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    teletubi reacted to MegaNerd in CSC Exchange Cfinex CLOSING! Get CSC out!   
    head on over to CSCchat.com to read more but the low down is that Cfinex is CLOSING next month. GET YOUR CSC OUT OF THERE OR YOU LOSE THEM FOREVER!
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    teletubi reacted to lu_stgm96 in TEMENOS CEO: "You'll see some new initiatives in the next couple of days."   
    @6:50 - Related to New initiatives - "You'll see some new initiatives in the next couple of days."
    What could it be? hmmmm.....*cough* SWELL?! *cough*
    @8:15 he just repeat it again.
    He also talks about DLT. 
    Feel free to share your opinion on this.
    Update Info:
    Hi guys, I just got some time to link the most important things from all of you into my post, so everyone can see all the infos at one place. Thanks for your help!
    Thanks to @King34Maine
    I've found an interesting Video from 2016.
    Bank Industry experts discuss cutting edge Blockchain technologies, like Ripple, and provide estimates about when cross border settlements via the Blockchain will become accepted by the Banking Industry.
    Patrick Stutvoet – Head of Transactions , ABN AMRO
    Danny Aranda, Head of Channels, Ripple
    Patrick Laurent – Partner, Deloitte
    Jordan Brandt – CEO, Inpher
    Darryl Proctor, Product Director - Transaction Banking and Payments, Temenos
    Thanks to @VanHasen
    Thanks to @KingsAndQueens 
    Update 5:
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    teletubi reacted to Paradigm in Ripple meeting with U.S. lawmakers today (Tuesday) to discuss regulatory landscape.   
    Link from CoinTelegraph: https://cointelegraph.com/news/us-crypto-industry-reps-lawmakers-venture-capitalists-to-discuss-regulatory-landscape
    Representatives from U.S.-based financial giants and cryptocurrency startups will meet with Washington lawmakers this Tuesday to discuss the regulatory landscape, CNBC reportedSeptember 24.

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    teletubi reacted to Hodor in Foundations of Success   
    XRP's value is driven by its utility.

    The UK Parliament recently released their findings about crypto via a subcommittee document; I break down their conclusions and share what I think this means for crypto and for XRP.
    PNC Bank - one of the largest US Banks - joins RippleNet.  SAP creates a POC mobile app that handles real-time Canada-to-Germany payments.  Sagar Sarbhai reveals that Ripple piloted XRP with banks *years* ago
    And in Coil news, the company reveals that it is Coil-enabling some high-profile sites right away, and WietseWind provides the first centralized listing of businesses that are Coil-enabled. 
    WietseWind also published a new blog of his own on how to ILP-enable the IOT (Internet of Things), merging the IOT with the IOV!  Is he the first to do this in the history of the world?  *Perhaps*.
    All this and more is covered in today's blog.  
    Hope you enjoy the read & please leave any feedback below.  Feel free to share my blog with a friend - or on any other platform or social media - and thank you for helping spread the word! 
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    teletubi reacted to ImTheRippler in Coinbase are such clowns   
    They're gonna be the Netscape of exchanges, they cant compete with NYSE Baakt etc. **** 'em.
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    teletubi reacted to Tehol_Beddict in US Banking Giant PNC Becomes Latest to Adopt Ripple's xCurrent   
    American banking giant PNC has joined the growing number of financial institutions using payments products from blockchain startup Ripple.
    The bank's Treasury Management division will begin accepting cross-border transactions using the firm's xCurrent product, Ripple's senior vice president, Asheesh Birla, told CoinDesk Wednesday.
    One of the top-10 largest banks by assets held in the U.S., PNC has already successfully concluded a pilot phase and proof-of-concept for the payment rail, and will immediately begin using xCurrent in a production environment. For now, Treasury Management will only be accepting inbound transactions using the product.
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    teletubi reacted to Tehol_Beddict in Remitr, flutterwave established a RippleNet corridor to Nigeria from Canada -   
    Very interesting considering:
    “Nigeria Is Joining the Blockchain Game with Tempo and Flutterwave”
    “Our partnership with Tempo is a fantastic example of the kind of innovation Flutterwave is enabling on the Stellar blockchain technology to bring down remittance costs and connect Africa to the global economy.”
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    teletubi reacted to Hodor in The Only Limit Is Our Imagination   
    The Internet of Value now has the tools, solutions, and the people to transform the world; the only limit is our collective imagination! 

    In this latest blog, I talk about how progress is accelerating for the companies that use XRP & its associated micropayments capabilities, as well as ILP and Codius.
    Ripple just signed NCB & I provide my take on why they chose to publicly announce this new customer addition to RippleNet.  Cory Johnson is interviewed at the Milken Institute Asia Summit, and CNBC quotes Sagar Sarbhai from Ripple on xRapid's production rollout. 
    A new WordPress plugin for Coil has now been created. 
    To top off the last few days, a new version of XRP was just released, and it includes an exciting new amendment. 
    Hope you enjoy the read & please leave any feedback below.  Also, feel free to share my blog with a friend, or on any other platform - and thank you for doing so! 
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    teletubi reacted to JCCollins in XRP - The Standard (Big read)   
    Here's my new 4500-word article on everything from the USD, SDR, sovereign debt restructuring, economic collapses, China, Russia, SWIFT, SAP, and XRP.  Attempting to bring some clarity and a deeper understanding of some of the topics which have been getting misconstrued and some of the false narratives which have been running wild.  Hope its worth the read. 
    XRP - The Standard

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    teletubi reacted to Tehol_Beddict in Ripple-lib 1.0 released ?   
    We are pleased to announce the release of `ripple-lib` version 1.0.0.
    This version features a range of changes and improvements that make the library
    more capable and flexible. It includes new methods for accessing rippled APIs,
    including subscriptions.
    When using this version with `rippled` for online functionality, we recommend
    using `rippled` version 1.0.1 or later.
    Here is a summary of the changes since `ripple-lib` version 0.22.0, which was
    the last non-beta version...
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    teletubi reacted to Liagala in Concerns about Coil data collection   
    That's the whole point of this web monetization thing though.  We're supposed to pay them directly so they DON'T do this. 
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    teletubi reacted to Hodor in Web Monetization Has Begun   
    The advertising model of web monetization has been around since the birth of the Internet, and has resulted in a sustained attack on privacy for those of us that use any form of technology.  

    Web Monetization promises to change all that, as it gives content creators and application developers a different option: an automatic, seamless, pay-through-browsing option.
    Even though it sounds crazy, ??? ???? ?? ???? ????? ???? ???? ?????? ?? ???!
    In addition, I cover all the major crypto news and developments related to XRP, including some high-profile upcoming conferences, exchange news, and updates to the XRP Tip Bot.  
    I hope you enjoy this latest blog!  Feel free to share my blog with a friend or on any other platform - and thank you for doing so! 
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    teletubi reacted to ImTheRippler in massive money moved on XRP ledger...   
    If thats Jed he just moved basically his whole bag.  Wonder whats going on, did they buy him out?
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    teletubi reacted to xrphilosophy in ICE/Baakt and XRP   
    I've read the comments so far and appreciate all of them.  I am unsure as well why the btc market fell.  It isn't necesarily the upcoming Baakt, but it could be. I am sort of not ruling that out. I understand the ETF delays, but somehow I don't know that this is the big reason either.  Maybe a combo of both.  I truly don't know.
    The double edged sword- referenced in the article on Forbes-  When Wall St. (ice/baakt) comes in and creates debt based, 'fractionally reserved' claims to bitcoin, off the chain, which are going to be viewed as bitcoin substitutes, how does that offset the natural scarcity?
    Essentially wall st. ledgers can create more supply of any cryptocurrency via paper IOU's. Not actually, but essentially.
    She referenced the case of Dole Foods shares. Via this re-hypothecation a third more Dole Foods shares were created than actually existed in 2013.   And investors thought the price too low.  Eventually it was taken to court, and shown that rehypothecation did in effect create more shares than ever existed via paper that was being pushed around in the market.
    XRP and BTC are different. Not shares.  But the same financial instruments are involved.  Supplies of either coin cannot be increased in actuality of course, but the trading supply can be effectively increased because of -again- shifting paper- what we perceived to be the Tether problem earlier this year.  Way more supply of Tether than dollars to back it up right?  Same way in cryptos- way more trading supply of derivatives than actual supply of coins. More paper "supply" effectively suppresses price of the underlying asset.
    You bring that into bitcoin. XRP follows bitcoin, so now we have an artifically suppressed XRP because it tracks bitcoin. Or XRP itself as another here mentioned could be the host for a derivative, thereby suppressing its price in the same manner. Meanwhile the "real money" is being made on the derivatives which are playing off of these cryptocurrencies.   The money invested and value in cryptocurrencies travels from the cryptocurrency itself into the new derivatives spawned by Wall St. This is how I understood it. 
    However, I think I hardly understand it.  Trying to and wishing it could be explained by someone deep inside the markets. 
    What is happening with this ICE/Baakt thing?  Who actually benefits from its creation?  What are the pros and cons for cryptos in general, and how will it affect XRP in particular?
    The Forbes article touches on some important points. This topic seems important to consider only because it now seems that the ICE/Baakt entrance (because it IS Wall Street) will be the determining factor on the price of action of all cryptocurrencies including XRP, use case or not.  (The one thing not pointed out is how this could be good for XRP price. This is because I have no evidence on that - yet). Still curious here. There have been great points made so far, but I feel there is still more to this story.  Wondering if anyone can reach out to their Wall Street connections. 
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    teletubi reacted to ImTheRippler in ICE/Baakt and XRP   
    It doesn’t matter how many they make, only the “real” ones can be used for their trillion dollar world changing purpose of moving money like information.
    They can create these paper XRP but they’ll only ever be a speculators toy, not a revolutionary digital asset.
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    teletubi reacted to ImTheRippler in ICE/Baakt and XRP   
    Great post!  What’s good about XRP as compared to Bitcoin is the actual coin XRP has a function that can’t be replicated by a paper contract. You can increase the “supply” on paper  but you can’t make any more XRP than 100 billion which already exist. 
    The demand for XRP will be the utility, which a paper contract can never match.
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    teletubi reacted to xrphilosophy in ICE/Baakt and XRP   
    ICE (Intercontinental Exchange) and it's new creation Baakt - coming in November for Crypto.

    It operates many of the world's stock exchanges, future exchanges, and central counterparty clearing houses.

    They will start with a "physically settled futures contract" for Bitcoin.

    In contrast with the current "cash settled" Bitcoin futures contract of the CME and CBOE, physically settled means you actually deliver the underlying Bitcoin.

    Cash settled futures contracts allow speculation on the price direction of Bitcoin.  With ICE/Baakt the settlement will happen in physical Bitcoin.  

    Baakt is intending to be a major player in terms of clearing and custodying physical bitcoin. 

    From the perspective of mainstreaming cryptocurrencies this is on the surface a real positive.  Baakt is a regulated institution.  The regulators will be comfortable with it.  This will help bring in institutional clients into cryptocurrencies/digital assets. 
    ICE, the creator of Baakt, is one of the largest players in "re-hypothecating" assets.
    They were the clearinghouse for all the derivatives - credit default swaps- which were bought and sold relating to real estate industry prior to 2008. 

    As they create a defacto  asset lending market for cryptos that will create unbacked claims to cryptocurrencies that are off-chain.  

    They are first working with bitcoin.  All of the bitcoin substitutes are created off -chain, with IOU’s that have a counter-party, and they are not 100% digitally escrowed by on chain bitcoins.
    There is an unlimited amount of off-chain bitcoin substitutes which can be created.  

    Bitcoin is designed to be algorithmically scarce. There will only ever be 21 million bitcoin (less if you count those lost). Right now about 17 million estimated circulating supply.

    The ICE/Baakt announcement is effectively stating that Wall St. is coming in, and will be allowed to re-hypothecate bitcoin, and create debt based fractionally reserved claims to bitcoin off-chain which are going to be viewed as bitcoin substitutes.  

    Wall St. makes big money by creating more paper claims to an underlying asset than there are underlying assets. ICE takes a commission for the transaction of those paper claims.  

    There are different ways of doing this:  margin lending at less than 100% collateralization, naked shorting, re-hypthecation, and other types of derivative products.  Pretty standard stuff on Wall Street.
    These financial instruments are created in excess of the number of underlying assets.

    Hence the idea of “fractional reserve” bitcoin.  In large it is suspected that THIS recent news of ICE/Baakt is why bitcoin has taken it’s fall, and other alt coins (XRP) with it.

    If Bitcoin is lent by one institution to another, a lot of institutions will accept a paper substitute of  the bitcoin rather than physical delivery itself. Institutional investors, because of the SEC custody rules, almost never control their underlying assets.  They accept paper substitutes.
    Because the custodians seldom get audited they can possess far more paper substitutes for bitcoin than there are actual bitcoin, effectively increasing bitcoin’s “supply”. 
    This is what’s called “re-hypothecation”.
    Why did the price of bitcoin correct after there was such a positive announcement?  The market clearly sees that there is going to be artificial bitcoins created that are IOU’s of Wall St., and there is no limit established as to the number of these that can be created.

    The CFTC can put a maximum cap of 17 million, the amount of bitcoin outstanding, but they have not done that.  In theory, we can have an unlimited number of these bitcoin claims floating around out there. That will suppress the price.  

     The price of the underlying asset (in this case bitcoin) can be adversely affected by an effective increase in the coin's “supply” through these paper IOU’s, and other legally allowed financial products. 
    ICE will be dealing in many cryptocurrencies not just bitcoin.

    The ICE application for Baakt is under the jurisdiction of the CFTC.  The SEC is a different regulatory agency which sometimes works in unison with the CFTC.  

    Trust and transparency is what bitcoin was all about.  By centralizing bitcoin into this ICE layer it causes less trust and less transparency from the point of view that we will not be able to track the number/magnitude of these paper off chain substitutes for bitcoin.  They are not going to be on chain. 
    Counterparty risk will now become a part of the cryptocurrency world, having been co-mingled with ICE’s other derivatives business.

    How will this affect the price of alt coins?  How will this affect the price of XRP as it correlates to bitcoin?

    Will XRP be able to be re-hypothecated as well under this new regime, thereby effectively increasing its “supply” through paper products? 
    What does Ripple the company have to say about this? They are the largest holders of XRP. 

    Particularly, anyone here with truly higher level experience in the financial world - please comment on this new development with the ICE/Baakt entrance into the space.  
    Your viewpoint is valued. 
    I clearly have many questions about how this may potentially suppress the price of XRP same way as it can for bitcoin, or even just as XRP is correlated to bitcoin.
    Thank you.
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    teletubi reacted to WrathofKahneman in ICE/Baakt and XRP   
    BTC does have a chicken/egg problem: it's use is as a store of value asset only -but that requires it to be used as such by more than speculative investment, hence @xrphilosophy 's original questions about the ability to create vaguely linked paper derivatives.   With few total coins, it will be possible for large institutions to purchase most and stabilize the price to make it more resistant to speculative investment.  They can shake out the weak hands and then build a BTC paper house of cards.
    I buy it is whales taking advantage of sentiment to gobble it up.
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    teletubi reacted to Hodor in Brad Garlinghouse Is Right: It's About the Use Case   
    The use case for XRP rests on a large business use case that provides value for all stakeholders concerned: the businesses that implement it will save 50-70% on their current ForEx channels, and customers will reap the rewards with real-time money transfers that settle in seconds instead of days.  
    In this latest blog post, I also cover some of the latest news, including Brad Garlinghouse's AMA, and David Schwartz's dramatic statements about Bitcoin and Ethereum's increasing levels of centralization.  
    Also, there's a Coil meetup, and the XRP Tip Bot just received one of two amazing upgrades.  
    I hope you enjoy the read: Feel free to share my blog with a friend - or on any other platform - and thank you for doing so! 
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    teletubi reacted to KarmaCoverage in One & only reason for XRP to succeed?!   
    Just a couple of thoughts around the context of this problem.
    I have casually been following China's growing economic strength and their efforts to counterweight the power they see held by the IMF for years. There are two tiers of international money flows, SWIFT for Retail banks and the IMF's SDR for Central Banks. (coincidentally.. "Effective October 1, 2016, the Chinese RMB was included in the SDR basket")
    The reason for the SDR's existence is to have a non-USD option for settling international trade. It uses a basket of various domestic currencies as the underlying form of value, which the SDR represents. This is a better situation than just one domestic currency, but it is still a basket of domestic currencies, and domestic currencies are impacted by politics and the fiscal policy of the government that issues the currency. So, SDRs are not a perfect solution, but in the absence of blockchain technology there did not exist a much better solution.
    In RippleNet, there is one component of the network called XRPLedger, and it has XRP. XRP is not backed by a government with fiscal policies, by contrast it has the the Amendments process as a means of governing change. The XRPLedger is only as official as the folks running the validators, because that is who is voting. If Central Banks or a Govt Treasury ran the validators, that would be as official as a basket of domestic currencies... with the bonus of XRP, which is not tied to any domestic policy. Making XRP a potentially reasonable replacement for the SDR.... This would take care China's concerns with the IMF's power and one the two tiers of international value flows.
    Now, looking at SWFIT and the retail banks, there are two things to think about, Corp Treasury & How banks serve their needs.
    In a world with real time international flows through RippleNet, it becomes possible for Corp Treasury to operate in a much simplified way, only required to maintain a domestic balance to fund a global supply chain, because the FX is done in xRapid. To do this, the float that Corp Treasury is able to pull back, must be floated by some other means... Exchanges and their traders.
    From the Banker's point of view, they can either hold XRP directly or tap the trader's liquidity. Some may find the idea of holding XRP to be "risky" and undesirable. These bankers are likely to tap the trader's liquidity, and pay the Exchange fees, which they will pass on to their Corp Treasury clients. At some point, a bank will decide to hold XRP, and they will realize that they can price their transactions lower than a competitive bank paying Exchange fees. If a bank on both sides of an FX transaction hold XRP, then both Exchange's fees can be cut out of the payment path.
    Again from the Banker's point of view, assuming they engage in correspondent banking business, they will hold value in many domestic currencies. In much the same way as a Corp Treasury can benefit from only holding their domestic currency and pulling back their international float... the banks can also pull back their internatinoal float, and just hold enough XRP to float their total correspondent banking business flows... and here is the kicker, because XRPLedger closes every 3 seconds (as opposed to 3 days), the bank can experience a drastic increase in the inventory turnover cycles for their float. When you can turnover your inventory faster, you can hold less inventory while still serving the same volume of business aka payment flows. Meaning they not only can pull back international balances and consolidate that into a single balance of XRP, but they can further pull back more value because they wont need to float as much value to serve the same volume of value flows.
    RippleNet's architecture is different from SWIFT's. This is why just making a better faster SWIFT, is not the same thing as making a RippleNet.
    For SWIFT to try and compete with a RippleNet they would have to morph their business model into some form of a Clearinghouse to gain the capital efficiency RippleNet can provide by eliminating N/V accts.. Then SWIFT would directly play the role of counterparty to every member bank's payment flows.... and SWIFT would have to get all the countries in the world to agree to give a centralized company, a bank member run company so much power, which is starting to sound a lot like the IMF. To make this idea even more fun, SWIFT would have to directly float value in every domestic currency in the world, then manage that process in some form of optimized state.
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    teletubi reacted to Lamberth in XRP price in 3 years.   
    “Not only is it Ripple's specific targeting of banks to be major XRP holders (similar to how the government allocates freshly printed money to banks when it inflates fiat currency), but it's Ripple's ability to 'dictate' the rate of XRP distribution that allows them to somewhat emulate 'inflation' for XRP; in effect, dampening the force of hoarding by flooding the market with new XRP at rates commensurate with the goal to suppress centralization of XRP.
    This requires slow price appreciation, and very targeted distribution. Put another way, the beneficial function of 'inflation' has been reinvented into the act of intelligently distributing the escrow. No other coin's creators, NONE, have demonstrated this incredible foresight and economic wherewithall demonstrated by Ripple, Inc..
    Many people cry up and down that it's Ripple's greedy stash for them to profit from, but those in the financial industry immediately recognize what that lockup represents: economic policy.”
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    teletubi reacted to Tehol_Beddict in AMERICAN NATIONAL BANCORP, INC (anbc.us) in XRPL validator registry   
    https://www.anbc.us/ -
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    teletubi reacted to Hodor in Precision is Everything: XRP   
    Precision is a necessary ingredient for sustained success in any field; I discuss why this is, and cover the latest about crypto regulation and the headline developments about xRapid.  

    In addition, two wallets - one a hardware wallet - announce that they are adding support for XRP.
    Also, read to discover exciting community developments such as the ability for the public to run their own queries against a database of XRP transactions.  
    I hope you enjoy today's read & please leave any feedback below.  Feel free to share my blog with a friend or family & on any other platform that you wish - and thanks for doing so! 
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    teletubi reacted to Guest1 in Convergence   
    Convergeance is very significant because it means the xCurrent partners may be automatically switched over to the Convergence product. This possibly means that all xCurrent partners will have xRapid enabled automatically.
    Ripple's ultimate plan is to have all xCurrent users use xRapid and in turn XRP.
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