first million back in 2018 January. Nowadays I'm billionaire. World is using XRP for payments everywhere, even if they don't know they are using XRP, because
    every payment provider and bank are connected to RippleNet. XRP hasn't replaced any currency, but it works like its currency. It's hard to explain.
    Damn it feels good to be alive. Do you want to know XRP's price? Its too high to believe...
    Years roll by, I begin to be too old to live anymore.
    And... I feel weird... Am I dying...
    After the scary trip, I finally begin to be sober. My friends are worried.
    I tell them I'm OK now. It was just very bad trip. Totally never again. "I need my own time now", I said.
    They understand and leave.
    My mind was full of thoughts about XP...XR...XRP. Yeah XRP...What is it?
    The same story continues, Ripple is successful and XRP has a lot of use.
    And... I'm too old to live anymore. 
    I'm losing this world...
    After the scary trip...
    Now you're thinking, why this again?
    I'm on repeat, loop, trapped inside my own mind and thoughts.  

    This same story happens at least hundreds, if not thousand times...
    Until I really wake up...
    What I'm doing in hospital? What time is it? 
    "Finally! Its 27th of July 2018. You have been in very weird state of mind for almost year. We couldn't resolve what caused it", Doctor said.
    I feel so lost now. Almost year doing nothing...
    It's quite weird that I remember everything from the trip.
    Market looks same, news are same... Yep, everything looks same, now I need to get home to invest in XRP. Luckily I'm not late from the party. In fact, I'm just at the right time for good prices. Bad thing that i couldn't buy in 2017...
    I'm just saying, you guys are invested to something very huge.
    Sorry, but I cant expose everything. You will see it soon...

    ( Disclaimer : I don't suggest or recommend anyone to do drugs, and this story doesn't refer to my personal life. Its all fiction )
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    teletubi reacted to BarryM17 in Short Story Contest: Psychedelics   
    @WillIAMRich, I will vote for you in the poll.  First of all, good story, even if it's all fiction.  Secondly, it's hard to believe it's all fiction, as I've only tripped on LSD once in my life but so many of the things you said resonated with my experience.  First I took 1 tab.  30 minutes pass by and I feel nothing, so I take a 2nd tab.  My friends warn me against this.  We're at an after-hours club in Hawaii where they play house music.  15 minutes after taking the 2nd tab I go to the bathroom.  I feel intense heat behind me.  I turn around and the bathroom is on fire.  I run out into the club, ***** hanging out, shouting "the bathroom is on fire!"  I sit down at a 3-inch thick marble table with my friend.  We both can see each other's hands and whatnot through the table.  I'd be like "how many fingers am I holding up?," and he'd give the correct answer.  I become dehydrated.  I bought like 30 bottles of water but every time a tiny black devil with horns would steal my bottle.  There were dozens of them just running around the wall carrying my water bottles.  A song by Josh Wink - A Higher State of Consciousness repeats over and over and over and over.  I lay my head down on the table, not feeling so well.  I descend into a whirlpool of fire, which I was in for 30 years.  We leave the club.  It's daylight.  As soon as I see the daylight I feel better.  Then we get into my friends car to drive back to the Army barracks.  We pass the same road sign hundreds of times in a row.  I can see the mountains in the distance, but we never get any closer.  It took us 3 years to make that 15-minute drive to the barracks.  All my friends faces were transforming into terrible beasts, scaring the crap out of me.  Once home, I just sat there, eating Juicy Fruit gum and drinking orange juice and staring at my friends face, watching him transform into different monsters.  That Josh Wink song - I couldn't get it out of my head - it literally was on repeat for the next 3 months of my life.  I had flashbacks for the next 3 years.  I also said, "totally never again," which I've held true to.
    So anyhow, you have my vote!
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    teletubi reacted to Hodor in Imagining a Better World   
    How can XRP crypto investors help mainstream financial markets - and those others already in crypto - move past current limitations into the future?

    I give my take on this topic in today's blog, and spend some time covering the biggest XRP news items as well.  
    This includes news from some of the biggest companies that build on XRP, including Ripple, Coil, and SBI, as well as two XRP Community members.  
    I guarantee that the average crypto investor - and even those that follow XRP - have had a hard time keeping up with all the latest information; there's a lot to cover, but I did my best to touch on the most impactful items.  
    Hope you enjoy today's latest edition. 
    Please feel free to share my blog with a friend - or on any other platform or social media - and thank you for doing so! 
    Twitter Reddit r/Ripple Reddit r/CryptoCurrency Reddit r/CryptoMarkets Reddit r/xrp Reddit r/RippleTalk Reddit r/alternativecoin Bitcointalk - alt coin sub forum Bitcointalk - XRP speculation thread
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    teletubi reacted to Gerhardvd in How effective is Codius for running DAO's and smart-invoices?   
    Hey there smart people, 
    I'm really excited about Codius and the other products Ripple is bringing to the market, I think there is a lot of potential time and money to be saved if companies successfully implement these solutions. But with blockchain still being so young I do wonder what we can realistically work on right now and what we can expect in the near future. And I'm currently tasked (as an intern) with just that, implementing blockchain solutions for this company. And I'm so glad to be given this opportunity but it sure ain't easy with blockchain still at it's infancy.
    The company I work for does a lot of intermediary stuff for local governments, insurance parties and people of low income or welfare. For instance, they have a centralized solution that withholds part of the welfare cheque for the insurance premium to prevent welfare beneficiaries from getting into depth by not paying their premiums (which happens a lot). As you can imagine this involves a lot of work with auditing and correcting invoices because these payments don't happen in real-time because there are different organisations involved. 
    I feel like DAO's (decentralized autonomous organisations) could be an excellent solution to this problem.
    Blockchain/Interledger would provide a closed ecosystem where there cannot be any double-spend while also providing liquidity and speed. Codius could provide a platform for deploying smartcontracts and DAO's where the consensus mechanisms can be tailored to the use cases at hand. It's my understanding that the combination of Codius and Interledger could result in a platform where these parties are an entity in this ecosystem that can share crypto and fiat wallets and have access to these 'smart'-invoices where they can track all the bills in real time and see what happens with the funds, where disputes can be resolved almost instantly and all that goodness that saves organisations time and money.
    The things I really like about ILP and Codius are:
    Private smartcontracts (Whereas ethereum is a public blockchain) Level of entry (Javascript or any other language) Easy control over fiat/crypto wallets Scalability But I also have a few doubts, I'd like to hear your thoughts on this:
    Codius is still very young, there are a lot more developers working on Ethereum and dAPPS that might provide a plug-and-play solution for the use cases at hand. Maybe there are other platforms out there that are completely flying under my radar that provide solutions to my use cases? I'd really, really like to hear your guys thoughts and opinions on this  and I have some questions too that I can't quite work out yet:
    What are your expectations when the Codius platform will come into fruition when it comes to adoption and functionality? Will I have to program these solutions from scratch myself or will Codius eventually have plug-and-play (d)apps too like Ethereum? What programming language should I pick up if I want to test the waters myself?
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    teletubi reacted to vrippled in Connecting some dots: Ripple and PayPay   
    Perhaps someone else has already made the connection but I just connected some dots for myself...
    Let me know what you guys think
    1. First, I was reading this article today about "Masayoshi Son, Silicon Valley’s newest kingmaker ...a 60-year old billionaire with a global network and vast funds"
    The article points out that Masayoshi Son, the "visionary leader of SoftBank, one of the world’s most influential and aggressive technology firms ...launched the Vision Fund to invest in technology startups that he believes will fundamentally change the world. The fund, backed by the likes of Apple and Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund, has already pumped $30 billion into companies including Uber, WeWork, and Slack".
    The article states that SoftBank is now “a unicorn hunter". You can read the whole CNNMoney article here: https://money.cnn.com/interactive/technology/masayoshi-son-profile/index.html
    2. Then I read a related article entitled, SoftBank takes on Apple and Samsung with new payment app.
    "One of the world's biggest tech companies is wading into Japan's growing digital payments industry.
    SoftBank (SFTBF) is partnering with Yahoo Japan to launch a mobile payment app called PayPay this fall, the company announced Friday.
    PayPay will go up against Apple (AAPL), Samsung (SSNLF), Alibaba (BABA) and Japan's top messaging app Line (LN), all of which operate similar services in the country.
    SoftBank and Yahoo will collaborate with Paytm, India's biggest online payments firm.
    ...Paytm is also part of SoftBank's tangled global investment web.
    The company's $100 billion tech fund, the SoftBank Vision Fund, is a big investor in Paytm. SoftBank also holds a significant stake in Chinese tech giant Alibaba, which is one of Paytm's major investors.
    PayPay will tap into SoftBank's mobile phone customer base and the 40 millionusers of Yahoo Japan's electronic payment platform, Yahoo Wallet."
    The entire article is here: https://money.cnn.com/2018/07/27/technology/softbank-mobile-payments-japan/index.html
    3. The third piece if this puzzle is a tweet by Ariel Cendana from 5 January 2018: https://mobile.twitter.com/arielcendana/status/949436124719497216
    @Ripple has signed 3 out of the the Top 5 GLOBAL money transfer companies. Let me remind you of these companies - Western Union, MoneyGram, TransferWise, WorldRemit, and PayPay. For those that Sold, XRP will be used in their payment flows Have a good weekend! #xrpthestandard
    7:23 PM · Jan 5, 2018
    4. Speculation: Masayoshi Son, SoftBank is now actively hunting a unicorn. SoftBank (SFTBF) is partnering with Yahoo Japan to launch a mobile payment app called PayPay this fall (officially announced announced last Friday).
    It's not stated explicitly above, but a partnership with Ripple appears evident to me. If this is true, what will be the connection between Paypay and XRP usage???
    If I'm totally off course, just ignore. After all this forum is for speculation:)
    But if my intuition is correct, this, on top of everything else we are already anticipating, is going to make this  a MONSTER FALL 2018 for XRP!!!
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    teletubi reacted to Busa_ in Bearableguy123 Thread   
    nope ... my wife still thinks xrp is trading around $5aud .. until she clues on I'm good 
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    teletubi reacted to Pablo in Codius host stopped receiving payments   
    For those of you interested, @josepi90 was in contact with Stefan a few weeks ago about hardware set-ups and he advocated more memory as a key factor in maximising attractiveness of your host. Here's what he had to say:
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    teletubi reacted to DanB in Yoshitaka Kitao "once SBI Remit, MG etc use XRP (in xRapid): banks will have to follow"   
    It's just a waiting game at this point. Sit on your hands, and accumulate whenever possible. This summer, like last summer, will drag, and drag, and drag. I believe Q4 2018/Q1 2019 will be an exciting time to hold XRP.
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    teletubi reacted to Julian_Williams in Yoshitaka Kitao "once SBI Remit, MG etc use XRP (in xRapid): banks will have to follow"   
    Yes it is just a waiting game but sooner rather than later, Kitao is releasing the breaks in preparation for a bull run generated by Japanese investment.  He wants SBI to the first in the ring and he wants the world to know it.  (that is my strong impression)
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    teletubi reacted to Danny in SBI To Launch Cryptocurrency Derivatives Market   
    Sorry if this was already posted, couldn't find it.
    Notice Regarding Memorandum of Understanding on Establishing a Joint Venture with the Ping An Group in China.

    "OneConnect is one of the largest FinTech SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) platforms in China. As of December 31st 2017, OneConnect serves 468 banks, and 1890 financial institutions."
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    teletubi reacted to Paradigm in 250/750 XRP Giveaway Final Entries   
    Awesome contest Barry. Don't know how I missed this one! Good luck to everybody who entered! (Particularly those who guessed the big numbers )
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    teletubi reacted to Guest1 in XRP Bounce!   
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    teletubi reacted to Talinos in President Bill Clinton Keynotes Swell 2018   
    Maybe these Wallets are not so fake as we thought ?( 2 Line /last name)

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    teletubi reacted to RDS in Rachel lee connecting Dots of XRP with SDR (IMF currency ), CME and Miguel   
    Rachel Lee‏ @LeeR912 60m60 minutes ago
    For those doubting and limiting the value of #xrp based on small thinking, pay attention to a genius whose trading motto is "Dont miss the next ethereum". When discussing trading, theres no doubt he refers to value.

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    teletubi reacted to RDS in Rachel lee connecting Dots of XRP with SDR (IMF currency ), CME and Miguel   
    Rachel Lee‏ @LeeR912 6h6 hours ago
    Another coincidence? The Bilderberg group operates as a global shadow government. Decisions that are made here are taken as marching orders for attendees to take back to their respective fields to ensure d shaping of d New World Order..

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    teletubi reacted to Pluto in Bearableguy123 Thread   
    Apple shares are a security and can be inflated at any point and XRP is a commodity is deflationary with fixed supply. You really think Apple shares were not manipulated at some point by early investors? Crypto markets are heavily manipulated. Whether women check men's heads or men check a woman's head. The fact is a fact.. whether you assume women know more than men or otherwise. If you will look at things from the wrong perspective refined through wrong facts you will get lost in your own assumptions.
    XRP is a deflationary commodity.. think of all the shipping containers in the world. There is only one company that makes shipping containers that are 1000 times lighter and thousand times cheaper and fly themselves to the destination in 4 seconds using special aerial highways between countries that they built themselves. (literally Alien technology) Will the world begin adopting and shipping International trade with these containers? Yes!.. Now these shipping containers can be easily traded on the open market when and where a shipment needs to be made. The demand for these shipping containers is Volume of active participants, more shipments need more containers and thats where the price perspective comes in. Now look at the volume SWIFT manages and do the math.
    A few years after this the world begins to trust the shipping containers because of ongoing demand and necessity for international trade, FI's and banks have spent billions of dollars on the eco-system building products for their customers.. The containers now are more valuable than ever because it is the industries foundation.. just like SWIFT is today. People begin trusting the longevity of the containers, and use them as a store of value or hoard them to make shipments in the future.
    Digital Gold is Born.
    100 years have passed and the containers keep evolving and keep getting better, but the liquidity pool remains the same, perhaps mars now is also part of the pool. People who invested 100 years ago in the containers lived  enriching lives.. their successors become the new 1% of the world, and are actively working on making the world a free, fair and better place. Hope your perspective is brightened up a bit.
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    teletubi reacted to Hodor in Setting Sail: Quarter 2 XRP Markets Report and Bitrue   
    Set sail with XRP in my latest blog!  

    I cover the big news - and there is a lot of it: the Q2 XRP Markets Report, Bitrue, Wirex, Uphold, Blocktrade and SBI Virtual Currencies start things off.  
    Note that the Q&A with Bitrue is an exclusive just for the XRP Community.  
    Of course, I also include the latest developments by XRP Community developers; this includes updates about two wallets that you may not know about.  
    I hope you enjoy today's lengthier update!
    Please leave any feedback below.  Feel free to share my blog with a friend - or on any other platform - and thank you for doing so! 
    Twitter Reddit r/Ripple Reddit r/CryptoCurrency Reddit r/CryptoMarkets Reddit r/xrp Reddit r/RippleTalk Reddit r/alternativecoin Bitcointalk - alt coin sub forum Bitcointalk - XRP speculation thread  
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    teletubi reacted to Lamberth in Galgitron’s blog: Is XRP Too Fast to Be Worth Anything?   
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    teletubi reacted to RAPTOR in Rachel lee connecting Dots of XRP with SDR (IMF currency ), CME and Miguel   
    Another day, another condescending post... let people believe what they want to believe ?‍♂️
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    teletubi reacted to RDS in Rachel lee connecting Dots of XRP with SDR (IMF currency ), CME and Miguel   
    "Rachel Lee‏ @LeeR912 Jul 26
    The +-55billion #xrp is the digital gold which the IMF will use to reliquidify the world after the next financial crisis (coming soon). XRP will need to be valued in the 4 digits first. This is why the rush is on to get the ecosystem up and running.. ACCUMULATE, and be Patient.."
    "Rachel Lee‏ @LeeR912 Jul 26
    Thank you for the support.. As I've pointed, this could moon overnight. All i can say is wait for october G20 meeting. All will be more clear. The G20 are like IMF directors. After G20 you'll see SEC crushing many cryptos.. polysign will be released.. then it begins.."
    Rachel Lee‏ @LeeR912 Jul 19
    I will Summarize #Ripple & their objectives for you: -Capture FX Market ($5.1trillion) -Capture Derivatives Market ($1.2quadrillian) -xrp to provide major banks liquidity (remove nostro $27Trillion) -#xrp will provide liquidity Global Liquidity crisis approaching, tied to LIBOR
    Rachel Lee‏ @LeeR912 Jul 26
    The trigger for xrp becoming a global standard will be the coming financial crisis
    Rachel Lee‏ @LeeR912 Jul 26
    In 1998 wall street bailed out the hedge fund. In 2008 central banks had to bail out wall street. In 2018/19 the central banks are going to need to be bailed out. Only the IMF is left standing. IMF will bail out central banks & this gives total control to IMF.
    Direct message
    Rachel Lee‏ @LeeR912 Jul 26
    "Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes it's laws" — Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild Are you seeing where all this is headed? New World Order. 1 World Government (those who control the IMF get to dictate policy to central banks who in turn dictate to govs)
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    teletubi reacted to RDS in Rachel lee connecting Dots of XRP with SDR (IMF currency ), CME and Miguel   
    Rachel Lee‏ @LeeR912
    We've discussed this in previous tweets how Ripple is tied to the CME group, not only at the foundation phase but also via Miguel Vias who sacrificed a top position to join a fintech startup. There are just chessboard pieces being moved around by those powers behind Ripple..

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    teletubi reacted to Hodor in Crypto has the World's Attention: XRP Update   
    The world is collectively addressing the topic of cryptocurrency.  In my previous blog, I analyzed the implications of the US Congressional testimony; in this edition, I discuss the G20's recent meeting and discussion of cryptocurrency, along with the next steps that were recommended by the various central bank members.

    In addition, Ripple made an important update to their recommended UNL and published the quarter 2 XRP Markets Report!  This blog wraps up by discussing a lot of recent activity in the XRP Community.  
    Hope you enjoy the read.  Please feel free to share my blog with a friend, or on any other platform; and of course, thank you for doing so! 
    Twitter Reddit r/Ripple Reddit r/CryptoCurrency Reddit r/CryptoMarkets Reddit r/xrp Reddit r/RippleTalk Reddit r/alternativecoin Bitcointalk - alt coin sub forum Bitcointalk - XRP speculation thread
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    teletubi reacted to XRPto50dollars in The Main Reason You Should Not Sell XRP..   
    Let's say you make $60,000 a year.
    After tax you'll bring home ~$46,000 (depending on where you live).
    In this example, suppose you invested $10,000 in XRP @ .40 cents
    You now own 25,000 XRP.
    For you to make $1 million with your investment, XRP needs to reach $40.
    For you to make $1 million on your salary alone, you would need to save every penny, every year... for 22 years.
    Think about it. XRP already hit $3 earlier this year based on speculation. Do you think it is more likely for you to make $1 million on your own, by not spending a cent for 22 years...
    ..or by simply holding your 25,000 XRP?
    Do you really need that $10,000 back? If you end up selling in fear at a loss, and end up with $7,000 after tax/capital losses... what would you do with that $7,000? Put it back in the bank? Buy a 55" flat screen TV? Go on a week vacation? None of these possibilities give you the potential by simply holding your XRP investment.
    We need to remember that many people do not have any savings and will die in debt. 
    To make the example even more realistic,  let's say you're 30 years old, invested $10,000, you save $500 a month, with a 7% rate of return, and a 2.9% inflation rate..
    Sounds great! Youll be a millionaire in 10 years!!! Actually.. no. At 65 years old, you'd make $967,311. That's 30 years of saving, and you still didnt break a million dollars.
    Dont get me wrong.. invest all you can into your retirement. But as a backup, if you're currently invested in XRP, the risk is worth the reward.
    I believe there is much better chance at making a million dollars by XRP hitting $40 compared to saving every penny for 22 years.
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    teletubi reacted to 2ndtimearound in Don't Expect an Official Announcement   
    Thanks JC!
    I am starting to really believe that Ripple will donate most of their XRP to central banks.  Central banks will provide liquidity.  There'll be that kind of paradigm shift.  Ripple will cement their success this way.  They will avoid the public outrage if the top guys became on-paper trillionnaires.
    Christine Lagarde, IMF Managing Director made this speech last September  > https://www.imf.org/en/News/Articles/2017/09/28/sp092917-central-banking-and-fintech-a-brave-new-world
    This is the IMF speaking, not some XRP enthusiast.  The above has the ILP written all over it - currency agnostic, but with XRP as the default. 
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