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  1. Too many people keep using the word “investment” and while that’s somewhat correct it’s also not correct. Its not like you are a shareholder and the company has to make you happy. They don’t have to do anything for you. Basically you own a bag of potato chips and the potato chip factory doesn’t do things to increase the value of your bag of chips. I hold XRP and I have absolutely no idea how or why it would increase in value. Full disclosure it’s the only crypto I own.
  2. I applaud him for walking away. Twitter is a disease and you spend countless hours arguing with nameless faceless morons and you probably make no difference whatsoever.
  3. So, in summary, the functionality of this isn’t new. As long as Coinbase has supported XRP this ability has been in place. It’s more of a new marketing tactic or a way for Coinbase to promote a “new” service or advantage without actually doing anything new. Right? Positive development regardless and a no-brainer for Coinbase.
  4. So how does moneygram or western union compete with something like this?
  5. I call my coins Ripples. Don’t really give a damn who likes it.
  6. I’m fine with you mentioning BG I enjoy it for what it likely is
  7. Anyway I’m not here to wave a flag I just can’t resist responding to lazy statements that simply aren’t true. Carry on
  8. That’s based on nothing at all other than your opinion of Trump I would imagine. Nothing factual backing it up. Otheriwse SWIFT would’ve told the U.S. to kick rocks on Iran, The Koreas wouldn’t be making inroads to peace, and the entire world wouldn’t be crying and bitching about the Paris Climate agreement We can pretend like the U.S. is just another country like Honduras or France if you want to but playing make believe doesn’t make any of it true
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