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  1. It would absolutely crash back down too as people move their XRP to the exchange to sell. I have a sell order for 61$ per XRP. Fingers crossed....
  2. What if I believe that XRP could surge to like 50 dollars on a particular xrapid exchange if and when a large volume of orders buy out the order books, shouldn't I have my stuff ready to go at a high price?
  3. Wasn't there some tweet with trudeau that more or less said "This is important."
  4. March 2019? Because that's uranus in taurus. (I'm working backwards here; starting with a conclusion and piecing evidence together later - thats how I invest.)
  5. 200$ by march 2019. Uranus entering taurus demands this be.
  6. 0083041

    XRP Too Slow And Centralized For Banks: Nano Founder

    Don't belittle Colin you guys. You're not supposed to make fun of retards.
  7. Damn they're going to **** shlt up!
  8. You know, the fact that he had to lay it out so plainly and simply for you to get it speaks more about your levels of intelligence than his.
  9. Beware the Gold Member status and the entitlement it bestows upon its user.
  10. That's just the thing. You guys never amount to jack sh*t. You haven't a clue as to what will go down when, but you like to hold things over others anyways. Lame.
  11. Damn you're annoying. Please go back to your hole, we'd like to continue talking about you undisturbed. In fact, I think I'm so flustered that I'm going to start a club myself where like minded individuals can have their gossip in peace.
  12. At the end of the day you'll both make gains out of XRP, but only 1 of you will have acted like a puffed up nobody because of it. Back to your hugbox, please.
  13. Invest in XRP and forget about any place that generates a circle-jerky atmosphere. Everyone will get theirs, just be patient They banned me because I gave them a comparison to rats.
  14. 0083041

    Coinbase 12 days

    OP is a paid shill. This is the only possible explanation for this thread.