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  1. teletubi

    urgent!!!!!! NEED HELP.

    You should have a secret code beginning with a S. One way would be to import your wallet to gatehub with that secret.
  2. teletubi

    Second Stupidest Giveaway EVER???

    Michael Jackson (Made in Black 2)
  3. Xenomorph Resurrection Protocol
  4. selly.gg is an option but take 2.5% commission : https://selly.gg/
  5. Oh my... i am on vultr hosting and i have "selfTestSuccess":false
  6. teletubi

    How do you update a Codius server?

    npm update -i codiusd -g systemctl daemon-reload systemctl restart codiusd http://codius.blog/update/
  7. teletubi

    memory command does not work

    i can see from https://codius.flardryn.com/version that you upgraded codiusd to 1.1.0 . the memory feature isn't available since then. So you shouldn't be worry.
  8. Hi everyone - i bought my domain name on godaddy, i put the two name servers from my cloudflare. i received a email that it is linked now. the thing is when i open my dns records on cloudflare. the ip points to somewhere else than my ip server on vultr. but when i watch the video his cloudflare dns already pointing toward his server ip. Do i just simply edit the ip to point to my server or i have to do other procedure ?