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  1. The reason they are busting your balls is because Federal government agencies almost never answer the phone much less call you back. Most have a policy to only mail correspondence initially as well im not disputing your account FWIW
  2. Mcripple

    SEC Statement on Crypto - 11.16.18

    The beginning of what
  3. Disregard - I may have been hoodwinked by fake news
  4. It’s pretty obvious that XRP is a commodity Binance is Walmart and XRP is bacon i can buy all of the bacon at Walmart but all that means is that I own a lot of bacon. It doesn’t mean I can tell walmart what brand of bacon to sell nor do I get a cut of profits from the sell of bacon
  5. Obviously the fact that the organization is associating with Ripple in any form at all is at least indirectly positive. Would it be better if they weren’t? Makes no sense.
  6. XRP is no different than me going to Wal-Mart and buying 5,000 packs of bacon. I still have no say in how Oscar Meyer runs its company, they owe me nothing whatsoever, I can still use the bacon if Oscar Meyer goes under, and so on. Once I buy XRP I do not earn dividends from Ripple. They have no idea who their XRP holders are.
  7. Trump is the best thing to ever happen to Millenials in the U.S. and they don’t even know it
  8. Mcripple

    Simaye Bankdari Ripple report

    To be fair lots of countries do try and influence our politics through lobbying. of course we try to influence others as well so I agree it’s kind of nonsense all the way around
  9. The official Sibos page says that it is organized by SWIFT
  10. Meh apparently Ripple has attended every year for the past five years. Disregard