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  1. You should have a secret code beginning with a S. One way would be to import your wallet to gatehub with that secret.
  2. selly.gg is an option but take 2.5% commission : https://selly.gg/
  3. Oh my... i am on vultr hosting and i have "selfTestSuccess":false
  4. npm update -i codiusd -g systemctl daemon-reload systemctl restart codiusd http://codius.blog/update/
  5. i can see from https://codius.flardryn.com/version that you upgraded codiusd to 1.1.0 . the memory feature isn't available since then. So you shouldn't be worry.
  6. Hi everyone - i bought my domain name on godaddy, i put the two name servers from my cloudflare. i received a email that it is linked now. the thing is when i open my dns records on cloudflare. the ip points to somewhere else than my ip server on vultr. but when i watch the video his cloudflare dns already pointing toward his server ip. Do i just simply edit the ip to point to my server or i have to do other procedure ?
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